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  1. Built Cutangus' Rare Racer. It is surprisingly stable.
  2. Celebrated 50 years, a month early, since Australia launched its first satellite from home soil.
  3. My first VTOL is a conversion of my most reliable aircraft. Landing this plane on the VAB is one of the most terrifying things I've ever done in KSP. Nearly ran out of monopropellant too. (100% stock and destructible buildings) * Forgot the weight photo *
  4. I'm just proud to get Valentina to Bop. The furthest I've ever been with a crew was Duna. I've been planning this for some time and probably never would have tried it if it wasn't for this challenge. Now all I have to do is get her home.
  5. Took three tries. The first crashed and killed the crew. The second crashed but the vehicle was (mostly) intact. The third was a complete success... Flight Time: 3 hours, 55 minutes (~270m/s at 10,000m) Circumnavigations: 1
  6. Excellent work. I am a big fan of In the Shadow of the Moon and this movie captures the feel of that documentary well.
  7. It is a funny one. I did not have the problem until today. At a loss to why it is now showing up. Stranger still, the problem resolved itself after I made my initial post. Isn't software fun?
  8. Something obvious & fitting Jeb's outlook on life...
  9. I experienced the same thing this morning
  10. Don't forget that the eyes are different sizes.
  11. Orbited the four outer moons of Jool with one probe & finished the flight of an earlier probe to Eeloo orbit. That finishes my (probe) tour of the Kerbol system. Now the Kerbals need to follow their probes...
  12. Every time I look at this UAV design from the United Arab Emirates I think of KSP... http://www.adcom-systems.com/ENG/UAV/YAHBON-United40/Overview.html [Edit: Image added]
  13. The molniya orbit is probably the way to go. This may be of use... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Molniya_orbit
  14. Have you seen this one? It is way cool
  15. I have yet to crack the SSTO nut, but I do use a rocket launched space plane for the coolness factor.
  16. I've found myself drawn to the 2001 soundtrack. On occasion I've gone one step further and listened to Sounds of Voyager from Space. This is a recording made by taking Voyager's observation of the electro-magnetic spectrum at 20-20,000 Hz and converting it into sound. Eerie and rather fitting. NASA has released other recordings such as:
  17. I've noticed with 1.0.0 that the ribbon generater resets to the default values (i.e. nothing selected) whenever I go to update my ribbons.
  18. The YB-49 had vertical stabilizers, but is still a flying wing. The difference is mainly the size of the vertical stabilizer and fuselage (if present). It is all semantics, but I would edge towards calling the B 13-A above a tailless spaceplane. All this doesn't change the fact that it looks cool.
  19. It is amazing that Unity is using the raw values from joysticks. I haven't heard of such a thing in donkey's years. It causes me problems with my setup. I have a Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar, Saitech Pro Fl;ight Combat Rudder Pedals and an GoFlight GF-LGT. I can set them up just fine, but because the joysticks IDs are determined by which order Windows detects them on startup the setup created in KSP may be referring to the wrong device I cannot use my preferred solution, TARGET, because that is a virtual DirectX joystick that Unity cannot recognise. Here's hoping that PPJoy can give me some relief.