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  1. Hey lads, i can confirm aswell that weird shadow flickering is caused by ''Physics range extender''. Deleted the mod and problem dissapeared. Ain't sure about above mentioned ''vessel mover'', haven't tried. P.S hope someone can find solution to the problem and share All the best
  2. Anyone found a workaround to make the mod work on 1.3 ? Much appreciated in advance
  3. Cheers bud, updated and all good now, was a little confusing which ones to update tho
  4. Hmmm... Still crashes on boot... Maybe just me
  5. Love the mod, works like charm Cant wait for the update
  6. Love the mod. Keep it up Couple creations of mine with some of ur parts:
  7. On fuel port u have to right click and press active, when near the refueling plane. Not the fuel boom...
  8. Realy like the mod, though seems my carier cant pick up speed. Max i get is 0.2 m/s. Engines produce thrust and all but the ship is a no go. Any tips ? maybe im forgetin smth
  9. Only the main fuel tank, Cpit is AoA (which is freakin perfect), Wings, engines, weapons etc. from other mods...
  10. You are a legend my friend *give this man a beer* -Cheer'ios !
  11. Have the same thing. Think its havin problems with other mods. Gonna do some testing on w'end, will let yah know if i find the prob