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  1. WIP - Remodeling and retexturing heavy rocket Saturn V
  2. Thanks, I'm glad to be back. In Kyoko was an attempt to combine all the essential elements. And it seems that something went wrong. Think about what you can do.
  3. Hi guys. Long time was not on the forum. Now decided to return to work on the mod. Now rework Saturn 5.
  4. LM will, as well as Skylab. Work on the lunar module I have not stopped. Now I have a not enough free time to deal with the mod. As soon as you have more free time certainly will do the lunar module.
  5. RCS engines are placed on the service module according to Drawings or photographs. What problems do you have with them? We spent many of tests on docking and maneuvering never had a problem. And how would you like so that they were located?
  6. Sorry there is no mood to finish the model of the lunar module. By myself I know that if I will sit with that mindset model it is nothing good will come. Yet decided to divert and draw these things as well as good looking blueprints Atlas Black Arrow + Prospero X-3 Proton M/K stage 1
  7. it not hard to make, but need this rocket with a payload capacity of 100 kilo? But if asking for, I will do
  8. minor update mod version 0.5a4 - Added railings Apollo POD - Fix Problem upheaval POD at splashdown - Added Japan Sci-Fi Command module Kyoko - Added Mercury space ship download here -> http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/world-space-mod/ mirror nere -> https://www.dropbox.com/s/xqqw1ebphb2b5xb/World_Space_05a4.zip
  9. Parachute pulling mean? Do not think that they need, though see what I can come up with. A green simply because the texture is not imposed Yes original cockpits will to be added later. You're right, no more texture. I think the evening laid out some screenshots from the test
  10. WIP Sci-Fi Japanese Command Module
  11. I can not say for sure, I hope I can finish the lunar module without a interior in a few weeks
  12. Bug with a parachute but it is already a problem in the game. antenna still connected to the science, it will be in the future will be like Apollo still fine tuning.
  13. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bev1977pndyc3yh/World_Space_05a3.zip
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