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  1. I just saw your reply after I completely read downloaded Kerbal Space Program and reinstalled all the mods. Everything's working now, so I'm guessing I just had a corrupted download.
  2. Im getting a "freeze" during loading on one of the extraplanetary launchpad modules. I'd post a log, but the game doesn't actually crash so there is no log. It just sits there forever on the loading screen. Screenshot below. Edit: problem fixed by redownloading and reinstalling ksp
  3. Thank you for keeping this mod up to date. It's an absolute life saver for those of us with less powerful rigs. Quick question: would it be possible to add another category (like engines, command pods, fuel tanks, etc) specifically for weldments? I find that my normal part list is getting a bit cluttered.
  4. First off, thank you for this amazing mod. I absolutely love this base system. I was wondering if the IVA textures are supposed to be low resolution (This isn't a criticism, I'm just wondering if I've got something set incorrectly). I have all of my texture details and anti-aliasing on max, but the sticky notes in IVA are still illegible. Please don't misread my post; I understand that this is provided for free when there is no obligation to do so. I just want to make sure I'm not missing out on something. Edit: I love it when I try to take screenshots of the problem and the problem magically disappears.
  5. So what do I need to delete to make this even remotely easy to understand? Or better yet, is there some way to completely disable the mks functions and just fill all the tanks with lf/ox?
  6. Ah, that's a shame. It appears to be gone. That's alright, there were some design flaws anyways.
  7. So I didn't notice that there was an update to KSP until I loaded my game and realized that my Tekto base was not showing up in the tracking station. Would it be correct to assume that it is gone for good? Or is there a possibility that it will reappear when the new version of kopernicus comes out? I'm very new to OPM (like, started using it about a week ago) so it's not a huge deal either way.
  8. How do you guys use the conical payload bay thing? I'd like to use it, but I dislike how the stuff that is attached to the top node looks like its just floating there when the doors open. What sort of builds do you use it for? When/why is it more appropriate to use than a fairing?
  9. Hello, I am a TA for a university physics lab. We are trying to see if KSP EDU can be used in our lab sections to discuss gravity and orbits, but the potential energy that is given on the energy spheres seems to be incorrect. According to pretty much everyone in physics, orbital potential energy is given by U = -GMm/r Where G is the gravitational constant, M is the mass of the planet, m is the mass of the orbiting body, and r is the distance from the center of the planet. I'm ok with the negative not being present in game, as a negative volume sphere would be rather hard to depict. Unfortunately, the energy sphere says that, at an apoapsis of 8,600,000 m from the center of kerbin, the potential energy is 120,000 kJ. When I calculate the potential energy, I get 8,833,106 KJ. Can anyone explain why this is happening? Thanks
  10. OMG thank you so much! I have been trying to understand the instructions in this thread but I just wasn't able to follow it. You have saved my Vall expedition good sir!
  11. What exactly is the difference between the ground pylon and the CB1 ground base?
  12. Here is a link to my output_log.txt. When I installed this mod, it cleared all of the 0-9 action groups that I had programmed in the VAB. The gear and light action groups still work, and I am able to edit all of the action groups that fall in the "other" category. When I try to create new action groups, they don't function. I can add actions to the groups just fine, and they show up in the little list of actions, but nothing happens when I click on the actions in the list and the hotkeys don't work either. I tried the version you posted today, but still no luck. Here's my list of mods in case that's important: Aviation Lights Kerbal Attachment System Kerbal Inventory System Kerbal Engineer Redux Infernal Robotics Umbra Space Industry's MKS/OKS Output_log.txt: https://www.dropbox.com/s/llrrmvtda48v5q1/output_log.txt?dl=0
  13. I'm having some issues with this mod. I am able to edit the default action groups (abort, landing gear, lights, etc) but the changes I make to action groups 0-9 do not function. Even when I click the action group in the menu, nothing happens. I am new to this mod, so it is very possible that I'm just doing something incorrectly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Any way you could upload the craft file for that mun lander? That looks sweet!
  15. Oh I'm glad you said that. I thought I was just doing something wrong. I've read posts about klf.kerbalsp.com, but that one isn't working for me either. Give it a try and let me know if you get in.
  16. I know Apollo style rockets are common, but none of them suited what I wanted. To that end, I made my own. Some sacrifices had to be made of course (for example, mine has SRB's on the launch stage) but the sequence of events follows the Apollo missions. I even included rovers! Craft file:http://db.orangedox.com/xCJmjSrUnWJAhOoBty/Kerpollo%2015.zip Contained in the download is a launch proceedure that details all aspects of the mission, however I will also post it below. ------------------------------------------ MOD DEPENDANCIES 1. Procedural fairings http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/39512-0-24-2-Procedural-Fairings-3-09-procedural-costs-Win64-decoupler-fix-(August-3) 2. Deadly Reentry http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/54954-0-24-2-Deadly-Reentry-Continued-v5-2-7-25-14 Suggested mods: 1. Kerbal engineer redux http://www.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal/220285-kerbal-engineer-redux 2. Docking Port Alignment Indicator http://kerbal.curseforge.com/ksp-mods/220299-docking-port-alignment-indicator-version-3-1 --------------------------------------- ACTION GROUPS Abort - Decouples Crew Capsule and Activates Escape System 1 - Toggle Solar Panels 2 - Decouple/Undock Docking Ports on Command Module and Lander 3 - Extend Ladder on Lander 4 - Toggle Lander Descent Engines on/off 0 - Decouples Escape System and Activates Chutes (Only used after abort sequence) -------------------------------------- STAGING DESCRIPTION Stage 11: SRB and main engine ignition Stage 10: SRB separation Stage 9: Orbital/Trans-lunar injection stage activation Stage 8: Decouple escape system Stage 7: Decouple command module engine fairing and activate CM engine Stage 6: Decouple lander from TLI stage Stage 5: Activate lander descent stage Stage 4: Deploy rovers Stage 3: Decouple and ignite ascent stage Stage 2: Separation of crew capsule Stage 1: Activate Chutes Stage 0: Ditch heat shied (Stage also contains lander fairings, not important) --------------------------------------- LAUNCH PROCEEDURE 1. Full throttle, stage to launch. -Abort sequence is programmed, but shouldn't be needed as rocket is very stable 2. Stage again when SRB's are expended. 3. Slowly begin gravity turn at 10km. -Aim gravity turn so that you hit 45 degrees pitch at 500 m/s 4. Stage when main engine burns out. -This next stage will be your orbital/trans-lunar injection stage 5. Aim for horizon at 1500 m/s and hold it there until apoapsis hits 125 km, then cut throttle. -Make sure to extend solar panels when you are out of atmosphere (action group 1) 6. Circularize at 125 km. 7. When the mun rises over the horizon, burn prograde untile you are on an impact trajectory with the mun. -Assuming you followed the ascent profile, you should have just enough fuel for this. -Impact trajectory is not required, but will allow you to prevent Kessler syndrome 8. Use action group 2 to separate command module from lander. 9. Turn command module around and stage to eject CM engine fairing. 10. Dock with lander. 11. Next, you will need to stage until the lander separates from the TLI stage. -Do NOT just spam the stage button. You may have to press it more than once, but you shouldn't have to press it more than 3 times -Camera will shift when it happens 12. Use RCS to pull lander out of fairing. 13. Using CM engine, adjust your trajectory from impact to a 10-15 km periapsis over the mun. -Careful not to hit TLI stage while doing this 14. DO NOT warp through the mun encounter. You may warp up to it, but make sure you are at x1 when you go through it or it will mess up your trajectory. 15. Circularize your orbit around the mun at 10-15 km. 16. Transfer 2 crew members to the lander. 17. Use action group 2 to undock, and land using a very shallow approach. -There should be PLENTY of fuel for this. 18. After landing, stage once to disconnect rovers. -You may have to flip them over, but they have probes on them and the torque should be enough to do the trick. 19. Use action group 3 to extend ladder, and action group 4 to deactivate descent engines (very important). 20. Muck about to your heart's content. 21. Once you are done mucking about, enter the lander and apply full throttle. -This is why deactivating those engines is important 22. Stage to decouple and activate ascent engine. 23. Rendezvous and dock with CM. 24. Transfer crew and fuel to CM, then undock. -I personally hate leaving things in orbit, so I usually deorbit the ascent stage using centripetal force. 25. Burn prograde when you are about 25% around the Kerbin side of the mun. -Burn like this until your Kerbin periapsis is inside the atmosphere, no lower than 20 km (deadly reentry will eat your lunch if you are lower than this). 26. Stage to decouple the crew capsule. You may stage at ANY time to activate the chutes. -I used the tweakables to set the chutes to semi-deploy at 3300 m above sea level, and fully deploy at 300 m above ground level. -Toss heat shield after chute semi-deployment I would be willing to make a version without deadly reentry if you guys want me to. Procedural fairings is a must though.
  17. I seem to be having the same issue. It's only happened once for me, so I'm not sure if this is the reason, but it was right after I switched to another spacecraft that I found that I was unable to revert or return to KSC, nor could I switch back to my original ship.
  18. It doesn't really fit with the other songs, but you should consider including "Fly Me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra. Can't go wrong with Frankie!
  19. Seriously? No one has mentioned Fly Me to the Moon? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtFBRJFN3p8
  20. It seems my save file may have gotten corrupted, because I'm not having this problem on my other saves. I did edit this save file a while back, so thats probably it. Disregard this problem
  21. Where would I find the output logs? Also I found that if I switch to another ship and then back to the original ship, they don't work.
  22. When I quickload a ship with the Lazor system on it, the Lazors no longer work. Any ideas?
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