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  1. From the OP: So it comes down to how much the unsupported mod in question deviates from the PBC tech tree, and whether or not you are personally okay with it. Some are definitely going to deviate more than others.
  2. 500!? Good grief I knew I was in for a world of hurt, but my imagination didn't even come close to the reality... When BDB gets it's turn, I may come and poke you for any assistance you can provide...
  3. Probably because the amount of work it's going to take will be massive, just like this mod! Kidding aside, BDB is a member of my voting poll and currently in 3rd place. Probably a few more big patches for other mods in front of it, but BDB should get its turn in PBC pretty soon (relatively speaking).
  4. Hey @Wyzard, thank you for providing these patches. The reason I don't have a GitHub setup for PBC is because I create new mod support patches based on my voting poll. As the long wait for this update shows, I have limited time to mod and have to prioritize that limited time. People would likely contribute a lot of patches for mods that I don't have time to review, and even more important than that, we all have differing opinions on where a particular part should go. I think PBC has worked well thus far because the planning/designing of the entire picture is coming from one source, one mind. Whenever someone takes the time to provide me a part-ordering-patch, it's sadly a bit wasted as I need to go through each part (and indeed the entire mod in question) to make sure I agree with where those parts have been placed and how they've been valued. And aside from the text having already been typed out/pasted, at that point it's essentially starting the patch-creation-process from scratch. With all of that said, I DO read every post in this thread and the feedback on part placement is always considered. (case-in-point, v2.8 saw the mass movement of antenna unlocks because of feedback from multiple people). Your MSP-3000 patch is super simple and I see the mod only provides that single part (never heard of it before btw, I like it!), so this one will be integrated into the next release. You pointed out this CryoTank patch is for the CryoEngines and KerbalAtomics mods, which aren't in the line-up for patches quite yet, but I'll be sure to re-check this post if/when I get to those mods. Thanks again for taking the time, I appreciate it.
  5. Is anyone experiencing issues with PBC's AVC check? I updated the hosted file to v2.8, but when I launch the game with my old v2.7 .version file I'm not getting any notices that my mod install is out of date. Is anyone else seeing the notice?
  6. Hey @linuxgurugamer - hope you're doing well. I just updated PBC and for some reason it's not giving me any "you need to update!" notices when I test. I updated the hosted file to PBC v2.8, but when I launch using my old .version file with PBC v2.7 on it, I'm not getting any notices. The xml file is set to allow checks. I'm stumped?
  7. Version 2.8 released //// Version 2.8 Changes *Updated for KSP 1.8.0/1.8.1 *Added Breaking Ground Expansion support. *Added KSP v1.8 Bonus-Parts support. Added new custom part - R061 Turboshaft Engine; a 0.6m LF Prop Engine for early aviation. Added newly reskinned vanilla parts to existing patches, moved deprecated variants to existing anti-exploit patch. Sorted new Universal Storage 2 Probe Core. Corrected xmit values for all Universal Storage 2 science wedges. Corrected Missing History [EnginePlate1] cost. Adjusted Breaking Ground deployable science yields to match the rest of PBC. (reduced to 70% of vanilla yields). Dropped tech unlock node position for mid-game and higher antenna by ONE(1) (RA-2, HG-55, RA-15, Comm 88-88, RA-100). Repackaged ScienceParamModifier mod in PBC download (it was never meant to be removed, whoops!) PBC is now KSP 1.8+ ready. More than 70 new parts have been sorted. Core Chart with Breaking Ground added. I had a lot of fun getting acquainted with the new rotor and propeller parts, but was quickly disappointed when I realized the Liquid Fuel rotors only come in one size! So in the interest of granularity, I made a new part that is a rescaled version of the R121 Turboshaft Engine, so now you have a 0.6m option and a 1.2m option. The new part has reduced torque, falling in between a small electric rotor and the medium LF rotor, but reduced Max RPM. Perfect for making little Cessna replicants, but not much beyond that. Example Image with Medium Props Example Image with Small Props and flight stats In response to some complaints about the difficulty of antenna unlocks, I took a closer look and realized the first antenna capable of supporting a mission to Duna or Eve is gated behind the last Tier 3 R&D Facility upgrade. It probably shouldn't come that late, so starting with the RA-2 antenna and all antenna with greater ranges than the RA-2, they have all had their unlock node reduced by ONE (1). Now you get at least one antenna capable of reaching the early planets before investing in one of the biggest upgrades in the game. I also noticed that the v2.7 PBC download has been missing the ScienceParamModifier mod this whole time, hopefully you've all had that mod installed anyway otherwise your CB multipliers have been the vanilla values. This note is just for manual installers, CKAN users are fine as it forces the download of that dependency. Big apology for this part, I screwed up on this one. I'm really surprised no one mentioned it! As I mentioned 4 posts above, PBC does not care whether you use KSP 1.7 or KSP 1.8, but all the mods that PBC supports undoubtedly WILL, so the AVC minimum version check for PBC has been set to KSP 1.8.0. You can ignore AVC warnings if you know what you are doing, but the least messy approach is going to be updating to KSP 1.8.1 and doing the same for your mods. Enjoy and let me know if you encounter any bugs/problems!
  8. Je parle Francais un petit peu. But thank you for posting the translation for others @Snark.
  9. That's a good question! (The Short Answer): If you started your career using KSP v1.8.0/1 and PBC v2.7, then upgrading to PBC v2.8 mid-career is no problem at all. (The Long Answer, aka For anyone else with a similiar question but different scenario): If, however, you started your career using KSP v1.7.3 or LOWER, then upgrading your KSP install to v1.8 mid-career is probably a bad idea no matter what mods you are using. KSP 1.8 upgraded the Unity version. For some mods, this means they have to make a KSP 1.8 compatible version of their mod that will not work in KSP 1.7 and lower. So if you use any mods like this (typically mods that provide their own DLLs, check with the mod author), it is more important than ever to double-check compatibility info for the version of KSP you are using (backwards compatible, forward compatible) for each of your mods. PBC itself does not care about what version of KSP is being used. PBC 2.8 will be usable with KSP 1.7 and KSP 1.8. But PBC users are undoubtedly using at least 10 other mods, so its still important to be aware of the info above.
  10. Finishing touches happening right now. Should be ready for release tomorrow!
  11. Sorry if it's already been brought up - working on updating my mod right now and during testing noticed the new Cargo Wedge part is using #autoLOC_US_USCargoWedge_Title in the title key but that key doesn't seem to have been assigned text yet. Shows the autoLOC text in-game. Same thing for the description as well. Thanks for all you do @Paul Kingtiger!
  12. Yeah my OCD demands I go through every part manually and give each one it's own one-on-one time with me. Hahaha, its maddening sometimes, but it allows me to be confident the mod is doing exactly what I want it to and seems to keep the quality of the mod in good shape (when its updated at least). It's a "big picture" mod and I don't think I can make that picture very clear unless I know all the details up close. It's just very time consuming.
  13. Very nice, thank you for all of that Jognt. I had forgotten that "~" signifies exclusion and later figured out the ROC tag is for the new expansion after rummaging through the new files for a bit. Very well written line of code. Like I said before I'll probably just stick with the direct approach for these xmit values, but this could be very useful for heavy lifting in the future. Thanks for taking the time to explain it! @Spectre112 Welcome to the forums, glad you're enjoying the mod. To answer your question, PBC has not yet been updated for 1.8 or Breaking Ground, so the new propeller parts have not been sorted yet. They will be in the upcoming update.