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  1. The boss doesn't make errors! Greggan just misinterpreted the instructions
  2. Welp, I learned something. I did notice they looked so much different, that's why I got the hunch. At first I just asumed it was a retexture
  3. EDIT: after a hunch, it turned out that Ven's Stock Part Revamp was the cause. So turning this into a PSA: these 2 seem incompatible I'm just starting the game again, installed the mod, and having some significant problems. Basicly, with RealChute installed, the regular chute doesn't work (without, it works like normal) More indepth: The game detects the chute as regular, but it doesn't show up in the staging list (and thus can't be used regularly). It is still possible to right click on the regular Parachute and click deploy, but nothing comes out (and the craft does not slow down at all). I asume the problem is caused by some conflict, but can't for the life of me figure out what it could be (and I'm not really in the mood to restart the game 40 times trying to find out). If anyone has any idea what the problem could be, it'd be amazing. Screenshots: (note the chute ontop, but not in the staging bar) (right click menu shows I clicked on Deply Chute, but no chute came out. Screenshot taken after the rocket had already bounced on the engine, but before that there was no chute either (crash at 50m/s or so))
  4. The error message has been posted enough already, so I don't have to repeat that. But is there a fix? Is the old version still fine?
  5. I see you have build your own planets in this engine, and are an expert on the subject. I suggest you offer your expertise to Squad, so they may correct their glaring lack of talent
  6. You have to remember that 50m/s is 180 KM per hour. That's REALLY fast for a rover Someone's confusing m/s with Km/h
  7. Sounds like you overdid it with increasing science costs there
  8. Sooo. Would it help if I go download Boxsat 50 times from Curse now? I'll also be drinking a beer on you tonight. It wouldn't help you get beer, but I'll be drinking beer. So in the end, everyone is happy. On that note, I didn't even know that mod authors get paid for downloads through Curse. That's awesome. Go Curse And finally a question: CKAN has boxsat prototype parts. The OP doesn't say anything about that, what is it? Or am I blind again? Do you really hate Curse more than you love some mods?
  9. The same thing for all waiting long times in an orbit: Go back to space center, open tracking station, warp until you are where you need
  10. I think it's pritty good that the Ore mechanics and mentions of other planets are in the Demo. Extra incentive showing what you can get in the full version
  11. Sounds like you are only getting science from 'recover vessel' part. There are dedicated science instruments (in the science tab in the VAB), and you can do a crew report in crew capsules, which yield science. Right click your crew capsule in flight. In case you get lost, always remember that you can right click parts to activate/control them
  12. A tip in the future: there is 1 thing you CAN still do without power. Lock and unlock resource flow. So you can lock a full battery. And if you run out of power, you unlock it. This turns it into backup power, which you use to turn off the power drain. Than recharge all batterys, relock the backup battery, and continue as normal
  13. It is WAY cheaper/easier to ferry fuel from Minmus/Mun than from Kerbin
  14. Yes, it's very cheap to return. Essentially, all you have to do to return is cancel out your orbital velocity relative to Kerbin, and you do that by escaping Mun SOI in the right direction. Offcourse it's a little more tricky now that we have rentry heat, but that's what shields are for. Congratulations on a succesfull mission