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  1. Oh! That's great! Many thanks. Reads brilliant! Many thanks! I love it.
  2. Many thanks - still keeping things in the same style, but the extra fabric is not something I have played with so far. Re: RCS, separate this time, but I might look into depth masks to inset them. Re: style in general - the Mir is made using a bunch of new ways of texturing I learnt making CRE: It shakes things up a bit, so I have updated *all* core Tantares textures to match the CRE style (that's 117 DDS files ) Some things look almost the same, but dark black parts now have way more contrast, parts such as the old Mir modules have also received visual refreshes, as well as cream FGB textures. Still teething issues - so if you have any long-standing gripes with certain colours / textures speak now and I may find an opportunity to fix them.
  3. I'm pretty comfortable doing that in a dependency free way - after doing that in CRE (bundle tantares_lh2 and switch actual lh2 if you have CRP installed) - so yeah I will make Energia LH2, just need A. the resource amounts B. somebody to remind me Mir and potential Zvezda recolour. With the Salyuts, aiming for more or less same (kind of) detail density.
  4. I hold this information like a net full of water also In general Zvezda and the Mir Core module are extremely similar, zvezda was well underway in 1985 - as the core for Mir-2, before the launch of Mir-1 even. Zvezda I believe was at one point a carbon-copy of the Mir core, as a backup. So yeah in terms of dimensions, there is basically no real differences, even the window placement is the same.
  5. Cool! Though it would be possible to add a slider to those, I am not sure right now even with a slider you could get a nice level base, maybe need some reworks to how the legs deploy. For a nice round number, I think 100 hours is probably close. Between IRL I can usually get 1 or 2 hours of modding time a go so you can imagine that's a still a few months. The old N1 model is back from a much simpler time, so the standards are much lower - Happy to take a look, but you really need to give me something to go on other than "a bit iffy", I can't work with that! Some fun experiments with Mir core, but not feeling it exactly. Think this will stay "complete" for a little bit longer until I can get in the mood again.
  6. I think anything new would have to be pushed back, I think the parts that are getting a little old are really out of place.
  7. That's one of the new(ish) rockets, what's do you think needs revamp?
  8. With KSP2 delayed quite heftily, appetite for some more work on this? I suddenly have an extra year of time. Eyes to look at, the oldest stuff: Blok-D Fregat Mir N1 (This is a huge rework so no promises). Quite seriously, if you prefer Tantares stays "finished" speak up now I will listen to you. Mir, old, new, rendered.
  9. Good point, there are a few missing engines / etc. I will look to update that. The original post does have the big majority of it, but e.g. the Solid rocket upper stages (which can be shutdown but not restarted) Waxwing and Rook:
  10. Great images! Thank you for reporting the issue with the shroud - I have updated. Special Delivery Version 1.1 - Fixed service module shroud. Download Download on GitHub Download on Spacedock
  11. Taking a break for a while - nothing really grabbed my enthusiasm to do next so far.
  12. Special Delivery Version 1.0 Download Download on GitHub Download on Spacedock
  13. wh...where did you find that? My past crimes should remain buried...
  14. Solar cells on GitHub
  15. Oh, anything like that is not on the cards for now. People are welcome to make a patch though.
  16. It already does that? Corrections to vertext normals, previously using the radiator-panelled version, you would get harsh lighting changes between panels (top), now it will appear smooth (bottom).
  17. eh, I always promised to provide bug fixes.I wouldn't expect any content updates - though Well's solar panel patch is very welcomed.
  18. Tantares 21.2 Major thanks to @Well for not only identifying a whole heap of bugs, but also creating a patch to upgrade all of the Tantares solar panels, which are now looking beautiful. This fixes a fairly major bug with the second "type-B" APAS port, which can now dock and undock freely. - Bug and LOC fixes. - Tweaks to colouration. - PBR shader for solar panels.