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  1. I think that the Stayputnik should have an option to have its mounting base act as a decoupler, much like the spherical pods from Making History.
  2. I noticed the difference right away. It's kind of strange to look at after seeing big-headed Kerbals for so many years. I personally quite like the "little green man with a big head" style of Kerbal. It's just the right amount of humorous proportions for me.
  3. When I put a single 20mm ammo box in the nose of my aircraft, it created a huge amount of drag even though it was inside the nose. I was using stock parts without any mods except for BDA, Kerbal Engineer, and Environmental Visual Enhancements (which shouldn't really change anything.) Is the stock aero model still not good with things like that?
  4. In versions before 1.0.5, I was able to safely reenter the atmosphere with this mod when I was returning from LKO. Now, the capsule begins losing the heat shield at a crazy rate before it even enters the mesosphere. I understand the window is small, but Kerbin's uppermost atmosphere shouldn't make it burn up almost instantly. In the image I posted, the capsule was returning from LKO, along a descent path that should've worked before, and it explodes before it even enters the stratosphere. It's not right, and based on the other posts, it's happening with RSS too.
  5. EDIT: *facepalm* yep, it's all fine now, I just used the Release 2.1 version rather than the one from Master/GameData. No bug, just me being stupid again. Sorry about that. Tested this, there is no P-wings when I unlocked the Advanced Aerodynamics node, and I can't find it under any of the other nodes. Using the fork from https://github.com/Crzyrndm/B9-PWings-Fork/tree/master/GameData/B9_Aerospace by Crzyrndm, and tried this multiple times. I checked the part.cfg's for the wings, and it does say "TechRequired = advAerodynamics", so I don't know what could be causing the problem. Anyone else having this problem? In addition, the toolbar icon in the Space Center is broken, it's white and I can't click on it. In Sandbox mode, it's broken too, and I just noticed that the part is not in the catalog. Very strange. It's working fine with my aircraft building install, but on my main/career install (this one) I'm experiencing these problems. The B9 button isn't in the VAB/SPH, too. In both Career and Sanbox mode. Interesting. If I am using the wrong version, please send me a link to the "good" version. I was downloading the one from the master thingy, should I download the one from Releases instead? https://github.com/Crzyrndm/B9-PWings-Fork/releases/tag/2.1 I was using the GameData folder from the master, but I'll try the Release 2.1 and will post results.
  6. I mean when returning from LKO. in a new career mode my first orbital mission came into the atmo, and heated up to red really fast. I checked the ablator, only about 15 left, and going rown quick.
  7. Huh, seems like my capsule without an external shield (the mk 1 capsule with 100 ablative shield) heats up really fast and soon explodes during reentry. Way faster than before; I only needed the shield when I was coming back from the Mun!
  8. Again, do the wings work in career mode? Can't seem to find an answer.
  9. So, are the parts really in Advanced Aerodynamics? They seem hidden for me.
  10. I tried the ripple feature using the Fire button and with the trigger armed. It worked, thanks for that! However, the bombs still all explode at once. I tried dropping them at a slower interval, but they still all exploded once the first hit the ground, and they exploded up the "chain" of bombs up to my bomber... and... I'm using FAR, if that has anything to do with it. What could be causing this? Or is this normal? Last I checked, dropping multiple bombs didn't result in a very, very large airburst.
  11. How come all of the bombs explode at once for me? It seems like once one hits the ground, the blast radius sets them all off. I'll check again in a second. Also, is there a way I can hold down the "Fire" button to release bombs quickly? Like for carpet bombing? Is this the Ripple effect, and if so, how do I use it?
  12. A request for a propeller piston engine: My Na-3 design for a light aircraft struggles with a high stall speed (85 km/h with flaps down). The goal is around 60-70 km/h. The aircraft weighs around 700 kg, with 250 of that being its engine. I use the Continental IO-550, which is in the SXT pack. I request an engine like the Continental A40 or Continental O-170. These engines only weigh around 70 kg, and don't output 250 hp. I only need around 60 or less hp for the Na-3. In addition, the IO-550 is HEAVY for a light aircraft! The engine pretty much defines the center of mass on the aircraft, and it weighs more than the cockpit. I think you could use the IO-550 model for this engine I request. It would be very much appreciated if you could implement something like this. I understand that modding can be difficult, but this should just be a copypaste config with the engine data. Thanks. EDIT: Silly me, why would you make a propeller when you can make a piston engine?
  13. The SXT 0.625m engine for the Bonanza, the Continental something something, is not wörk wörk. It works completely fine except for the fact that it doesn't need any fuel to run.
  14. My plane is overheating on the runway. I have no idea what's causing this. When it spawns in, the parts already have the temperature indicator and are glowing orange. They die soon after.
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