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  1. Thanks Master Tao, that was response was both prompt, and extremely helpful. I am very grateful! None the less, I'm still a little exasperated. I'm not sure if this issue represents a bug, a quirk, or some intrinsic element of the system. None the less, it was frustrating to experience, and unintuitive to solve. It's also a little awkward to be limited to one angle when adding parts. Anyway, thanks again. I've been struggling with this for months.
  2. Hi, I've been having some issues with part attachment during assembly. During a build, the node system seems to change suddenly. When attaching a new part, it will seem appear to angle itself to the centre of receiving part. It's a little difficult to describe, so I created short video. It starts with a new build, in which the parts attach "normally". I then load an existing file, which exhibits the issue. The same wing parts do not attach properly to a fuselage I've tried fiddling with symmetry and angle snap settings to little avail. I do use a few mods, although I don't expect them to be an issue. These include better atmospheres, Environmental visual Enhancements, Prortactor, Toolbar, Infernal Rootics SelectRoot and Infernal Engineer. This issues occurs infrequently, but is extremely frustrating when it does. I consider myself to be an experienced player, but this leaves me stumped every time. Sometimes reloading the save or restarting the game seems to fix it. I'm fully aware that this is probably a case of user stupidity, but would appreciate any advice none the less. Output log included below. Many Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the quick attention. It seems to be working now. I'm not sure if it was the new version, or because I reset the tool bar by deleting the "toolbar-settings.dat" from the game data folder.