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  1. Hey, great work so far on updating this stuff! I really am thankful that you're taking the time to do this, I don't know what I would do without B9-PWings! At least 90% of the stuff I build uses B9-PWings and about 20% of the stuff I build is almost entirely made of B9-PWings. By the way, if its not too much to ask, is it possible to make the limits for the PWings a config file? I don't know how the stuff is coded since I haven't taken a peek at it, but would it be at all possible to have a configuration file which says maximum width, maximum length, maximum thickness, and maximum offset? Some of the things I want to build would require PWings that are either too big or too slanted for the current configuration, and I just thought that maybe it'd be possible to just add a file I/O system for a .cfg file, performing a string search or just a line by line search to take in values for these. I know the graphical part would be kind of weird to do, depending on how it is programmed and I know you have a lot of things on your plate anyways so I don't mind if you don't take this request. Keep up the good work, I'm really appreciating it!
  2. Alright, finally fixed it, LOL that was horrible... remind me to back up my game before I update, oh wait, you did and I just didn't listen...
  3. Yeah, I've done it a couple times before, I'm currently trying to completely reinstall.
  4. It wasn't a save issue it was loading the saves in or creating a new save, neither would work on the new version so I attempted to return to 1.0.0, I guess my issues with the 1.0.0 version was probably to do with the fact that all these new files were installed. By the way, where would the patches be? I'm checking the .cfg files for the mods installed and I don't see any patches for them. I am reinstalling everything to make sure I isolate the issue to it being that. I probably should have backed up my GameData file but oh well, such is modding.
  5. Ok, uninstalled, I know this probably isn't relevant to this mod but I have issues with the loading of any save after installing and 1.1.0 and then attempting to fix the issue by downgrading to 1.0.0. Log file is here if you could help:
  6. Alright, I'll uninstall Boomsticks but I still am encountering issues with loading saves. It's probably not an issue with BDAc so I'm currently working on reinstalling everything to make sure.
  7. Well, I uninstalled BDAc 1.1.0 and went back to BDAc 1.0.0 but it seems like there are still issues with save loading, I used a fresh copy of KSP 1.3.1 and placed all my GameData files there and it seems like it is clearly something in my GameData. My game worked perfectly with BoomsticksRev 3 though, it still functioned even though it is outdated, though maybe that was just SM Armory. Edit: Scratch that, definitely BoomsticksRev 3 still working on 1.0.0, I edited a file from there to create a tail gun for my aircraft and that worked as far as I know.
  8. Alright, I downgraded back to BDArmory 1.0.0 but I'm still getting the freeze and then unresponsive program issue when I attempt to either load or create a new game. At this point I'm fairly certain its not BDArmory's problem anymore and it's something with my game but if anybody knows what the issue is, please help. Also, note I'm playing with MM 3.0.0 if that makes a difference. The game was working perfectly prior to this, I might need to do a complete reinstall of the game. Log file is here:
  9. Aaaaaand I'm getting a game freeze on load of a save or on the creation of a new save with this new one, probably because of incompatibility somewhere. The log file is here: is what I would like to say but right now it's getting late and I need to get some sleep and my internet is being terrible so I'll be uploading that tomorrow, full mod list is as follows: I'm currently running with: WW2 Warships (Outdated but still works for KSP 1.3.1, no parts used from that so I doubt that's the issue), Air Park, Airplane Plus with the Tweakscale patch and the Raster Prop Monitor patch, Atmosphere Autopilot, Auto-Asparagus, Aviation Cockpits, Aviator Arsenal (Outdated but still works, aircraft does not use said mod but I can confirm AI can use it), B9 Procedural Wings, Better Time Warp, Bluedog Design Bureau, BoomsticksRev 3 (Again, outdated, still works, no parts used on craft), Burn Together, CAL, Coffee Industries (Adds in two cockpits, seriously outdated but still works, am not using it for this craft though), Community Category Kit, Community Resource Pack, Contract Configurator, Contract Reward Modifier, Davon Supply, DCK, Destruction Effects, DMagic Science Animate, Dynamic Battery Storage, Editor Extensions Redux, Extraplanetary Launchpads, Firespitter (The complete package), Flexo Docking, FMRS, Fox Defense Contracts, FS Hangar Extender, Hangar Grid, Improved Chase Camera, JSI (Raster Prop Monitor), Kerbal Attachment System, Kerbal Aircraft Expansion, Kerbal Foundries, Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, Kerbal Konstructs (Kerbinside Included), Kerbal Launch Vehicles, Hyperedit, Feline Utility Rover, Kethane, GN Drive, Kerbal Inventory System, KSP Wheel, Infernal Robotics, Maritime Pack, MechJeb 2, Mouse Aim Flight, MPUtils, Naval Artillery Systems, Docking Port Alignment Indicator, Near Future Electrical (Near Future Props as well), Not Enough Dakka, Final Frontier, North Kerbin Weaponry, Old School Turrets, P.E.W., Physics Range Extender, Planetary Base Systems, Procedural Parts, Quantum Struts Continued, RCS Build Aid, ReCoupler, Recovery Controller Plugin, Retractable Lifting Surface Plugin, Ship Effects Continued, Simple Logistics, Star Wars Mod by Skunkworks, Spanner Monkey's Mods (AFV, Armory, Marine, Stryker, and Industries), Speed Unit Changer, Station Parts Expansion, SXT, Trajectories, Space Age, Kerbal Alarm Clock, TweakScale, Vanguard Technologies Parachutes, Vessel Mover and Waypoint Manager and the new BDAc beta. Could be any of the above. Anyways, the .log file isn't that interesting, all it was at the end was reporting the KSI containers being loaded. CPU and RAM were still being used and CPU usage was fluctuating between 18-22% on and I-7 6700k so yeah, that's about all I can say for now, I'll post tomorrow about the full .log file.
  10. It seems it does work, not sure what that error message was about cargo bay, that craft does not seem to have one... So here is the thing, we are in beta mode right now and so much has been updated it will be hard to track this down, we have a lot of fixes and changes in our dev branch now. I know it works with the latest build, so if you are willing you can try it here: Of course this is experimental and if you are squeamish, then I suggest you wait a bit until we do the final release. Full Beta notes and Warning here : I'll try the update and thanks for the response. Don't know if you noticed but I posted something just before, there was a fairing on the craft and on version 1.0.0 that's what caused it not to fire, guess you guys fixed that issue so kudos to the team and keep up the hard work.
  11. Ok just removed the fairing and now it fires... I guess that's an issue. Can we get a fix? Like it seems just because there's a fairing on the jet it refuses to fire.
  12. Craft file is uploaded in KerbalX in the original post, link is here: Full log file here by the way:
  13. Ok internet is really slow, I'll throw in the log from when the fight starts: [LOG 21:26:38.328] [AtmosphereAutopilot]: vessel switch to SMF-15 Production (SAS) (FJS) [LOG 21:26:38.329] FF: EventObserver:: OnVesselChange SMF-15 Production (SAS) (FJS) [LOG 21:26:38.330] Trajectories: Initializing cache [LOG 21:26:38.331] 12/18/2017 9:26:38 PM,KerbalAlarmClock,Active Vessel changed - resetting inqueue flag [LOG 21:26:38.346] 12/18/2017 9:26:38 PM,KerbalAlarmClock,Removing DrawGUI from PostRender Queue [LOG 21:26:38.349] [Dynamic Battery Storage]: Summary: vessel Mark2Cockpit (loaded state True) - 0 stock power handlers [LOG 21:26:38.458] 12/18/2017 9:26:38 PM,KerbalAlarmClock,Vessel Change from 'BDA - TestPlaneAI - AA' to 'SMF-15 Production (SAS) (FJS)' [LOG 21:26:38.465] 12/18/2017 9:26:38 PM,KerbalAlarmClock,Adding DrawGUI to PostRender Queue [LOG 21:26:38.466] 12/18/2017 9:26:38 PM,KerbalAlarmClock,Skipping version check [LOG 21:26:43.061] [BDArmory]: Unlinking VRD: SMF-15 Production (SAS) (FJS) [LOG 21:26:43.178] [BDArmory]: Rendering radar snapshot of vessel Mark2Cockpit, type Plane [LOG 21:26:43.179] [BDArmory]: - bounds: Center: (-1369.4, -5.8, 177.0), Extents: (5.2, 4.5, 4.6) [LOG 21:26:43.190] [BDArmory]: - Vessel rcs is (frontal/lateral/ventral), (frontal45/lateral45/ventral45): 0.6/5.84706/22.43701, 0.5269608/7.48701/1.754167 = rcsTotal: 10.17467 [LOG 21:26:44.092] [BDArmory]=== Loading settings.cfg === [LOG 21:26:45.041] [BDArmory] == Saving settings.cfg == [LOG 21:26:50.303] [SpaceAge] OnSituationChanged(<'SMF-15 Production (SAS) (FJS)', 'FLYING'>) [LOG 21:26:50.304] FF: situation change for active vessel from LANDED to FLYING [LOG 21:26:51.745] BDA - TestPlaneAI - AA was commanded to fly to. [LOG 21:26:51.745] SMF-15 Production (SAS) (FJS) was commanded to fly to. [LOG 21:26:51.748] [SpaceAge] OnSituationChanged(<'BDA - TestPlaneAI - AA', 'FLYING'>) [LOG 21:26:54.325] Trajectories: Initializing cache [LOG 21:26:54.719] Trajectories: Initializing cache [LOG 21:26:55.098] Trajectories: Initializing cache [LOG 21:26:55.475] Trajectories: Initializing cache [LOG 21:26:55.783] Trajectories: Initializing cache [LOG 21:26:55.996] Trajectories: Initializing cache [LOG 21:26:56.164] Trajectories: Initializing cache [LOG 21:26:56.473] Trajectories: Initializing cache [LOG 21:26:56.717] Trajectories: Initializing cache [LOG 21:26:56.935] Trajectories: Initializing cache [LOG 21:26:57.120] Trajectories: Initializing cache [LOG 21:26:57.319] Trajectories: Initializing cache [LOG 21:27:08.434] [BDArmory]: AI Pilot reached command destination. [LOG 21:27:09.213] [BDArmory]: AI Pilot reached command destination. [LOG 21:27:24.664] [BDArmory] : SMF-15 Production (SAS) (FJS) - Selected weapon AIM-120 [LOG 21:27:24.665] [BDArmory]: SMF-15 Production (SAS) (FJS) is engaging an airborne target with bahaAim120 (BDArmory.Parts.MissileLauncher) [LOG 21:27:24.665] [BDArmory]:SMF-15 Production (SAS) (FJS) launchAuth=True, pilotAut=True, missilesAway/Max=0/1 [ERR 21:27:24.666] Module MissileFire threw during OnFixedUpdate: System.InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type. at BDArmory.MissileFire.SetCargoBays () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at BDArmory.MissileFire.GuardMode () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at BDArmory.MissileFire.OnFixedUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Part.ModulesOnFixedUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 [LOG 21:27:24.668] [BDArmory] : BDA - TestPlaneAI - AA - No weapon selected. [LOG 21:27:24.669] [BDArmory] : BDA - TestPlaneAI - AA - No weapon selected. [LOG 21:27:24.670] [BDArmory] : BDA - TestPlaneAI - AA - No weapon selected. [LOG 21:27:24.670] [BDArmory]: BDA - TestPlaneAI - AA is disengaging - no valid weapons - no valid targets [LOG 21:27:26.147] FF: ribbon G-Force V Ribbon awarded to Joanda Kerman at 1228378.68525304 (Year 1, Day 57 05:12:58) [LOG 21:27:27.680] [BDArmory] : SMF-15 Production (SAS) (FJS) - Selected weapon AIM-120 Let me know if you need more from the above.
  14. Erm, wait what log? I thought you meant the BD Armory Debug labels... please explain. Edit: I got what log you meant now, KSP.log, I'll upload it now Edit: Internet being really annoying, the gist of what is happening is: [LOG 21:07:30.481] [BDArmory] : SMF-15 Production (SAS) (FJS) - Selected weapon AIM-120 [LOG 21:07:30.482] [BDArmory]: SMF-15 Production (SAS) (FJS) is engaging an airborne target with bahaAim120 (BDArmory.Parts.MissileLauncher) [LOG 21:07:30.482] [BDArmory]:SMF-15 Production (SAS) (FJS) launchAuth=True, pilotAut=True, missilesAway/Max=0/1 [LOG 21:07:30.483] [BDArmory]: Trying to radar lock target with (AN/APG-63V2 Radome) [LOG 21:07:30.484] [BDArmory]: Rendering radar snapshot of vessel probeStackSmall (BDA - TestPlaneAI - AA), type Ship [LOG 21:07:30.484] [BDArmory]: - bounds: Center: (1851.5, 207.4, 2288.6), Extents: (3.0, 6.1, 6.3) [LOG 21:07:30.495] [BDArmory]: - Vessel rcs is (frontal/lateral/ventral), (frontal45/lateral45/ventral45): 1.080637/7.746564/31.53429, 1.048039/8.255392/1.895589 = rcsTotal: 13.62344 [LOG 21:07:30.496] [BDArmory]: - Acquired lock on target (probeStackSmall (BDA - TestPlaneAI - AA)) [ERR 21:07:30.497] Module MissileFire threw during OnFixedUpdate: System.InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type. at BDArmory.MissileFire.SetCargoBays () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at BDArmory.MissileFire.GuardMode () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at BDArmory.MissileFire.OnFixedUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Part.ModulesOnFixedUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 Currently uploading rest of log.
  15. Video is uploading, the internet is pretty slow but I'll post as soon as I can, was switching between the two crafts to provide debug info on both and also turned off and turned on guard mode mid-flight after failure to fire any ordnance to demonstrate how no matter what it refuses to fire.