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  1. Looks great, reminds me a bit of the proposed late L3M Lander model.
  2. Awesome update, the pirs/poisk look amazing! The TMK spacecraft looks really interesting, "launch vehicle: N1" they didn't even went to the mun with it, hence it never even reached earth orbit and they are already planning to go to mars and venus with it What is that thing attached to the bottom of it? a docking port or some kind of little spacecraft? all in all it would be really awesome if you can bring this into KSP.
  3. Thank you for the effort to make this mod so awesome! First thing im doing to do is a huge expedition to Jool and its moons.
  4. Will the Raduga capsule be made? It can be put in the inventory of the progress and a kerbal can take it out, put scientific stuff in it and it can return to kerbin. Would be awesome. But im not sure how it can be separated from the progress module during reentry. And great RCS!
  5. I don't want to be rude or pushy or anything else but if it will take some time until there is a final release for 1.3, could a test build be released between? My career save game uses a lot near future stuff and it will speed up the bug finding process.
  6. Can't wait for the 1.3 update!! I use a lot of your solar panels, it is for sure that after the update some of my crafts will break?
  7. I figured out that the Near future mods were causing this problem. Sad enough I use it a lot in my career so I need to wait until its updated
  8. KSP: 1.3 Windows 10 64bit Problem: When starting up the game, after it is loaded for like 75% there is a random crash Mods installed: Log: Thanks
  9. Hi guys, I build this SSTO space plane, it works really good when taking off and reaching space but the moment I reenter the atmosphere it starts flipping up and after that it flips in all directions and becomes completely uncontrollable, I placed my spaceplane in the screenshots below, suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
  10. [1.3] BETA: Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) v1.0

    Is this the continued version of KAS, does the KAS 0.62 thread not get updated anymore? Amazing man, what mods did you use for this?
  11. Q. Where are the IVAs?A. A great deal of time and effort required that I sadly do not have. Manned capsules will aim to have IVAs, but larger station parts will have to make-do with placeholders.
  12. [1.3.x] CONTARES 1.8.8 shaken, not stirred

    Amazing looking dragon and boeing cst 100, good job.
  13. No idea if this is what you are searching for, it is not under construction but doesn't have thermal blankets either.
  14. The start of the Russian moon base, first sending a rover to explore and choose the best landing side (the skycrane works so good and is really stable).
  15. [1.3.x] CONTARES 1.8.8 shaken, not stirred

    This is what i get.