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  1. <Yawn> What year is it? I haven't over slept? Dear me....I'll be late.
  2. Now thats what I call a bug report! Thanks Dante. I should be able to figure (if not fix) the contract issue now. That missing texture error is normal. Are you sure that Plantar is indeed messed up? It is meant as an extreme example planet and has a surface that resembles an icon. Krag
  3. Few answers: -Science works as far as I can tell -I did some memory optimization. Sentar now takes up 250m. Using OpenGL mode saves another 100k or so. I am going to see if I can get it working with the Active Texture Management plugin. -I don't remember why Eve didn't work. I think it has a weird PQS setup. -CKAN. Will do. Krag
  4. Spent some time dead for tax purposes. Krag
  5. Thanks. I will detect that case and pop up an error. Maybe FAR could do the same in case other planet plugins have the same issue? I'll give you the code I wind up with. Krag
  6. I understand there is some problem with this mod and my PlanetFactory plugin. Is there anything I can do to make it compatible with this mod? http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/65401-WIP-0-90-PlanetFactory-CE Krag
  7. Next question: What plugins still conflict with PFCE? The one I was most concerned with was Ferram, but I tried it with the latest version and it seems to work. Krag
  8. At one point this plugin conflicted with my PlanetFactory plugin. I just tried it with the latest version and as far as I can tell it works fine. Did you fix something? Or am I just missing the broken bit? http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/65401-WIP-0-90-PlanetFactory-CE Krag
  9. The problem with this an 0.90 has to do with the KSP collision bug I mentioned a while back. This plugin disables the collision on Kerbin as soon as you leave orbit to fix the explosion bug. But apparently the new KSP building selection also uses that collision so you cant click on the buildings anymore. Those collisions should be turned back on in OnLevelLoad. Krag
  10. I had no idea you could run Kerbal in OpenGL mode. However I tried it and it seems to work fine for me. I messed up the ring texture on Sentar. I'll fix it in next release. Krag
  11. Need some quick testing before I officially release this version. It should work in 0.90 including Career mode. Give it a try and let me know if you find any problems: http://1drv.ms/1y3qwf9 KNOWN BUGS: -New planets show up all black in the Science archives. -Using the Ultra-Timewarp can cause your ship to explode. To avoid this make sure you save/load after leaving Kerbal orbit. Krag
  12. Yeah, don't use PlanetFactory in the name. It apparently doesn't use the PF code and it will just confuse Kerbals. Besides, as I have said before, this version still works. And I am working on a few bug fixes and should have a fully 0.90 compatible version soon. Krag
  13. Ah! Can you link me to these "preliminary findings"? Need Mor Data! Krag
  14. Ah, much better! That is what I see. Now to the why.... Krag
  15. Ah, Good to know. Thanks Biohazrd15! As far as I can tell there is a bug that somehow can cause wobbly orbits. But you should be able to quicksave and reload to "fix". Ok, if the Kerbals want me to fix PF you are going to have to help out with some bug reports. :-) Too much has changed for me to figure out what is broken without replaying the whole bloody game. Take career. As far as I can tell everything works except the expansion planets do not appear in the science archives. Is that right? If not tell me the steps to break it and I will try to fix. Krag
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