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  1. Dangit! You quoted me just before I re-hyphenated..... I hate getting caught in mid-hyphination. It's so hard to get the stains out.
  2. Hmmm.... Antici------pation? Does thats a mean we's a doing a Timewarp? Again?
  3. My verbosity has capped out. Suffice to say my feelings on your work could be summed up by 'It's Good' if you turned the dial to eleven. Or even Twelve. Love the atmosphere coming off this. Keep up the wonderful work Catastrophicfailure!
  4. *Atrocious Scottish Brogue engaged* Bu Captine, She cannae tae nae more. She gonna blow! *Atrocious Scottish Brogue disengaged*
  5. T minus 1300 and counting. Set insanity to 6000 and watch the clock people.
  6. Everything can be fixed with explosions! *crickets chirp in the background and he suddenly realizes everyone is staring at him* well, it's true!.... right?
  7. Wish you all the best. Hope you and yours' all pull through OK. Take all the time you need. We'll still be here.
  8. Ha ha ha.... that's silly talk! Why would they spend all the time sending functional hardware up into space? Surely tis just a convenient dumping ground for 'Things Vlad Has Messed up This Week' of course.
  9. Really? *Eye twitches, finger poised over mouse button* T...There is really something else to do...? Oh, right... work.... *sigh* I guess.
  10. It'd be a rather smelly crown then. Not sure I'd want to wear it after THEY'D had their way with it.
  11. Whoah. Just whoah. Things move and tales told to stir the soul... not neccessarily in a good way either. Yikes.
  12. You know what's really sad? I remember looking at that exact line when the debate about part three's name was going, thinking 'Chadvey's talk is BOUND to have a clue!' And apparently I just skipped right over the word 'Revelations' and missed it entirely.
  13. I'm pretty sure no one has really asked the Haggis if it hurts. I mean, onions?
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