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  1. This would be awesome. I often use only a particular few parts of some mods. I consider myself reasonably seasoned with messing with a modded install, but I still get a sweat on when pulling mods apart! +1 from me.
  2. Best of luck, Felipe! Thank you for creating an amazing game and the amazing community it has created, which is one of the best around. Whatever happens, you've left quite a legacy!
  3. Anyone else having difficulty with this mod since 1.0.5? My beacons are active, but the jump drives won't detect any to jump to.
  4. Actual 'lol' I think Ovok is set to troll the Kerbals for the rest of time. No matter what CaptRobau promises with his 'Ovok is now smooth' in the updates
  5. Hey,

    Would you consider coming on a Podcast to talk about your DMP mod? Multiplayer is always being talked about and we had requests to discuss it. But the Dev himself would be a huge bonus! This Saturday will be our 3rd podcast, so we are quite new.

    If this is something you are interested in then you can e-mail [email protected]



  6. Good work, Oak. Looking forward to trying this in my upcoming Career save for the stream
  7. *Grabs tinfoil hat and sits in a closet* I believe... Seriously, though. I see light artifacts all the time. I have the exact three mods that you mentioned installed, too. The usual one I get is a cluster of dancing lights following my vessel and then they will eventually vanish. I think I can very safely say that this is NOT SQUAD, AVP or planet shine. So it could be a DOE easter-eggy bit-o-fun. Or it could be a glitch. If it is a glitch with DOE, it should never be fixed
  8. The RSS plugin used to be used to remove the white banding in atmospheres. Is there something I can do to bring that function back?
  9. Hey guys. Going to be streaming a Tekto and Slate landing tonight on Twitch at 7pm UTC at http://www.twitch.tv/akinesis_gaming Tekto will be interesting because of the atmosphere problem at the moment, so I'll be able to land but not take off again until it's fixed I won't plug this again, but the next few streams will be exploring the rest of OPM. Hope to see some of you there to explore this amazing mod! Edit: CaptRobau - the OP looks much better! Good job! Edit Edit: You might want to change Ovoc. Kerbals died when the true surface features were discovered...
  10. I fell for this in my Twitch stream the other day. I chose Ovoc to land my colony ship there for refuelling because it's nice and flat. The terrain suddenly rendered and I screamed. Then there were explosions and 40 Kerbals were suddenly silenced...
  11. Hey, CaptRobau and Eudae55. Someone was complaining about Surnus' and Urlums rings glitching out. I had the same problem in my stream last night and I've been looking at it this morning. It's Active Texture Management. Remove ATM and the rings are peachy. Put ATM back and the rings look like their either z-fighting (probably not actually doing this, but that's what it looks like) or are greyed out completely. Not a very comprehensive report, but I found that ATM is the cause. You guys need to get a shifty on with Neidon's moons, because I'm moving through the OPM worlds starting today in my Twitch stream and Neidon is still without moons! Joke, of course But, seriously... Amazing work, guys! <3 Edit: BTW, anyone know what the dV is for Tekto ascent yet? It's more than 3000m/s, that's for sure!
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