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  1. Terribly sorry for the delay everyone. That's 2 KSP updates now and no release date in sight. Because of the following reasons: 1) I don't want to see this mod die and people lose yet another Probes before Crew techtree option 2) people have offered to help in the past 3) I specifically released all versions of this mod via the MIT license for easy takeover , I am officially requesting help from this wonderful modding community to get this mod updated and patched to working standard with the current 1.10 release of KSP. For now, I'm only asking for help with getting the mod upd
  2. Quick update - as a result of a lot of our clients laying people off or outright going under, we've gone from working overtime to a company-wide 20% hours cut to try and keep our business above water. I'm anticipating this trend will continue in a bad direction for quite some time... So the good news for you fine folks, is I will likely have a lot more time to get things updated in the coming weeks. Stay tuned. To answer the question of using the current version of PBC on KSP 1.9.1 - as far as I'm aware the mod works just fine with the small exception of a few vanilla parts not yet sorted
  3. There's something special about witnessing the birth of a new modder. They either take flight and make something great, or say to themselves "wait, people actually volunteer to do all this work for free? I'm out.".
  4. Quick update: Sorry to say it guys, but this patch will have to wait. I work in the IT industry and the coronavirus has us working overtime to keep things running. Thankfully, as I understand it the current version of the mod works just fine with 1.9, with just the minor issue of a handful of vanilla parts not being sorted yet. Send me screenshots of your exploits in space so I can remember what it felt like to still have time to play the game.
  5. With the release of KSP 1.9 its about that time for another PBC update. Thankfully, 1.9 didn't do much in the way of altering parts so the portion of updating that typically consumes the most time should be short and sweet. I've got a pretty loaded schedule for the next few weeks though so stay patient. For now, comment replies - Good to hear. The next release will be sure to include the newest AVC files. I wouldn't typically agree to allowing another mod to jump the poll, but MKS is massive and the patch may never see the light of day. It's the unfortunate reality o
  6. Depending on the objective of the mod, it may not be practical to just leave it to the user as well. Some mods (like mine) need to guarantee the contracts are not available.
  7. Only briefly skimmed the thread as @Kwebib tagged me, but yes, MM can be used to disable the vanilla contracts (or any contracts for that matter). This is straight from my mod, hope it helps. // Zee's Probes Before Crew Contract Pack // Version 2.02 /////////// Contract Group @Contracts { @Progression { @DisableTutorialContracts = True @DisableProgressionContracts = True @Funds { @BaseReward = 40000 } @Science { @BaseReward = 2 } @Reputation { @BaseReward = 5 } } } CONTRACT_CONFIGURATOR { disabledContractType = ExplorationContract }
  8. From the OP: So it comes down to how much the unsupported mod in question deviates from the PBC tech tree, and whether or not you are personally okay with it. Some are definitely going to deviate more than others.
  9. 500!? Good grief I knew I was in for a world of hurt, but my imagination didn't even come close to the reality... When BDB gets it's turn, I may come and poke you for any assistance you can provide...
  10. Probably because the amount of work it's going to take will be massive, just like this mod! Kidding aside, BDB is a member of my voting poll and currently in 3rd place. Probably a few more big patches for other mods in front of it, but BDB should get its turn in PBC pretty soon (relatively speaking).
  11. Hey @Wyzard, thank you for providing these patches. The reason I don't have a GitHub setup for PBC is because I create new mod support patches based on my voting poll. As the long wait for this update shows, I have limited time to mod and have to prioritize that limited time. People would likely contribute a lot of patches for mods that I don't have time to review, and even more important than that, we all have differing opinions on where a particular part should go. I think PBC has worked well thus far because the planning/designing of the entire picture is coming from one source, one mind
  12. Is anyone experiencing issues with PBC's AVC check? I updated the hosted file to v2.8, but when I launch the game with my old v2.7 .version file I'm not getting any notices that my mod install is out of date. Is anyone else seeing the notice?
  13. Hey @linuxgurugamer - hope you're doing well. I just updated PBC and for some reason it's not giving me any "you need to update!" notices when I test. I updated the hosted file to PBC v2.8, but when I launch using my old .version file with PBC v2.7 on it, I'm not getting any notices. The xml file is set to allow checks. I'm stumped?
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