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  1. Have not tried this mod out yet but I do like the sound of it. Might give it a go later tonight. In 0.24 I had a long running obsession with ships and planes in this game instead of rocketry lol. Looks good on the parts dude. I'll give it a try tonight and report back!
  2. Everyone saying this game is dead is kinda saddening. I mean A game is never truely dead until the commuinity behind the game gives up on it completly. Maybe some of you here have played Sim City 4. Yes that ancient building game from 2004. It still has an extremely active community that I was a part of up to last year. The development of KSP by the original Dev's may be dead and buried but that doesn't mean other Devs won't come in and keep giving us updates. As the OP pointed out that several major mods have been abandoned. Hell I noticed recently several mods that I loved are no longer aval
  3. I typically run bases with mods such as MKS and KIS and KAS. However, Norton has decided to deem MKS files unsafe and thankfully removed RoverDude's mod from my computer. Thank you Norton! (Sarcasm) Anyway, typically I will build a base to serve a purpose as a refuel point for long interplantery travels. Eseentially anything past Duna or Eve. Now the best way in my opinion if you're running all stock parts is to create a base lander module to put on the bottom of all the units. On the top will be the actually functioning piece. (IE. converter, solar panels, battery banks, crew quarters, e
  4. 7499275

    Unity 5

    So long story short, I am dabbling into unity and blender which I've done in the past. However now I'm going into it with a little bit more determination and commitment. http://imgur.com/a/LsAUc Just a preview pic of what I've come up with after a few hours. I already have a basic idea of what the games final goal and progression will be like. Essentially this game will take place in around the 1600's or early 1700's and essentially this is your starting tutorial island if you will. Once completing the tutorial and screwing off on the island, you board the boat located at the dock
  5. Okay so I managed to strand bob on a science based space station early on in my career game. With funds dwindling we attempt to mount a rescue mission to save our dear scientist and bring him back home safely. More importantly his brain, who needs his body when Kerbal medicine can do a brain transplate, right?! Anyway here is a video showing off the rescue and talking about plans for a next video. (for anyone that doesn't watch the video but still would like to give some advice... I do need help figuring out how to transport a materials container full of refined material from KEO to Kerbin to
  6. 7499275


    Wow, that's all I can say at this point is wow... After playing this game since .18 and its now 1.2 I always thought docking was that hardest part of this game. Well, docking and the rendezvous before that. After playing my first true career game for about 3 hours I managed to get docking down! Still can't rendezvous without the help of mechjeb doing a hohmann transfer to the target craft but I am feeling pretty proud of myself after playing for so long finally being able to dock two craft on my own! How long did it take everyone else to get down docking by hand? Also anyone have tips fo
  7. I did see that, any mod of the same sort floating around for 1.2?
  8. The idea sounds great, execution would be a fine line. As it was mentioned the performance impact. Yes it would only go off the rails once you were within 2km of the debris but if you have 500+ pieces of debris floating around the active vessel of 300+ parts... The computer is sure as hell gonna feel it. Other than that being my only concern I love the idea of it and would give it a try to see what happens. I actually did a science presentation my freshman year of high school on Kessler syndrome which is still floating on a flash drive somewhere.
  9. Okay so guys, I've been out of this game for a good bit of time, almost a year now. Just getting back into and trying to find some of my favorite mods. Now there is one I can't remember the name of or find it. It was a simple mod that added a little but to the toolbar (I always have the toolbar mod installed) that was a little flask and it told you if you could conduct a new science experiment for the biome, or where ever you may be. If anyone has any clue to what I'm talking about please help me out here. Also what are some of the mods you guys can't play without? Kinda curious for some n
  10. So, I can't watch the video you posted due to being on my phones mobile hotspot with no high speed data left. However going off the title... I hate going into a store or restaurant and every one is on their phone or tablet. I'm looking at it from the point if you're out on a date with a smoking hot chick, show more attention to her than farmville or you're never going to be getting... Well you get the idea. I would rather spend quality time face to face with someone instead of being on my phone. Hell, I can be on my phone any point of the day I want. Really grinds my gears in todays soci
  11. Just going on an assumption here but you can probably browse through the game files and find them somewhere. Or just go to Google Images and type in something like KSP loading screen images" One of the two should yield half decent results.
  12. I'm looking at 2 grand just for body work, another 2 for paint, tires are 700. so not really lol
  13. Hey guys, I turned 18 in May and in heireted a 1998, Dodge Ram 2500. This truck has a lot of memories for me and also I use it as my everyday truck to go to work and school etc.I've kinda turned a blind eye towards the trucks problems until now. The engine and drive train are mechanically sound but the cooling system, steering, and suspension needs some work and I don't have the money to do it. So I started a "GoFundMe" to try and raise support for getting work done to this truck and preserving memories that are extremely important to me. Thank you for reading and if you would like to support
  14. Any tips or ideas how to launch a cargo ship capable of hauling rovers and such to Laythe?
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