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  1. Blimey. I haven't been active here for a bit so apologies for the extremely delayed reply. I had completely forgotten about this project. The source files are buried on my old PC somewhere so I don't have easy access to them. I'm not sure I can give the a-OK to open up the SCANsat parts as the agreement was the parts would use the same license as the mod. If the parts are no longer distributed with SCANsat there shouldn't be a problem. If they are, I'd atleast give DMagic a heads-up (if they're still the SCANsat dev?) before re-using any assets. Otherwise, I have absolutely no problem with re-
  2. Tonight was fairly productive. Orbital Transfer Cruiser was manned up and received a berthing extension for landing craft/resupply drones. After some quick adjustments to the port outboard thruster it's ready for a trial transfer to the Mun Meanwhile, back at the ranch - First successful training flight in the new supersonic single seat training craft was completed. Probably the most stable craft I've ever built - it's very forgiving. Great for larking around. Shakedown flight of an experimental vessel 'inspired' by an F-16XL. The wing design intrigued me. It's fairly unstabl
  3. I get that, but not quite as bad. I wish I had some technical advice to alleviate it. I assumed it fell under 'z-fighting' issues mentioned earlier in the thread.
  4. The one on the right, definitely. It says 'Right here - this is where I'm landing.'
  5. Ah, that has saved me quite a job. Cheers - you're a scholar and a gentleman/woman/rocket.
  6. Also having problems with this and nuFAR - followed install instructions (0.90 version + latest patch) and then tried the latest dev version of nuFAR but also seeing CoL vector from the wing part. Control surface (fully moving and normal) do not cause the lift vector. They look to be interacting with FAR properly as the non-vector CoL shifts when I place those parts.
  7. Anecdotally, I do use Yosemite and indeed KSP starts to FUBAR at between 3.03 and 3.10 GB RAM usage as shown in Activity Monitor.
  8. CaptainDach6, you're going to want to upload your player.log - not KSP.log. It tells you HERE how to get to that in OS X. If you open that log file in TextEdit, my KSP usually starts throwing errors that start in 'malloc' when it's running out of RAM. I'm assuming thats a memory allocation error.
  9. Starwaster - I see you saw the problems with KAS/DRE. I was planning on filing a bug report tonight, but you're too quick! I also see you're trialling another DLL, so I assume you've narrowed down the cause of the bug. If you need another log/tester, let me know and I'll re-upload my logs. I'm using 32-bit on OS X, if that makes a difference for you.
  10. Oh really? More and more curiouser. I'll try the non-beta DRE and report back. EDIT: Yep, went back to DRE 6.2.x and can use KAS containers again. Unfortunately the EL survey stakes I had in the KAS containers don't seem to want to function now. *facepalm*
  11. I've just been experiencing this trying to place an EL stake and KAS ground pylon. Came here to see if I was running an out of date KAS, but if not many people are having this problem then I guess it's time to go log-hunting! EDIT: Getting this spammed in the log " [KAS] WaitAndGrab(Container) - Waiting rigidbody to initialize... " after trying to remove things from container. I managed to move the container from one vessel to another successfully though, and the entire base is connected via KAS tubes. Curious.
  12. Good evening gentlemodders, Just been setting up a Munar refinery and got myself some lovely NRE spam: I'm running KSP 32-bit on OS X Yosemite with a heavily modded install. AFAIK all mods are up to date, but it's not out of the realm of possibility that I've borked something. I've added an RF config for Nertea's Mk IV Spaceplane parts, which I don't *think* has broken anything, but I've uploaded it here just in case. Player log is HERE. As far as I can see the error hasn't 'broken' anything yet, but spam is never a good sign, and I quite like my Munar refinery. Any help would be appreciated
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