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  1. Looks like you are missing the module manager .dll file. Make sure you pull the "ModuleManager.4.x.x.dll" file out of the folder and place it directly in your GameData Folder. The ModuleManager Folder itself doesn't need to be in GameData, just the .dll All features will work except for the custom contract pack, which will continue to expect the vanilla bodies. The other issue you'll need to be aware of is balancing the rate of science collection yourself. Otherwise the tech tree will do what it's been designed to, just the same.
  2. Big thumbs up for that very helpful post @Jacke, thanks for posting. As I've said before I don't use CKAN so I appreciate the assists on these questions. Just to add to what you've said, Celestial Body Science Editor has been thoroughly tested and in spite of it's slightly out of date status it's working perfectly with PBC and KSP 1.12. So for Celestial Body Science Editor specifically, just make sure you apply the manual fixes mentioned by Jacke above.
  3. @amarius1 exactly as kcs123 said above. We need more information to help you. Either post your log files or a screenshot of your GameData folder. I have a feeling you've nested your folders incorrectly, but that's a wild guess without more info.
  4. You're right about the github repo being very out of date. It was never used after I made it and PBC updates are rare these days, so its been neglected ever since. I appreciate you submitting the pull requests though. I can't say if/when I'll be able to look over new support patches for currently unsupported mods, the handful of recent "maintenance" updates (2.91 - 2.93) that I pushed were a rare exception of free time. But I welcome these submissions because I never know when I might find that extra time again. Glancing through them, it looks like most of what you've submitted is support for the solar-system overhaul mods - very cool. I'll leave the github up for now if any risk takers want to just grab your extra .cfg files to toss in with their PBC folder to give your configs a shot. If anyone wants to give this a go, please let us know how @whitespacekilla's configs worked out for you! If you're open to it, a cfg with support for Near Future - Exploration would really be the most helpful right now. I know the antenna ranges and part placements for that one are not in sync with PBC right now and it may be awhile before I'm able to update. Even a rough draft written in my usual format with all the parts listed would be a huge time saver. Many thanks if you do, no worries if not. This is partially incorrect. PBC can be updated from an old version to a new one in a running save without problems (unless explicitly stated otherwise, which hasn't happened since before KSP 1.8) You can test this right now by starting a game with PBC 2.90, save it, close out of the game, replace your PBC folder with PBC 2.93, and you will see the changes to your tech tree in your saved game when you load it up. However, @kcs123 is correct in that the CTT itself cannot be added or removed from a running save. You must start the new game with ModuleManager and CommunityTechTree already installed. @amarius1, Doublecheck that MM and CTT are installed alongside PBC in your gamedata folder, and if you're still having issues post your logs.
  5. Welcome to the forums @DPOHbl4. The command chair placement is by design. You aren't meant to have access to build a functioning aircraft until you unlock the cockpit part, which arrives 1 node sooner than the command module parts. This was a gameplay over realism decision, early access to the command chair leads to grinding science points at the KSC and I've never liked how gamey that feels. You can absolutely make aircraft before interplanetary travel, the T4 node that unlocks the cockpit part provides all the necessary parts to make a functioning aircraft. You just have to commit to the aircraft/SSTO branch of tech if you wanna build something bigger than a Cessna clone. @mor128 ahh you've just pointed out a new NF pack I was not aware of. NF-Exploration does not have a PBC patch yet so I'll need to take a look and get it added. Thanks for reporting.
  6. Welcome to the forums @TheOldGamingMachine. I do not maintain the USI Sounding Rockets mod and it isn't officially supported by PBC, so the issue with SR's contracts and launch stick will need to be reported on the USI thread.
  7. Thanks for clearing that up @UnanimousCoward. (And also for reminding me my edits for SPM are via MM patching, it's been awhile! ) So nothing new here, CKAN users should be in the clear.
  8. CKAN for PBC was initially setup by a helpful somebody a while back, I've not messed with it much on my end as I've never used it. I will say, that this mod does package and include Celestial Body Science Editor (made by DMagic) in each release since PBC2.5. But its not something you have to download separately if installing PBC manually, it's just included in the mod GameData folder (along with my custom values for it) - so I'm not sure how CKAN handles that. FYI, you can see what those custom values are on the front page More Details spoiler if you're curious. Maybe a more experienced CKAN user can chime in here, but I think that's why it's named in CKAN.
  9. It's part of the anti-exploit patch. This error is just letting you know it didn't find the new part since you're running KSP 1.9. The MM will continue patching normally afterward so it can be ignored. Did you manage to get your MS-1 scanner issue resolved as well? Not sure which part that is, unless you are referring to the MS-R from DMagic Orbital Science. That part is unlocked in the Advanced Exploration node.
  10. Hi Nertea! I've just updated Probes Before Crew with your 38 (!!) new parts and wanted to let you know I spotted a typo while updating my support patch for your mod. sspx-greenhouse-5-1 is looking for "experimentalScienceTech" for its tech node, which doesn't exist. I'm assuming you meant to use "experimentalScience". Apologies if its already been reported. Cheers!
  11. Version 2.93 released //// Version 2.93 Changes Added support for 38 new parts from StationPartsExtendedRedux (thanks for the heads up @Cholerix) Updated Core Chart with SPER image Wow! SPER has added a lot of new parts, all filling in the gaps at the 1.8m and 5m ranges. This update really filled in the tech tree chart nicely. Enjoy!
  12. Lol, you saw that the settings say that 70% is the don't-go-any-lower-than-this HARD setting, correct? If you're struggling with it then I'd say that's the first thing to start tweaking. You'll need to ask on the Kerbalism thread for support if they've changed how to enable/disable their science feature. There should be a settings/config file in the mod directory. Not sure if they've integrated turning it on/off into the in-game menu's or not. But just like setting science at 70%, choosing to play with Kerbalism is choosing to make the game quite challenging for yourself, especially for a new player. If you're looking for a life support mod, I'd recommend TAC Life Support instead, its much more lightweight.
  13. Welcome to the forums! I can't speak to Kerbalism's difficulty or best settings for it as I don't use it personally. Maybe others can chime in there. But if you opt to use PBC's science values (which is achieved by disabling Kerbalism's science values, that's it) I have a handy-dandy "Recommended Settings" spoiler near the bottom of the front page post. The best setting for you depends on a lot of different things though. First I'll ask - are you using DMagic's Orbital Science mod? It's considered a must-have by a lot of folks. Without it, I wouldn't recommend setting the science slider lower than 100% for a new player. If you are using it, I would say 90-80% would be a good challenge for a new player. Personally I play on 70% and I find it to be challenging but reasonable - but I've also been playing KSP since it was in the teens of its Alpha stage years and years ago. Remember, you can always change the difficulty sliders in the middle of a save whenever you want. So if you need to crank it up to 100% or 200% - whatever works for you, as long as you're having fun.
  14. All patches were made by me. I'll take a look at getting the new SPER parts added, thanks for reporting!
  15. Version 2.92 released //// Version 2.92 Changes Increased EVA Suit mass carry limit from .1 to .105 (weather unit) Updated Kerbalism patch with 11 new parts, Prosemian containers (thanks @kitamoboz)
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