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  1. Also, note that the Mustang finished construction and testing in the 1.7 version, but it should still work in the 1.6.x versions, as it doesn't have the new nose cone (or nose cones if you have the Making History Expansion).
  2. Tonight sees another release from Mystic Labs - the LV-1R Mustang, an SSTO rocket capable of sending a maximum of at least 36 tons of payload into LKO. This payload capacity can increase further if you don't land it, and even further if you usually just hit terminate instead of deorbiting, but what's the use of an SSTO if it can't get back safely? Just be sure during landing to fire up the rockets to right yourself once you're around 5000 meters above the ground and land from there.
  3. Apologies for the content drought in recent days. AAAE was the victim of repossession and were forced to start from the ground up, holding off on the SSTOs until they can catch their tech up to their previous near-sandbox levels of advancement before SSTO development can continue. In layman's terms, I've been distracted by career mode.
  4. Judging off the votes so far, it looks like people still want some traditional rockets. For the time being, Project Ultra-Heavy SSTO is shelved to make room for progressively heavier rocket-style launch vehicles.
  5. After the success of Ferrybots Sr. and Jr. and the failures of various Duna SSTOs, AAAE felt like they needed more practice, and, furthermore, an additional means of staying afloat. And so Iris, codename Minmus Rex, was built with one mission in mind: Ferry a substantial amount of kerbals to Minmus and back. Luckily, she can easily do just that, though a round trip to the Mun might require slight refueling, if not only excessive aerobraking on the trip home.
  6. I went back and did some more tweaking. Unfortunately doesn't have as much oxidizer after circularizing with RAPIERs and NERVs, now, but it should still be fully Minmus capable, as long as you can bring low-TWR spacecraft to Minmus. As for Mun landings, I'm not so sure. Nonetheless, Minmus Rex, now renamed Iris, will most likely be seeing distribution by AAAE shortly.
  7. Minmus Rex (name pending) has around 3000 Delta V in LKO, more than enough for Minmus, and carries up to 42 kerbals. She still has roughly 600-800 m/s worth of oxidizer even when you use both RAPIERs and NERVs to circularize, so maybe she can also tackle the Mun?
  8. Update: The airlocks are gone, but at least the windows are unobscured. I'm hoping to test this out tomorrow.
  9. Here we have a kerbal testing out the airlocks for what will be a Minmus SSTO.
  10. The engineers at Mystic Labs are proud to announce the release of the roving base Expeditioner Duna! This behemoth clocks in at 98 parts, houses up to 42 kerbals (excluding cans and cabins repurposed as airlocks), and comes equipped with almost every single piece of science equipment available! Launch and transfer vehicles sold separately.
  11. I will put that into consideration. Meanwhile, I shall apologize for the recent lack of new craft by announcing the release of two rovers (Integrity (left) and Virtue (right), each previously bundled with a separate SSTO from AAAE) and one oddball SSTO (SSTO-11 Twintails, Private spaceplane in the center), all distributed by the Mystic Laboratories division. It's not much, but it's something.
  12. The space center has seen a massive renovation, nearly doubling its size. We will hopefully return to new spacecraft, shortly.
  13. Meanwhile... "This valley is perfect! It'll make a great location for our new space center!"
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