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  1. Ok, I just converted it the same way I did with the KSCUpgrades in KerbinSideRemastered. Hope you don't mind.
  2. So @Caerfinon, does this use the builtin KSC group, or is it a separate group? I was thinking of trying this in JNSQ.
  3. I feel like this mod could really use a graphics/shader wizard like @blackrackto integrate visible weather using this simulation data. Imagine if the Scatterer oceans used this data for wave intensity, or EVE used it for cloud patterns. It is pretty amazing as it is, of course!
  4. Hi, would it be possible to get your configs which adapt this to JNSQ?
  5. This is awesome! I love everything you've been putting into KSP these past couple of years @Caerfinon!
  6. This is the literal best reason for lack of updates! I'm glad you're having fun with it.
  7. It may be that they were renamed for 1.12.2 for some reason, which would keep the existing config files from placing them properly. I know Restock/Restock+ did have an update recently, so that may have caused the issue as well. This sounds like a bug that can sometime happen when a tech tree is updated in the middle of a save file. MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP YOUR SAVE FILE BEFORE EDITING IT! If you go into your persistent.sfs file (save file) in your saved game folder, there should be a scenario labeled "ResearchAndDevelopment." Under that is a section with all the different Tech nodes you've unlocked. Find the tech node where the part should be and add the part ids to the the list. If it looks like this, there's your problem: Tech { id = basicRocketry state = Available cost = 5 } You want to make it look like this: MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP YOUR SAVE FILE BEFORE EDITING IT! Tech { id = basicRocketry state = Available cost = 5 part = UKSliquidEngineLVT05 } MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP YOUR SAVE FILE BEFORE EDITING IT! As for the problems with the nodes, that's going to be because of the new models from Restock+, which is going to require me to update the configs. I've added an issue on github to make sure I don't forget. Sorry, everyone, it's now been officially a year since I released an update. School this year in Texas with no allowance for remote has been once again, a much larger drain on my time and excitement to work on KSP than I hoped. I teach at a small alternative school, so for a couple of weeks there I was the only staff member with access to student information, as all the other core teachers as well as the campus secretary and principal were all out with Covid. Luckily everyone is back now, but now I'm scrambling to catch up with the actual teaching I missed during that time. as well as switching to a new technology system that was promised to make things easier (spoiler: it didn't). For those of you who know how to github, there are some improvements on there already. I will get back to this and update it, but at this point I can't say exactly when. We do have a weeklong fall break this year in October, so I'm going to say it will definitely be finished by then, and then it should be fairly stable for the future, except in adding additional mod support as I get back into playing KSP.
  8. Yes, 1.12.x is supposed to be the last version, though I gather there may occasionally be a bugfix.
  9. Does this pick up from the last released version of KK, or the various pre-releases that may have been floating around somewhere?
  10. Next update will be sometime after 1.12.2 drops. This will update the existing stock and mod support, but should not require a new game or save.
  11. Whoever gets this job, can I just say please please please consider being inspired by @Daishi and @DMagic's (and formerly @Paul Kingtiger's) amazing work on Universal Storage II. Building functional and beautiful service modules and cargo closets with it seems so underrated yet is one of the most satisfying things in my rocket designs.
  12. Yeah, when I made WarbirdCockpits years ago, I made a lot of custom variable logic to provide a more "realistic" simulation of real world cockpit gauges. This was mostly because I couldn't run DCS on my old computer, but I could run KSP. I've recently tested WC with a fresh install of nothing but ASET Props, Avionics, RPM, WC and stock Squad folders, and it worked just fine (minus MechJeb / RPM integration, since those weren't installed). Regarding the loading errors in the log - they aren't relevant. I get the same "texture missing" error on some of the props because KSP expects the texture to be in the same folder as the model, which some of them aren't - but the props still load. The other WC/RPM related errors I see are all because I didn't put :NEEDS nodes in any of the Warbird Cockpit IVA configs - KSP is trying to build IVAs for mods that aren't installed using mods that integrate with RPM that aren't installed (SXT, VesselViewer, Kerbonov, SCANsat, Astrogator, etc). There are some BDArmory errors and looks like KerbalEngineer threw a few NREs as well. I just double checked it and it's working. I think it's probably the battery connect switch in the cockpits, so long as all the gauges are showing up @Vault_Buster. Hopefully with summer coming up I'll have more time to update Warbird Cockpits to MAS and I'll probably get rid of the battery switch (or make it on by default) in the next version. I have DCS running on my computer now, so maybe not everything in WC needs to be like a study sim.
  13. It looks to me like Warbird Cockpits isn't installed quite correctly. I tried a couple of different things to see if I could reproduce the picture you posted, but I could not. Even with nothing but ASET Avionics, ASET Props, JSI, Warbird Cockpits, and the stock Squad folder, everything worked. What do you have installed besides those five? Make sure it's in [Your KSP Folder]/GameData/Galen/WarbirdCockpits, not just [Your KSP Folder]/GameData/WarbirdCockpits Make sure you have both ASET_Avionics and ASET_Props MAS shouldn't be necessary.
  14. Welcome. I usually do change the science slider, but I use mods with a lot of extra science parts. The problem with simply changing the science slider is that at 100%, initial science from first flight, height records, etc add up quickly and allow you to blow through multiple tech nodes in one mission, but at 50% or lower, getting beyond nodes that require 45 or more science can take a very long time. I usually go with 50% on my personal playthroughs, and I also use severedsolo's Bureaucracy mod to change the way funding works in KSP. I'm not using any reduction in my most recent playthrough because I hope to actually get to Jool before I restart everything.
  15. What other mods do you have installed? Anything that changes cockpits? Try an install with nothing but this, RPM, ASET Avionics and ASET Props. See if that works.
  16. It was the old version before you took it over.
  17. DE's mod had a Mk1-3 config, but upon looking into it, I see that it doesn't actually have a new IVA for it. This does:
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