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  1. I can tell you this is most definately -not- nececarily the issue, as I have it installed, and it stalls out there, meaning there is potentially a conflict with another mod as well since I have other mods, but it stalls on the exact same spot, and I double checked, the community resource pack was installed. *Note this is from installing both via Ckan, so I do realise now there -is- the chance Ckan messed it up somehow, but still.*
  2. Question in part related to this, HAve you decided or gotten permission to basically include/add the KF wheels to whatever mod your making with this to work with it? considering the fact if you get permission, it wo uld help keep such nice wheels around, and also would mean we would only have the working ones, and not the 'broken' ones like the current 'test' configuration caused by downloading Kerbal Foundrie- ..Oh ..derp, I just saw you have it on your end-bit with the other mods you work with and/or develop X_X
  3. Good luck @lo-fi and Indeed, Thanks for a wonderful mod that everyone has loved, and thank you for trying to help everyone figure out how to fix it, and helping keep such good wheels existing.
  4. ...And now I am trying to get the plugin crossover to work XD to test it on my end. Oh wait, I'ma derp, X_X extracted it wrong like a moron *fixes* ...and now that I fixed it, Oh my gosh I don't care that it's a bit janky, ....I am loving it....even without sounds or anything, I have missed these so much! It's amazing to see them at least working in basic ways again ^..^
  5. Well I would be alright if I had access to -more pod space- ...but let me check habitation time >.< and see if I can figure something out @_@ this mission was normally made for mun quick trips not the mission that has to rendevous with a satalite in a -very high- orbit/go to minmus mission also just found one of my issues...For some reason -vets- are set to be grouchy/go on vacation, when they used to not be effected. *fixes that*
  6. ....Well My kerbal with 500 supplies on board decided to go off work at day 15, ..even though there are plenty o f supplies...in an MK1 pod...>.< *Sigh*
  7. I know you may of heard this already, though this needs a CKAN update, as even though it works with 1.2, it will not allow ckan to download or update it for 1.2.1 because of how its ckan file is currently set.
  8. I was going to ask if it was possible to either easily , as a player, to edit a file so I could start adding tanks from my game that this doesn't support into it, or if there is a list of what mods this does support, as I know it is a very nice mod, I just am still trying to decide between this and Modular Fuel tanks, Though I have noticed some thins in MFT seem to vary compared to this, but I haven't fully decided which one I prefer, as I was using MFT when 1.2.1 hit because it worked but not CC until just recently it seems.
  9. Because of the 1.2.1 update, since this was made for 1.2, Ckan doesn't know that it would still work with 1.2.1 so it's not allowing it to be downloaded because "It's for an older version of the game" >.< just one of the safety features CKAN has that tends to cause some annoyances.
  10. Also the Ckan file may need to be updated for this *and several other mods on ckan actually*
  11. This bug is rather s evere if you have any large part mods, and considering its a vanilla issue, that never existed until 1.2, as I never saw it in 1.1 o r any previous ones, I think this needs to be fixed, as it makes it -incredibly- hard to use the VAB or SPH
  12. WEll Good to see I am not the only one with this, I kept trying to find a precise cause and yet couldn't and it was driving me batty, thank goodness to know it' snot a precise issue X_X
  13. If thats the case, I'm sad, this was one of my favorite mods since I was kind of bored of manual launches all the time to very precise orbits.
  14. You sure your talking about the right mod there dude? THey don't work at all in 1.1.3 from what 99% of people seem to of said, except for the Rover Body part.
  15. .That would definately cause an issue..., like I said, I'm no programmer, and the stuff I made, it's 'rest' value changed depending on where something moved, since it was to make it look at a target/object, so it would have t hat for its reference for its static rest position, but yeah, if you don't know the static rest position is or have a way to figure it out, that would indeed make such not work...or work well/right