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  1. China's first moon base Yuegong-1 (Moon Palace-1) will have 36 square meters of living space. Initial design has been completed by the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Chinese plan to be the first to live on the Moon. Source: https://www.facebook.com/ChinaSpace What does the KSP community think about this? Will it be funded? If this is the case, when will it start?
  2. For 0.24 or 0.25 or 0.26 or 0.27 or 0.28 or 0.29 or 0.30 or 0.31 or 0.32... -------------------------------------------------- Aesthetic updates: - Animated Clouds (on Kerbin, Eve, Duna, Laythe and Jool) - More differences between Kerbals (gender, mustaches, many haircuts, different skin colors) - Cities on Kerbin (and we must be able to see the cities lights at night from space) -------------------------------------------------- Gameplay updates: - Multiplayers mode - A Saturn analog with a ring system and many Moons - Comets and asteroids with strange orbits - Useful skills between Kerbals
  3. They have successfully land their Chang'e 3 and Yutu (the lunar rover) do his job. I hope China and Russia will work together; if they do, in less than 10 years, humans will walk again on the lunar soil.
  4. Preparing for 0.23 Launch Ten... Nine... Eight... Seven... Six... Five... Four... Three... Two... One...
  5. The goal of this Topic is to imagine. A new American Moon Program, a surprising Russian collaboration with India or China. An international program for a Lunar Base (USA and China together). And more...
  6. A Chinese on the Moon Chapter 1 : The First Launch We are in november 2023, the giant Long March 5 (model CZ-5-504) is on the launch pad. On the top of it, under his cap, the Yang Liwei Lunar Module (a LEM). CCTV is more watched than usual even in Western Countries. The countdown started and we hear the chief operator on the TV : - "shí, jiÇâ€, bÄÂ, qÄ«, liù, wÇâ€, sì, sÄÂn, èr, yÄ«..." A loud noise is heard, TV camera shaking on the screen and the Long March 5 take off gently but is rapidly gaining speed. Some minutes later, the 4 huge rocket boosters are detached; the f
  7. The First Moon Race was a race between USA and USSR. In 1969, the Americans win that race (while the Soviets look their N1 explode). But since 40 years (with the Apollo 17 mission ended in 1972 and the N1 program suspended in 1974), nobody really tried to return to the Moon. Now, imagine for a moment that a new race to the Moon begins... You got it ? Ok, write your stories here !
  8. SQUAD has already distributed ModuleResourceIntake source code (http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/7529-Plugin-Posting-Rules-And-Official-Documentation?p=157149&viewfull=1#post157149), but it was from KSP 0.15. I'm wondering if it were possible to have the source code of : public class ModuleResourceIntake : PartModule { ??? } public class ModuleDeployableSolarPanel : PartModule { ??? }
  9. Post here your Research center concepts (technological tree, budget, limitations, etc.) Here one of my concept :
  10. Achievements/Ribbons/Medals Test Duna Mun Created with GIMP I think I will retry with same icons (Sat, Rover, Flag) size but smaller planet/moon image (so the ribbon will be tiny) and with the name of the planet/moon writed.
  11. Good work! But one of the most strange thing is that the game load all in one time; why it don't stream the files ?
  12. Yes, I was on holidays. BTW I've been really impressed by the Kerbin City project. Actually, I'm working on another KSP project (Long March 2F rocket mod) and I will wait about Kerbin City evolution. If Kerbin City, in the future, don't do what I wanted for Konstructions, I will work on it again. So the project isn't die, it is in standby.
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