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  1. This is a "Soyuz", it is an obscure spacecraft that never left the planning stages.
  2. No special engine for this. But, if you have Tantares SP, the Venera engine (I think it is called Opal?) is very close.
  3. hmmmm it should already be in the mod for 2-3 years now:
  4. It is just not possible to do this nicely with my skillset. Same parachute stays.
  5. I'm going to try to do the tubes, but at a minimum your Soyuz will have a silly little backpack
  6. I do think so, but it's also a testbed for a few pbr things and trying something a little new.
  7. Oh yes, this is fixed in my local copy and will be in the next release. many thanks. Tantares will be developed from scratch for KSP 2 The first steps would be... idk, creating a soyuz capsule or something.
  8. naaaah that would be way too big. 2.2m * 0.625 = 1.375m –> both 1.25m and 1.5m have a 0.125m error in diameter, so may as well choose the size that's standard and well supported. A future Soyuz booster (KSP 2 territory), would use the larger size, as that works well for the fairings. yeee probably.
  9. hoo hoo hoo hee hee hee, another soyuz, just in time for tea.
  10. TantaresLV Version 15.0 Thanks for feedback, now includes Tsyklon rocket. The Tsyklon rocket is a product of Ukraine [snip] Download Links You need B9 Part Switch for all Tantares mods. B9 Part Switch TantaresLV - GitHub (Launch Vehicles and Upper Stages) TantaresSAF - GitHub (Simple Adjustable Fairings)
  11. oh I did not, I will look at this hopefully when I can!
  12. explosivenodeid = attach should do it. No plans to change voskhod soon. Maybe in KSP2. The 2 seats are for gameplay purpose (so you upgrade to soyuz )
  13. Tsyklon nearly done, just need fx. https://github.com/Tantares/TantaresLV
  14. unfortunately we never did the 700, for KSP-2 maybe. Apologies for delays people, unfortunately actually there may be a couple of months still until I can work on KSP again, but Tsyklon will be released eventually.
  15. https://i.imgur.com/Bs5LkX4.jpeg https://i.imgur.com/j13sRMb.jpeg https://i.imgur.com/eR369m3.jpeg unfortunately image embeds are being silly.
  16. I think most parts have IVAs now, but a few don't. FInally starting unity export
  17. Vernold flunge, squendling and mulge https://i.imgur.com/BXmjN4S.jpeg (unsure why images are not embedding correctly )
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