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  1. I think the smell might take the 'mystery' out of it. Could always change the restaurant's name to 'Anosmiaville' and have a very select clientele.
  2. I think they'd do just fine, maybe gas mark 3, 15 mins tops. Bit of butter.... Though I think that anyone that eats that is another matter entirely! *Takes hat off somberly and respects those fallen partakers of the fried RSF special*
  3. I admit part of the appeal is the animated music video (which I think was fan made, not an official thing) was so good. Well, it was obviously cheaply made, but had a lot of style and fitted so well with the song. *shrugs* plus I like wierd stuff
  4. Just be prepared for a long sprawl. A very fun one Think of it more like a story set to music. A story that bares little resemblance to anything that can be described as reality. Or at least none that I know of. Did he ever find the one armed hunch backed Albino? Favorite line... the ending. "A... L... B... U............." Looks befuddled "......querque"
  5. Patupi

    ALIEN SKIES: A 6.4-scale playthrough of GPP/Rald

    Short but sweet, sort of like Triti. Hey at least I didn't mention hair! Although weirdly it felt short while reading it, but skimming back over was long... You're right. This place is weird! EDIT: Wait, that was Jencine, not Triti... Well, there goes that joke!
  6. My favorite remains Albuquerque. Yes it's mostly spoken, not sung, but I still don't think of it as Rap. Somehow. It's just a long, sprawling mass of awesome.
  7. Dance numbers?!?... I'm expecting some SERIOUS staring from Valentina. A Christmas testflight perhaps, but Dancing? That's not natural! "Go dance in the Taiga and they take far more than hand." And I know I shouldn't be surprised that, but that's another Weird Al song I hadn't heard before now. How many has he done? hundreds?
  8. Patupi

    ALIEN SKIES: A 6.4-scale playthrough of GPP/Rald

    Oh my god. Horrifying ThInGs attracted to the fridge? This can only mean one thing! FRIDGE MAGNETS!... or Magnates. I always get those two confused.
  9. That... was ... OK, awesome is totally the wrong word, but seriously dude, your written verbosity of atmospheric rendering is... Well it would leave me speechless if I didn't have a thesaurus open before me. Ne'er a dry eye in the 'ouse.
  10. Patupi

    ALIEN SKIES: A 6.4-scale playthrough of GPP/Rald

    LifeTM never cooperates. I'm just glad you haven't jumped off a cliff screaming after getting this far with this insane, wonderful tale (not to mention the other, even more insane, even more wonderful thing we do not speak of).... you haven't, right?..... Riiiiight?
  11. But the angle will be small with .05g. I assumed it wouldn't be worth bothering with... and wasn't what I said tan-1 of natural grav / rotational grav? You'd take the average rotational grav in the center, and probably the actual floor would be a slight curve to accommodate it, but the average value should be OK. Edit: Actually, my assumption that the '.05g relative to .33g perceived makes little difference' may be off if the height of the cone is relatively high... didn't think of that. Most such rotating habitats seem to be thin things so I just assumed. Dangerous sport in Math!
  12. Ahh, if I'd got time to read this when I wanted to I'd have beat ya to it! Been using that to cheat on... I mean to make my stories far more credible. As for a conical rotation.... That's a tricky one. All I know is what I see on Issac Arthur's channel, and it didn't exactly go into numbers there. Using the stuff that KSK linked you could probably work out what you needed by the great god MATH! (exclamation mark required by law)... or just fudge it? *shrugs* I'm guessing trig on the slope of the floor, with the normal representing a theoretical perceived force. So angle from vertical would be tan-1 of (natural gravity/provided rotational gravity effect). Note the perceived gravity would be rotational grav/cos (angle) I think. This is just off the top of my head. Normally I draw oodles of stuff out before quoting things. I get through far too many napkins like that.
  13. *Eye twitches* Control... and right click? Literally about the only thing I didn't try. Grrrr..... Wait... STORY! Heh, something to read. Thanks Catastrohpic!
  14. Oh THAT. *Fumes* How do get rid of those darned things? First time I quoted it gave me no where to type other than in the quote itself, and when I tried to redo it it did that mess
  15. Well OK then, cancel red alert, scrape the klingons off the bow and full speed ahead.