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  1. This would be awesome. I often use only a particular few parts of some mods. I consider myself reasonably seasoned with messing with a modded install, but I still get a sweat on when pulling mods apart! +1 from me.
  2. Best of luck, Felipe! Thank you for creating an amazing game and the amazing community it has created, which is one of the best around. Whatever happens, you've left quite a legacy!
  3. Anyone else having difficulty with this mod since 1.0.5? My beacons are active, but the jump drives won't detect any to jump to.
  4. Actual 'lol' I think Ovok is set to troll the Kerbals for the rest of time. No matter what CaptRobau promises with his 'Ovok is now smooth' in the updates
  5. Hey,

    Would you consider coming on a Podcast to talk about your DMP mod? Multiplayer is always being talked about and we had requests to discuss it. But the Dev himself would be a huge bonus! This Saturday will be our 3rd podcast, so we are quite new.

    If this is something you are interested in then you can e-mail boostersandspacetape@gmail.com



  6. There's Easter Eggs o.O My Twitch stream has just found an addition of a new mission...
  7. Good work, Oak. Looking forward to trying this in my upcoming Career save for the stream
  8. *Grabs tinfoil hat and sits in a closet* I believe... Seriously, though. I see light artifacts all the time. I have the exact three mods that you mentioned installed, too. The usual one I get is a cluster of dancing lights following my vessel and then they will eventually vanish. I think I can very safely say that this is NOT SQUAD, AVP or planet shine. So it could be a DOE easter-eggy bit-o-fun. Or it could be a glitch. If it is a glitch with DOE, it should never be fixed
  9. The RSS plugin used to be used to remove the white banding in atmospheres. Is there something I can do to bring that function back?
  10. Hey guys. Going to be streaming a Tekto and Slate landing tonight on Twitch at 7pm UTC at http://www.twitch.tv/akinesis_gaming Tekto will be interesting because of the atmosphere problem at the moment, so I'll be able to land but not take off again until it's fixed I won't plug this again, but the next few streams will be exploring the rest of OPM. Hope to see some of you there to explore this amazing mod! Edit: CaptRobau - the OP looks much better! Good job! Edit Edit: You might want to change Ovoc. Kerbals died when the true surface features were discovered...
  11. I fell for this in my Twitch stream the other day. I chose Ovoc to land my colony ship there for refuelling because it's nice and flat. The terrain suddenly rendered and I screamed. Then there were explosions and 40 Kerbals were suddenly silenced...
  12. Hey, CaptRobau and Eudae55. Someone was complaining about Surnus' and Urlums rings glitching out. I had the same problem in my stream last night and I've been looking at it this morning. It's Active Texture Management. Remove ATM and the rings are peachy. Put ATM back and the rings look like their either z-fighting (probably not actually doing this, but that's what it looks like) or are greyed out completely. Not a very comprehensive report, but I found that ATM is the cause. You guys need to get a shifty on with Neidon's moons, because I'm moving through the OPM worlds starting today in my Twitch stream and Neidon is still without moons! Joke, of course But, seriously... Amazing work, guys! <3 Edit: BTW, anyone know what the dV is for Tekto ascent yet? It's more than 3000m/s, that's for sure!
  13. Hey all, I'm running a 12 hour stream tomorrow starting from 1pm UTC. Once I have a colony ship built I will be sending it to Sarnus and beyond. Every subsequent stream will be exploring the Outer Planets Mod. Hopefully some of you guys can drop by and check my progress Here's my stream: http://www.twitch.tv/akinesis_gaming
  14. 1.0.1 gets a 'yay' from me. Having decoupled launch clamps follow me up to orbit is eerie and scares the jibblys out of me.
  15. RoverDude, that will be awsome! Maybe you would come on Skype over a dedicated 'resources walk-through' stream so viewers can get a live Q&A?? Some time over this weekend?? There are so many mixed opinions on here and some uncertainty. I'll put up a live demonstration with mining rigs in lots of different situations so we can explore what works and what doesn't. I'll prep all this before the stream, if people would be interested in this? It definately deserves a dedicated night on a Twitch stream. If you are happy with this, RoverDude, then I put it to the people in here to mail me questions (I will trawl through this thread again to suck up as many as I can) - this is especially important to those who struggle with Twitch as I will upload it to YouTube after. That way, questions can be asked, answered and demonstrated for both live an catch-up viewing. Edit: From what you have just said above, it is evident that the new Resources system has not been given a chance for a good explanation and some people are perhaps looking at this from the wrong angle. I hope people can come along to the stream as I have (at least partly) recognised the amount of ground work that has gone into 1.0. The problem with under-the-hood stuff is a lot of people don't see the possibilities straight away.
  16. Just to back up RoverDude, I have done two streams with resources now. My first stream was on KSPTV, so I was rushing myself to just land on the Mun anywhere that had a hint of a resource deposit. It turned out that the landing site had a 2% yeild and the drills kept overheating. This took a loooong time to extract the ore. However, on my own personal stream last night we captured and drilled an asteroid that had 90% yield, and this was SUPER quick (we're talking seconds!) to fill the tanks. I had four gigantor solar panels and the drills (which were both shaded and cooled by the solar panels) didn't overheat at all (we timewarped to test). So as long as you have the right combination of equipment on the right spot, it really will be as instant as is sensibly possible. TL;DR - if the resource system is used correctly, everything works well and works quickly. If you don't use the resource system properly, it really will punish you.
  17. I personally feel that the stock resource system sits itself nicely between Karbonite and Kethane. This is good because it means a different niche is filled and so gives the players a different option. The one-click to scan the entire planet is no bad thing (not that the OP every said it was a bad thing) as it allows players with little time and/or little interest with ScanSats approach to mitigate this waiting period. However, it still 'forces' the player to use a scanning satellite (or ship) first to locate the richer deposits. With Karbonite, there is also a sensor (albeit VERY compact in comparison to the new stock) that will also scan instantly, but it isn't focused on rich/sparse deposits since hotspots were removed (unless I've missed something...) so the player can just land anywhere. I suppose the stock resource system (with its large bulky parts) is more suited to a surface-base processing plant with a tanker shuttling fuel to the orbital station, rather than the orbital station itself being the one to convert the resources into fuels. Personally, I like it and will be converting to stock. I like the quick scanning and will enjoy the challenge of the bulky parts. My summary: Kethane - Hard Depletable deposits, slow scanning with polar orbit required*, deposit variation. *for full planetary coverage Stock - Medium Large parts, heat management, bulky but instant scanning in polar orbit only, deposit variation, non-depletable (unless potatoroid). Karbonite - Easy Small parts, infinite deposits, compact equipment, instant scanning from any orbital inclination, even deposit distribution, can harvest the resources from almost anywhere (surface, oceans, atmospheres, sun particles, empty space!), karbonite-powered engines (no conversion equipment needed if fitted). This is off the top of my head, so apologies if I have bad information. Edit in response to above post: Roverdude said that solar panels also act as thermal radiators, so adding more of these (and bigger ones) should help keep the equipment cool.
  18. These have been confirmed as 'incorrect guesses' by Harv already. The OP has been updated with wrong suggestions
  19. I haven't forgotten about this mod. I have been working on it, but not having much success. Malah, your code didn't seem to work. I have a few ideas though.
  20. 1.0 has had a complete tutorial overhaul
  21. Hmmm, expanding on the 'Follow me to orbit' Navball marker... When stationary on the ground the Ap/Pe jumps all over the place so a node can't be created. If stability has been applied to this glitching/effect when a vehicle is 'landed' then one could create a maneouvre node from the ground. That would be super handy for any required ascent and is completely manual in its implementation. Now, IMO, that would be a great feature/fix. Alas, Harv has stated that it is something coded from scratch, which suggests it's not this. But still...
  22. Yup, this! I could easily knock up cloud textures and config files from scratch and implement them to the relevant KSP bodies in a single day. But then the EVE plugin does the interfacing already, which I don't have to worry about. If both the interfacing and textures already existed in KSP code, which has been suggested now (and I was only vaguely aware of when I wrote the OP) or he used derivatives from the open-source codes then two days could be ample. And then if the QA on it went swimmingly then Harv would announce what he has announced. But my bets are still on Radio Altimeter