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  1. Contract No.006 Generation 4.5 (projected to remain relevant with Gen 5 concepts) Auth: JollyGreenGI F-40 Warhawk II An Air Superiority Fighter turned Multirole. Essentially if the F-22 had been introduced a decade earlier, and was a Fighting Falcon with a face lift. Strip away the stealth paint and digital cockpit, the Raptor would still be a very formidable fighter. However, in 1986, it was apparent that F-22 would not be ready for service for another 2 decades. An interim was needed, no waiting for technology to catch up. Intended to be a more conventional stealth fighter, the ‘Warhawk’ has proven itself not only to dominate the skies, but as a force multiplier popular with ground forces. With a large payload and respectable loitering ability, she is truly a force to be reckoned with. Aside from the shiny gold cockpit reducing radar returns from inside, Warhawk's stealth comes solely from its geometry. Because of this, design had to focus on maximizing stealth from certain angles rather than all around. From above and below, radar reduction is minimal, but from the front and back, the Warhawk II nearly vanishes from radar screens. Noticeably heavier than the equally small F-16, Warhawk II's powerplant had to produce twice as much thrust compared to the Viper's. So it does. And then some more. Thrust to weight reaches 1.1 on dry thrust, and exceeds 1.6 on afterburners. All this while having 2D thrust vectoring, a beastly engine needs to chug jet fuel like no tomorrow. Luckily F-40 has the fuel reserves and efficiency to perform intercontinental trips at transonic speeds without refueling, and can run its engine on high bypass to increase efficiency further and reduce exhaust temperature, and IR signature. Download: Notes: I just got back into KSP after nearly a year hiatus, so if you notice anything hilariously stupid please let me know. Something like this should have internal bays, but such a design produces too much drag in Kerbin's air.
  2. I haven't played with it enough to get a full experience, I only did the Su-25 tutorials.
  3. Want to play DCS with me?(I got 1.5.0)

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      Will you be available next Saturday and Friday?

      thats when I'm on the computer.

    3. JollyGreenGI


      Yeah I'll probably be available.

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      Sorry I forgot. Been busy. Remind me this Saturday at 3:15PM.

  4. Hi! Want to play Flyout alpha with me tonight?(within 2 hours)

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      want to try it one more time?

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      oh... never mind. We need to get The World to work first.

  5. If you're responding to me, that doesn't seem to be the case. In fact, replacing the stock wings with B9PW actually shaved off a full tonne of mass: That's actually including missiles too, so it seems to actually be closer to 1.5 tonnes lighter with B9PWings.
  6. I haven't seen anyone bring it up yet, but the B9 PWings seem to have much less lifting ability compared to the stock wing parts in FAR. Even with identical wing shapes and thickness, aircraft that could maintain energy in a turn now experience heavy stalling with B9 Pwings. I have no idea why that might be.
  7. I love stock parts as much as the next guy, but I think you're right.
  8. With AJE, that means your engines will be robbed of air all the time.
  9. I can tell you right now that in FAR + AJE, very high angles of attack don't play nice with engines. Anything past 50° and the intakes get starved of air.
  10. Do you mean an aircraft that has a wing blown off? Or something that has no lift?
  11. All my submitted aircraft have updated AI Flight computers and Dynamic Deflection settings as of right now, thoroughly tested against QF-12K! ...Okay that's a little boring, here's something a bit more interesting: The AV-3W 'Heresy'. An innovative Attack Jet with helicopter handling. Everything just became a runway.
  12. She's a work in progress at the moment Working name is CF-150 'Flèchette'
  13. Time for another small batch of planes. Well, not small planes. The B-4F 'Skyline'. A Mach 2+ strategic bomber with considerable payload and range, carpet bombing never looked so rad: The Nu-65 'Fetch-R'. Propeller driven, gun turrets, this old school strategic bomber has incredible endurance and can literally carry its own weight in ordinance: