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  1. That isn't replacing the mk1 cockpit, it is a 2 seater version taking the same width. NEW Cockpit, Not NEW MODEL.
  2. Its not done yet. Note the description: "The IVA Is still in shipping and customs"
  3. Heres an idea: 3D Printed kerbals and assorted rocket parts compatible with LEGO. With all the lil holes and slots.
  4. Its saddening at what potential Maxis had with SPORE, and its expansions. But all wasted due to rushed production.. Tsk Tsk Tsk. I like the game too.
  5. Just tell them to land on their head. ..No more dead kerbals.
  6. No, You didn't miss anything.. I understand Bobcat is under a lot of pressure, but nothing new has been released for what almost seems like a year now.. At least for HOME. (Which is the pack I use.)
  7. I would hate to hear a human voice with the alarms.. I like them sound only- No "TOO LOW. DONT SYNC. PULL UP PULL UP "
  8. Bobcat, With all due respect, I heavily suggest you release anything functional you have now. If your not gonna work on Home2, At least give us something to play with! I understand you are a perfectionist, But that is a useless trait if nothing ever gets released.. Please stop the cycle of feature creep. At least this will prevent the Soonâ„¢ /from turning into Neverâ„¢
  9. Sasquatch is "Dead".. This mod, along with the Home 2M pod, (The deli and shoestore) Are gonna be two gems that will fade if no one saves em
  10. Im designing a helicopter.. A couple things would be nice: Some flat and small free spinning docking washers, And a gimbal.
  11. Yay. More things incomplete and never released.
  12. I hope this takes less time than the KSO to develop.. I want this mini shuttle so much!
  13. If Porkjet had some kind of config that took OUT the wing modules, the fuselage would work fine
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