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  1. Dangit! You quoted me just before I re-hyphenated..... I hate getting caught in mid-hyphination. It's so hard to get the stains out.
  2. Hmmm.... Antici------pation? Does thats a mean we's a doing a Timewarp? Again?
  3. My verbosity has capped out. Suffice to say my feelings on your work could be summed up by 'It's Good' if you turned the dial to eleven. Or even Twelve. Love the atmosphere coming off this. Keep up the wonderful work Catastrophicfailure!
  4. *Atrocious Scottish Brogue engaged* Bu Captine, She cannae tae nae more. She gonna blow! *Atrocious Scottish Brogue disengaged*
  5. T minus 1300 and counting. Set insanity to 6000 and watch the clock people.
  6. Everything can be fixed with explosions! *crickets chirp in the background and he suddenly realizes everyone is staring at him* well, it's true!.... right?
  7. Wish you all the best. Hope you and yours' all pull through OK. Take all the time you need. We'll still be here.
  8. Ha ha ha.... that's silly talk! Why would they spend all the time sending functional hardware up into space? Surely tis just a convenient dumping ground for 'Things Vlad Has Messed up This Week' of course.
  9. Really? *Eye twitches, finger poised over mouse button* T...There is really something else to do...? Oh, right... work.... *sigh* I guess.
  10. It'd be a rather smelly crown then. Not sure I'd want to wear it after THEY'D had their way with it.
  11. Whoah. Just whoah. Things move and tales told to stir the soul... not neccessarily in a good way either. Yikes.
  12. You know what's really sad? I remember looking at that exact line when the debate about part three's name was going, thinking 'Chadvey's talk is BOUND to have a clue!' And apparently I just skipped right over the word 'Revelations' and missed it entirely.
  13. I'm pretty sure no one has really asked the Haggis if it hurts. I mean, onions?
  14. Actually clicking the symbols for symmetry and angle snap size both still work, though the short cut keys don't. I will try the key rebind though. Didn't notice that. Thanks. EDIT: And that worked. Not only fixed the key shortcuts but also the symmetry/angle snap values. Thanks.
  15. OK, running 1.6 with of EER and at first it worked OK, then I noticed that in the editor it seems half way between stock and EER functions, and 'C' and 'X' keys don't work. The angle snaps, while visually looking like EER, behave as stock, ie 1, 2,3,4,6,8 rather than the full symmetry etc. At first I thought it was just a mixup and went with it, hoping it would be fixed next next time I ran KSP, but it was still there. I've tried uninstalling, cleaning out any spurious files in the mod folder, then re-installing but still the same result. Is there a mod clash I'm missing? I have a few mods running, mainly MKS and TAC life support. Here's the full list, and yes, installed via CKAN.
  16. I'm just imagining coming back in 2080 and reading 'Tourniquet of the Kraken, no really, the REALLY last episode!'
  17. I think the smell might take the 'mystery' out of it. Could always change the restaurant's name to 'Anosmiaville' and have a very select clientele.
  18. I think they'd do just fine, maybe gas mark 3, 15 mins tops. Bit of butter.... Though I think that anyone that eats that is another matter entirely! *Takes hat off somberly and respects those fallen partakers of the fried RSF special*
  19. I admit part of the appeal is the animated music video (which I think was fan made, not an official thing) was so good. Well, it was obviously cheaply made, but had a lot of style and fitted so well with the song. *shrugs* plus I like wierd stuff
  20. Just be prepared for a long sprawl. A very fun one Think of it more like a story set to music. A story that bares little resemblance to anything that can be described as reality. Or at least none that I know of. Did he ever find the one armed hunch backed Albino? Favorite line... the ending. "A... L... B... U............." Looks befuddled "......querque"
  21. Short but sweet, sort of like Triti. Hey at least I didn't mention hair! Although weirdly it felt short while reading it, but skimming back over was long... You're right. This place is weird! EDIT: Wait, that was Jencine, not Triti... Well, there goes that joke!
  22. My favorite remains Albuquerque. Yes it's mostly spoken, not sung, but I still don't think of it as Rap. Somehow. It's just a long, sprawling mass of awesome.
  23. Dance numbers?!?... I'm expecting some SERIOUS staring from Valentina. A Christmas testflight perhaps, but Dancing? That's not natural! "Go dance in the Taiga and they take far more than hand." And I know I shouldn't be surprised that, but that's another Weird Al song I hadn't heard before now. How many has he done? hundreds?
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