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  1. do you mean how to code a config file? if that is what you are asking then that is a yes. i did manage to pull up that texture for jool, i think it was located in one of my mods, but i found out it is grey in color, is that normal?
  2. I want to change the color of Jool from green to blue, but I don’t know how the coding for color works for planets. i also want to change the color of the Kerbals but I can’t seem to find the meshes. please help a would be modder
  3. I have a dream, a crack team of duna marines loading up into their drop pods and hitting laythes atmosphere streaking in to their objective, invaders from kerbin who attacked to prevent laythe independence. With a roar and and ablaze with light the retro rockets fire, bringing the pods to a fast and controlled landing. Commander Jebediah And his trusty master sergeant Bill, burst out of the pod, m16s making short work of the robotic monstrosities Sent to do kerbins dirty work. The Battle was fierce but short And through jebediah’s skillful leadership no brave duna space marine lost during the conflict. With a firm hand shake president Val thanks each brave marine before they head back to their orbiting destroyer, the sands of liberty, once onboard its plasma engines fire up, another fight for justice and liberty calling upon these brave marines. to make this dream happen I am trying to figure out how to get first person shooter working again. In science mod the gun models do show up, but do not appear in either bd armory or kis. I don’t know how I can get them to work with FPS, so I need some help help me learn to code.
  4. _______ ____ _ _ _ _____ |__ __| | _ \ | | | | | / ____| | | ___ | |_) | ___ | | __| | |_ _ | | __ ___ | |/ _ \ | _ < / _ \| |/ _` | | | | | | | |_ |/ _ \ | | (_) | | |_) | (_) | | (_| | | |_| | | |__| | (_) | |_|\___/ |____/ \___/|_|\__,_|_|\__, | \_____|\___/ __/ | |___/ *****milky wayz***** v0.3 Creation Date: 13:26:38 10-05-2017 Generation Mode: c Seed: 0 Galaxy Type: 2 Galaxy Age: 1 Cluster Number: 0 Planets: y Asteroids: y L to Y class (~Brown~): 26 M class (~Red~): 25 K class (~Orange~): 12 G class (~Yellow~): 6 F class (~Yellow-white~): 0 A class (~White~): 8 B class (~Blue-White~): 1 O class (~Blue~): 0 White Dwarves: 4 ----------------- 81 Stars 156 Planets 244 Moons 36 Asteroids 517 Total -----------------
  5. hello, im having trouble getting the mod to work on 1.2.2, I rendered the galaxy info, but the stars and planets just don't show up, when I have kopernicus mod installed like suggested, all I get is a forever loading screen, and all files I located in the game data file. I could use some help please.
  6. okay, here is both the save file and ships, do you want a lite of mods I'm using?
  7. how do I get the files to you? I'm also running other mods, you want the whole save file and mod list?
  8. Hello, I'm currently running 1.2.2 and I don't know if I'm just suffering from a kerbal level of idiotcy or if it is the mod itself. I placed two ships in orbit, one around minimus at 17k and another around kerbin at 400K. I attached all the necessary parts and more than enough various fuels to power the beacons, but no matter what the beacons cannot be located in the drop down menu. Am I missing something or does it not work for 1.2.2?