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  1. Kerbal Kombat Simulator Kraft Thread!

    Well that's what's needed when you're so fast that the bogeys you're intercepting haven't even taken off yet haha Is that B9 Procedural Wings? I didn't know that was allowed.
  2. Kerbal Kombat Simulator Kraft Thread!

    Been a while, so here's three new aircraft, fresh from the Cold War freezer: Conclusive proof that with enough power, anything can fly. A heavy lifting Interceptor, The F10T 'Dryad II': With direct lineage from the first supersonic jet fighters, the JoG-51 'Buffalo' is a short range Interceptor with even shorter wings: And finally the final word in going too fast, the YF-66 'Monarch' can literally fly faster than the planet turns, allowing you to remain in sunlight (or darkness). A Spyplane with limited interceptor and penetrator capabilities: All of these have AI pilot Flight Computers installed, and adjusted to handle decently. I'll be going back to my previous entries to add AI.
  3. Kerbal Kombat Simulator Kraft Thread!

    Indeed. If that's the case, we should look into this: There's a lot we can't use in there, but what caught my eye was this: It's apparently fully compatible with FAR and BDAc. The paint/camo feature would be good for some extra diversification of aircraft too.
  4. Kerbal Kombat Simulator Kraft Thread!

    Just updated A-30C 'Blitzen III' to A-30D ''Blitzen IV', it's now on par with the Pu-15TM 'Bishop' in terms of agility, payload, part count, and speed. I recommend you replace 30C with 30D. A-30D 'Blitzen IV' download: Pu-15TM 'Bishop' download:
  5. Kerbal Kombat Simulator Kraft Thread!

    Thanks! Nothing serious in DCS yet, just running through the tutorials to get familiar. It's going... alright: At least I know that 'Bishop' can handle rough landings like the Su-25 now. Handling feels similar enough, KSP is a little quicker but meh. Both have the same single wing dip when stalling. Are you saying like a series of missions for Kerbal Combat Simulator? Or something entirely separate? Both are cool ideas.
  6. Kerbal Kombat Simulator Kraft Thread!

    As a wise old man once said... "Another one, another one." So here's the Pu-20S 'Breacher'. A straight up fighter jet designed for Air Superiority and enhanced maneuverability at speed. I highly suggest flying this with a flight stick or a controller, as sharp inputs may throw it into a stall. I'm currently in the middle of redesigning A-30 'Blitzen', as it's been completely outclassed by the Pu-15 'Bishop' I put out on monday. Hopefully I can get better flight characteristics out of it soon.
  7. Kerbal Kombat Simulator Kraft Thread!

    Still downloading haha. It's at about 80%.
  8. Kerbal Kombat Simulator Kraft Thread!

    That's fine, I'm not in any hurry.
  9. Kerbal Kombat Simulator Kraft Thread!

    It's DCS world right? Downloading at the moment, it'll be a few hours. In the meantime though, you can give this a whirl, gimme your thoughts:
  10. Kerbal Kombat Simulator Kraft Thread!

    Yes they work much better. I'm pretty sure the TOWs in BDarmory are designed for land vehicles and helos only.
  11. Kerbal Kombat Simulator Kraft Thread!

    What I'm saying is that even after the TOW leaves the rack, any aircraft movements jerk the missile around like a puppet, probably because it's trying to ride the beam.
  12. Kerbal Kombat Simulator Kraft Thread!

    Oh, you mean something like this? I saw that Vikhr is a beam riding AGM so I figured the TOW would be a good substitute, but it's range leaves much to be desired and you have to keep the aircraft very steady or the missile will veer wildly. I'm thinking Hellfires will be a better analogue.
  13. Kerbal Kombat Simulator Kraft Thread!

    Yeah, I'm definitely gonna get the base game, I mean it's free so why not? The Su-25 ain't no slouch either, I've started to appreciate it more recently. Speaking of... Working name at the moment is Pu-15TM 'Bishop'.
  14. Kerbal Kombat Simulator Kraft Thread!

    Nah, I don't but I wish I did. Though I'll probably buy some modules next time they're on sale.
  15. Kerbal Kombat Simulator Kraft Thread!

    @Matuchkin Me irl