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  1. Thank you funk, that explains it very well. I understand the issue now. I'll mark this thread as solved. Cheers! (Edit: In case others wind up here trying to solve a similar issue - the link above explains that cargo bays use a radius to detect parts for occlusion. This radius comes from center mass of the cargo bay, therefore it extends slightly out of the cargo bay near the middle. My air intakes were likely in that radius. Another tip, is you can toggle off air intakes before opening/closing cargo bays to keep them from being occluded. After the bay is closed, just toggle back on.)
  2. On my mk2 spaceplane, when flying in the atmosphere and opening then closing the mk2 cargo bay doors, the ram air intakes outside of the cargo bay suddenly become 'occluded' resulting in flame-outs. I tried moving the air intakes further away from the cargo bay, so they were not touching at all, and this did not solve the issue. A few notes, the cargo bay has several small items inside including 6 sensors, 4 batteries, 6 solar panels, and 2 small radiator panels. There is a 1.25m liquid fuel tank along the side of the craft, adjacent to the cargo bay, with ram air intakes on the front of the 2 fuel tanks. I'm currently only using these mods: Engineer Redux, KAS, KIS, Transfer Window Planner, and Critical Temperature Gauge. Thanks for any advice or ideas, it's greatly appreciated! (Edit: I couldn't find any information on this issue. If there is a better place to put this post, please let me know and I will gladly move it. Thanks!)
  3. Hello hello. I've spent some time looking for the answer on this and testing, and I'm still not completely clear. Hopefully someone will help me out with the simple details. I'm sorry if this has already been asked; I did try searching before hand but didn't see any results. So the question is: If you transmit certain experiment data, there is a loss of science. For example, 50%. Given that science points diminish when you are in the same biomes, does the loss resulting from transmitting mean that you are losing potential data points overall? So if a certain biome had 50 science points to gather, and you gathered 50 on a single mission there, then transmitted it at a 50% loss - would that biome be 'scienced out' or would there be 25 points remaining to still gather? Thank you for any help on this and sorry for the confusing wording above
  4. Great mod! Loving the ability to try different tech trees. However, with the conflicts between mods/tech trees and the fact that you have to choose at the beginning - I would really love the ability to learn more about the available tech trees. Is there anyway to see the full tech trees somewhere? I'd like to compare and find out which will work best for my play style (as well as know that I won't require any mods to use parts in the later tiers). Thanks! Awesome work
  5. Excellent tip. I hadn't thought of this, but it's possible the command pod could apply torque to the wheel I guess. Pretty much all my design that fail had this in common. 'Cmon Jeb, back to the testing grounds!' (Actually I've probably killed the entire Kerbal race during testing ) Edit: After some preliminary testing, this is holding up. Major improvement moving the wheel off the command pod. I also find it a big help to trim up slightly (alt + a few times) so that it takes off as soon as it has sufficient speed.
  6. I have this problem too fiverider. Half of my designs will just totally veer to one side which makes zero sense when you use symmetry and angle snap. I wish there was a better way to understand it, because at this point it feels like a bug in the game to me. Why would something completely symmetrical veer so hard to one side? Unfortunately, I just completely scrap those designs once it starts happening and start all over. Rocket building is so much easier/less buggy. I can build a rocket to do what I want it to on the first run almost every time, no funny business. Edit: I've been testing, sadly, for hours - to try and figure more out. I've used literally just the fuselage, wheels and an engine on the top (angle snap to make sure). Even in these scenarios, there was massive veer. No control surfaces, sas, or lift. So that could only mean it is an issue in the wheels or in the body/fuselage itself. I've tried so many different configurations of wheels, straight, angled, ect. - and it doesn't seem to have that much effect. If I change the body type of the fuselage however, makes all the difference. No idea why. Maybe some pods/fuselage are not stable for flight? I can't explain it any other way This drives me totally nuts.
  7. For some reason this mod has just given up entirely for me. I've wasted about 3 hours and around 1000 tonnes of parts, but every single time I go to launch something, it takes all the parts but exactly 50.0 out of my spacedock. So, I am never ever able to launch the things and it keeps destroying parts. That, in addition to the immense 1 frame per 5 second lag when you actually do launch something until it 'lands at dock' - I can't use this anymore. It sucks when you required it in your mission, which now needs to also be restarted. Any plans to update this in the future? I've been using the latest version since it was released, but these bugs are still here. Very unfortunate because it's the only mod that could put something on the ground safely/intact everytime. Giving up for the night on KSP
  8. Looks awesome Azazael, That's pretty much what I'm going for now - given up on the docking ports and trying to make a large connected base (the physics always break me). KAS seems like a better alternative, and if you plan the modules right only requires limited use. I like the foil look on your modules too - I think I'll have to check out the HOME mod just for that.
  9. Nice work guys, this has quickly (I mean very quickly) become my number 1 parts pack. Damn I love them engine noises. Downloading 2.1 now and deleting fairing parts as frizzank suggests (everywhere, not just in NP)
  10. Awesome parts - I love the engine noises. Finally my rockets sound as beastly as they look Also noticed that the smallest (1.25m I think) RCS tank also had the wrong mass - at 3.06t. Not sure was it was supposed to be, but much lighter I assume. Other than that and a few mysterious floating tanks, no crashes for me, everything has worked well so far. Thanks!
  11. If anyone wants to see some explosions, try loading something on a launchpad with the Deadly Re-Entry Mod enabled! (I guess there is a point where it experiences a lot of g's - which is consistent with wheels popping, ect.)
  12. Sirkut, nice work on the balancing system above - definitely going to give that a try. Being able to level things out should help a huge amount with the docking issues for bases (and how they go wild on re-load). Along those lines, I have an idea for you for another wickedly useful mechanical part Think of a ball bearing type thing lodged half-way into a wall. The bearing could rotate in spherical type rotation - (would look similar to an eyeball ). The point is that this would give you an incredible ability to align docking ports or other things perfectly straight regardless of the tilt of it's parent module. If that was possible, then the issue of docked things going wild when the physics loads would be largely dealt with! Great things coming out of Magic Smoke Industries! Hope you had a good weekend
  13. Hey all, just curious if anyone has had a chance to try many of the various available launchpad/runway parts - and if any of them are more 'gentle' with rovers/wheels/general launch? Or, are they all the same, as it's probably within the mod itself? Going to give the sphere ones a try Farnsworth, they look great.