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  1. Welcome to the Forum @KSPMom! As others have already pointed out, many mods continue to work through minor version updates. As for my mod PBC specifically, none of my subscriber base has reported any game-breaking bugs as a result of my failure to get the mod updated. Life gets in the way, as I'm sure you know. But I intend to get it updated as soon as I have time. I still monitor things on the forums though. If you choose to install the most recent version of the game, things should work just fine (but perhaps not perfectly).
  2. @brispo what Jognt said is more or less the case. Its a stock bug, that gets translated into contract configurator, that then gets translated into PBC contracts. There's nothing we as modders can do about it. Last I heard Nightingale was working on a fix but not sure if they've found one yet. @flart I'm going to try and do my best to make sense of what you're asking... You want to know if I've accounted for the mods that add ground rovers to the beginning of the start nodes, since they can farm a ton of science from the local KSP biomes? If so, any mod that is listed in the SUPPORTED MODS list will NOT have any thing like this near the start node. My entire design definitely intends for you to earn your science trying to get into space, not dwelling on the ground. But if it's not supported yet, then it goes wherever the original author wants it. This is also why you should go VOTE in the PBC Poll if you haven't yet!!
  3. I see what's happened, US2 was updated and I missed it. I don't have the Science folder in my US2 install at all. At any rate those are just xmit values which is super easy to change so I'll include it in the next release. And thank you for the info on Breaking Ground, I was worried it would be catastrophically incompatible so its good to hear it can at least continue playing the mod for now.
  4. Hey everyone, I haven't had any time to work on updating the mod recently (or any of my mods for that matter), I recently found work and it's taking up almost all of my time. In fact I haven't even had a chance to load up the game since the update was released. Any info on how the mod is running with the new update would be appreciated, just so I can prioritize things that are the most broken with the limited amount of time I have. Hopefully it's not a total dumpster fire at the moment? Now for replies: @Jognt I'm not sure which parts you're referring to? I looked in both US2 and Dmagic's mods and don't see any wedges that carry the basic experiments on them(therm, baro, etc). If I remember correctly those parts were deprecated awhile back? If it's still an issue get back to me with the part/cfg directory path's if you can. The EnginePlate1 cost will be corrected in the next release, thanks for pointing it out. Adjusting Contract Weights to do what you're talking about would certainly be neat, but it's beyond the scope of this mods purpose. The intended limiting-factor in acquiring the PBC contracts is purely the completion of previous PBC contracts, I can't think of any real reason to decline them. You are meant to always have access to them as soon as the rules allow. At any rate, I have no idea how any of that works and sadly don't have the time to investigate it. If you decide to play around with it though feel free to come back with whatever you find. @curiousepic Ah yes, you have discovered the mechanism by which all PBC contracts are implemented. I placed the entirety of a planet's "achievements" into a single contract, in an effort to do 3 things, 1) Semi-automate the unlocking and completion of contracts to reduce tedium and scene loading (it used to be fully automated but KSP didn't like that and I had to remove the feature) 2) Save players screen space on their contract screens and 3) to save myself extra work This should all be working as intended.
  5. Can I just quietly point out that all the amazing new parts and features about to be released by the Breaking Ground update are giving me small panic attacks when thinking about updating PBC...
  6. Hi @venturaguy101 , if no one else has said it yet, welcome to the forums. The answer to your first question is that having access to freely stage 0.6 profiles makes achieving orbit pretty easy, so its "gated" behind having to find creative ways to use the 0.6 engine until you get access to the decoupler slightly later down the tree. To answer in a single word, "Gameplay". The answer to your second question is the LV T45 has the worst mass to isp ratio of all the 1.2 engines, and additionally control surfaces and reaction wheels don't show up until later, so you need the gimbal (and its accompanying low isp) to have any hope of control. And as @VenDei already mentioned, the other 1.2 engines are much better suited for upper stages. Again, "Gameplay". Hope that helps.
  7. Version 2.7 released //// Version 2.7 Changes *Updated for KSP 1.7.0. *Added Planetary Base Systems mod support. *Added additional preemptive support for Kerbalism 3.0.0. Choosing to enable Kerbalism's 'Feature Science' will automatically override PBC's science reward values. Choosing to disable Kerbalism's 'Feature Science' will automatically reinstate PBC's science reward values. Reduced research cost of SPER 18-man inflatable hab. Sorted new vanilla 3.7m and 5m Nosecones. Hello again friends! I've missed this community, it's good to be back and I hope you've all been well. (seriously, the difference in respect shown to modders here vs. just about any other modding community I've been a part of is incredible. ) It took a bit longer than I would have liked, but Version 2.7 is finally here. A big thank you to @N70 for reaching out to me ahead of his 3.0.0 release so we could hammer out a way to make using both of our mods together even more seamless for you, the users. Since Kerbalism changes the entire Science system so drastically (and for the better!), we both agree it makes the most sense to have Kerbalism's system stand as the 'default' when both our mods are installed. If however, you decide you prefer PBC's more stock-alike system all you need to do is disable the 'Feature Science' option within Kerbalism's configuration menus and ModuleManager will automatically put PBC's values back into effect. No need to muck about with any files manually. With the completion of the PBS support patch, this of course also means... The Third round of voting has concluded! This was another nail biter, and the winner was actually behind for about a solid month until finally pulling forward. USI - MKS will be the next mod support patch to come. It will be removed from the voting list and development starts now. Feline Rovers had the lowest number of votes overall and has also been removed from the list to make room for the next 2 most-nominated mods. They are ReStock+ and Tundra Exploration, and have been added to the voting list.Don't forget to update your votes and nominations for round four, which starts now. (Ignore Google's weird way of saying you've already made a selection. Just click the follow-up link and you can change your votes as often as you want.)New current results link. Happy exploring and I hope you all have a great weekend!
  8. Hello everyone! Just wanted to give a brief bit of news that an update is currently in the works. Quick rundown of what's in store: KSP 1.7 tag update (from what I've seen so far, PBC works perfectly with 1.7 - this update will just make AVC stop bugging you about it) Proper placement for new variants and parts introduced by KSP 1.7 Further Kerbalism Compatibility in preparation of their upcoming 3.0.0 release Planetary Base Systems Support Patch Apologies for the extended absence. Priorities and Life and all that. No exact timeframe but I should expect PBC 2.7 will be ready before the end of this week. Hope you've all been having fun!
  9. Wow that mod looks and sounds great! I'll need to take a closer look at it when I get more time, thanks for suggesting it!
  10. Makes my day hearing that. Thank you friend, have fun.
  11. As 4x4 pointed out, I have no plans to make PBC compatible with anything prior to KSP 1.6, it would just be too much work for something I don't even use. Also just wanted to pop in and mention I've started making mods for Civ6, some of you may have already noticed. Civ6 and the newest DLC has all of my attention right now, so I haven't worked on PBC since the last update. As I've mentioned before I consider this mod feature-complete, so I'm fine with taking a break from KSP for a bit. But I didn't want anyone to think that PBC won't receive any more updates. It's only a matter of time before the cold embrace of space calls out to me again, and when it does, I'll pick up right where I left off (Planetary Base Systems is still on deck) and keep looking to the polls for patch ordering. In the meantime, if you play Civ6 at all you can check out my work here.
  12. Indeed, full circle. In your first post, you mentioned 2 bugs. The one about entering Eve's SOI is almost certainly because the vessel wasn't properly tagged as a Probe, based on the information you've given so far. EvnaLanded not getting set to 2 was likely because you updated your install mid-save and didn't refresh contracts. No one else has had problems with it so that's my best guess.
  13. No mate, your Vessel has to be tagged as a probe only if its a Probe contract. Crew contracts have their own requirements, listed in the parameters. If the parameters above the one you're trying to complete aren't green check marks, then the contract won't progress.
  14. I think I'm going to need screenshots... I'm not sure what you're asking for here. All the contracts have a suffix on them that says (Probe) or (Crew). All the (Probe) contracts also have the very first parameter set to "Required: Probe". The fact that you need to land on Duna or Eve twice before getting the remaining contracts is explained in the giant graphic under PBC Contracts on my front page. I'm not sure how it could be any more clear? @DMagic Thank you mate, I was worried I might have to start telling people CKAN is a no-go.
  15. Ya there have been many discussions in the past about the vessel needing to be marked as probe. (Not that I'm upset with you or anything). It got brought up enough that I introduced a note thats really hard to miss attached to the parameters of each contract reminding to mark as probe and not relay, rover, etc. But even if you updated your PBC install, the contracts in your running save wouldn't reflect these new notes unless you refreshed your contracts in your save (which is done with alt+F12). Its just a function of how the contracts and Contract Configurator work that we just kind of have to deal with.