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  1. Hi guys, Just wanted to share some pics of my new ship, This is the Titan Mk-2, An interplanetary Spacecraft thats designed to carry a crew of 4 ANYWHERE in the Kerbal Solar System. I do use a few mods, Tweek Scale, USI (pretty much all of the USI mods actually, Near Future, Kw Rocketry, Kerbal engineer Etc... This craft can support a crew of 4 for over 40 years, has 2 3.75m Nuclear Reactors that have almost 30 years of fuel (before recycling the waste) and has over 40,000 Delta V. It also has a docking port on its nose for a lander to attach. This ship was built in orbit with several launches using USI Konstruction ports to weld the sections into 1 ship. It also carries 4 Satellites, each acting as both ScanSats to scan and map the surface and also acting as relay satellites. For some scale i put the ship on the launch pad. Well, let me know what you think and have a great day. Peace!
  2. Yea, i forgot to spell check the first image and had to redo it lol
  3. agreed, i want aspects like that from x3 in rebirth, maybe if they had a couple of options for player ships that would make it better like a trade ship, mining ship of various sizes that would be nice, ans SETA would be AWESOME!
  4. it's true that the game has bugs and all but they have worked on the game allot since it was released. It's actually playable now since v2 and now on v3.1 i hardly see any bugs but it's true they need to work on the game allot in other areas too, like adding features and such. i kinda with the game was a little more like x3ap but oh well, it has its good and bad points i guess lol.
  5. Its a Flight Sim/Space Sim/Trading Sim/Flight Combat Sim Type of game, kinda like Eve Online but single player and you actually fly the ship you are in lol.
  6. Found this little guy while exploring in X-Rebirth.
  7. Just had an idea, It would be Awesome if the game Calculated the total Delta V of a vehicle and Displayed it and all available destinations with that amount of Delta V in a toggleable window in the VAB oe SPH. Good idea or not?
  8. anyone know why my wildcat-v and larger engines don't shut down perfectly when i cut the throttle?
  9. DOOM89

    Caption This!

    that's awesome Here's anotherone that i thought was cool lol
  10. DOOM89

    Caption This!

    well i put it up cause it was cool and wanted to know what you guys thought lol
  11. i don't want to use mechjeb, im trying to get away from that, the game is much more fun doing it manually and i get a sense of accomplishment when i dock new pieces to space stations when i do it with my own skills lol mechjeb was good as a learning tool i guess but it takes away from the games "Funness" in my opinion, also relying on it really hurts you when a new patch comes out and mechjeb isnt compatible with it.
  12. There are many times where i want to get myself into a perfectly equatorial orbit but have no reference as to where the true AN's and DN's are, if they were there as a standard node like periapsis and apoapsis it would make life so much easier. PLEASE add them to the next update
  13. I wonder what my parts limit is before i start getting this issue, i got a 6 core 3.4 GHz Processor, 16 Gigs of RAM and a 4Gig Nvidia GeForce GT-640 Graphics Card. Never seen a yellow timer yet even on my biggest vehicles