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  1. Wow that mod looks and sounds great! I'll need to take a closer look at it when I get more time, thanks for suggesting it!
  2. Makes my day hearing that. Thank you friend, have fun.
  3. As 4x4 pointed out, I have no plans to make PBC compatible with anything prior to KSP 1.6, it would just be too much work for something I don't even use. Also just wanted to pop in and mention I've started making mods for Civ6, some of you may have already noticed. Civ6 and the newest DLC has all of my attention right now, so I haven't worked on PBC since the last update. As I've mentioned before I consider this mod feature-complete, so I'm fine with taking a break from KSP for a bit. But I didn't want anyone to think that PBC won't receive any more updates. It's only a matter of time before the cold embrace of space calls out to me again, and when it does, I'll pick up right where I left off (Planetary Base Systems is still on deck) and keep looking to the polls for patch ordering. In the meantime, if you play Civ6 at all you can check out my work here.
  4. Indeed, full circle. In your first post, you mentioned 2 bugs. The one about entering Eve's SOI is almost certainly because the vessel wasn't properly tagged as a Probe, based on the information you've given so far. EvnaLanded not getting set to 2 was likely because you updated your install mid-save and didn't refresh contracts. No one else has had problems with it so that's my best guess.
  5. No mate, your Vessel has to be tagged as a probe only if its a Probe contract. Crew contracts have their own requirements, listed in the parameters. If the parameters above the one you're trying to complete aren't green check marks, then the contract won't progress.
  6. I think I'm going to need screenshots... I'm not sure what you're asking for here. All the contracts have a suffix on them that says (Probe) or (Crew). All the (Probe) contracts also have the very first parameter set to "Required: Probe". The fact that you need to land on Duna or Eve twice before getting the remaining contracts is explained in the giant graphic under PBC Contracts on my front page. I'm not sure how it could be any more clear? @DMagic Thank you mate, I was worried I might have to start telling people CKAN is a no-go.
  7. Ya there have been many discussions in the past about the vessel needing to be marked as probe. (Not that I'm upset with you or anything). It got brought up enough that I introduced a note thats really hard to miss attached to the parameters of each contract reminding to mark as probe and not relay, rover, etc. But even if you updated your PBC install, the contracts in your running save wouldn't reflect these new notes unless you refreshed your contracts in your save (which is done with alt+F12). Its just a function of how the contracts and Contract Configurator work that we just kind of have to deal with.
  8. @4x4cheesecake and @lordcirth you two are like the support deputies on this thread. Thanks for helping out faster than I could! @KOCMOKOT I would recommend picking one life support mod and using only it. While you can technically find ways to get them all working together, if you're not an experienced modder its gonna be way more trouble than its worth. TAC LS is my personal choice until Kerbalism gets some more time to shake out the stutter bug. @MechBFP Are you positive your vessel was marked as a probe and not a relay or other? When you updated PBC in the middle of your save, did you remember to refresh contracts with Alt-F12? Those are the first two things that come to mind. If you know how to edit the save file though you should be squared away, no other contracts check for multiple conditional variables after Duna and Eve. 'EvnaLanded=2' is the last big one.
  9. If it's looking for specific bitmasks and not looking for 12, that would certainly do it. I don't know of any other mod besides PBC that uses 12 for the internal mask so I can see how it would be overlooked. Thanks for pointing it out to LGG.
  10. @4x4cheesecake I couldn't have given a better answer than this. As to why changing the bitmask is causing this other mod you mentioned to throw NRE's is a different matter. It seems really unlikely that would cause an NRE, you're certain its the bitmask change thats causing it?
  12. Everything started with 2 votes, was something I had to do to get the chart kickstarted correctly. I see your vote on my end already, thank you!
  13. Alright, I think I've got a suitable replacement in place and ready for use. Thank you @EchoLima and @Beetlecat for your suggestions, I looked into both of them and it helped a lot. I had to brush up on my excel functions to get it all working, so if something seems broken just let me know. This of course means everything has to be reset to zero, so apologies for that. Cast your votes here. And view the results here ( the updates aren't instant, but only a few minutes apart max). Also disregard the #VALUE! entries in the results chart. Those are just placeholder cells that allow the chart to automatically update itself without me having to check it and republish it.
  14. So apparently the free surveys from SurveyMonkey only allow 100 responders. The paid plans are insanely expensive and out of the question. So I'm left with 2 options. 1) Hope that there's a better free option out there (hopefully some of you can recommend something), or 2) wipe all responses after each round and start each round at zero votes. I wanted to try and avoid this for obvious reasons but I might not have a choice.
  15. Some of the entries were getting out of hand. One had like 3 URLs in it.