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  1. As long as they are still raking in $, one would think they have an obligation to provide a product/service that actually works. Sick of excuses for any company that releases shoddy work, period. There is no hate from me here. Don't want to release a working non buggy product that is fine. Don't take my money then, I think is what most are saying here. Ever since EA got away with doing a shoddy release on a sim type product, everyone is doing it. There is no penalty to pay any more. Gee...I have an idea for a pre-alpha game! For only $60 this week only you can get in on the deal and even get a
  2. I just tested in 1.1.0 and noticed while in the VAB doing nothing and no ground crew my CPU was running at 73%. What?!?! I then checked version 1.0.5 and in VAB no crew CPU was running from 3% to 35% with quite a bit of fluctuating. Again doing nothing. No ship loaded even. Are burned up CPU's and GPU's going to soon be on the complaint list? UPD: Running on a Dell 2.40 ghz 8 core, 12GB ram with a GTX 750Ti 2GB video card. Windows 7.
  3. Missing parts in my VAB as well, as described by others in this thread. When I remove the UKS mod, made by roverdude (which has other mods in it), KSP returns to normal function. Would like to use his UKS mod, but at this stage it's too much hassle.
  4. Got it, tried it, like it. Was able to weld rcs tanks, kethane tank and processor, to fuel tanks. Also can weld engine to fuel tanks, but with engine and fuel tank, that will not attach to decoupler on center or main tank. So doing radial staging that way is out for now. Good for stacking/welding trusses, tanks, batteries. Thanks for doing this. (Note: Using on KSP 21)
  5. Thrundar


    50+ views and nobody said hi back yet? I guess I'll be the first to write hello back at ya. Welcome.
  6. Any chance this could be uploaded to somewhere other than kerbal space port? Space port is being glitchy again for me and only getting partial file downloads.
  7. Yep, just done did dat. Strange Maj ain't helping here on this thread. He used to did. (That redneck enuff for ya'll) lol. Anyway, be nice if Kethane worked in .21.1 ...... So thrilled and delighted it works for others. However that helps me out ummm, Zero per cent.
  8. Same problem. Using KSP .21 latest version and kethane 0.7.5. Kethane parts show up to build with, Grid shows on MAP. NO scanner beep, NO scanning taking place. Even installed with NO other mods, just Stock. Same results. A little miffed I now have to go to yet another site, sign up, yada yada yada. Even tested on a fast PC very similar to a good Alienware pc. Kethane 0.7.5 and .21 ksp just ain't working here. Sigh....oh well, it was a good mod on ksp .20.
  9. I use Ubio's welded tanks, I use far less struts, my PC performs much better. Having wobbly fuel tanks you need to strut or stitch together was about the only major dumb thing I've seen with stock KSP. Oh, and most of the stock fuel tanks look like scrap steel barrels.
  10. Struts are in part count, plus some struts in mods do have mass. Also struts are more objects the GPU needs to draw. So....depends on point of view. Struts can easily double or triple the part count.
  11. Part of the early game play fun for me is building and trying different rocket combinations. No idea if you want to stay strictly stock parts, or use some mods. For me, the massive amount of struts needed to hold much of a ship together really slows my pc down. I found a nice little mod which welded some of the stock tanks together (stacked) on this thread Really helped reduce the struts/part count. Also have been using Quantum struts, here Those also help reduce how many struts you need.
  12. Interesting: Mods I have with plugins Kethane BoJan Quantum struts KAS MechJeb Not sure what to make of all that now...
  13. I may have it fixed! I went in and adjusted my nvidia graphics settings. Turned on triple buffering, Turned on LOD, and set anisotropic filtering to 2x. Ran through several ships in orbit, a couple launches, and the white glob is gone, hopefully for good. Anyway, not much around on how to adjust nvidia settings for KSP. Lots of experimenting. Thanks for taking the time to investigate this on your end Majiir. As I said, I like this mod. After all, without kethane to mine, what's the point? lol
  14. Here is a paste of some of my log from today: Included original post so Majiir has is to refer back to. Here is the log paste: Running kethane 0.7.3 [WRN 12:26:12.165] [Kethane] Saving settings [LOG 12:26:13.290] AddonLoader: Instantiating addon component 'MapOverlay' from assembly 'MMI_Kethane, Version=1.0.4930.12805, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' [ERR 12:26:17.227] allocation already registered? [ERR 12:26:17.837] allocation already registered? [ERR 12:26:17.977] No Texture memory available to upload [ERR 12:26:18.040] No Texture memory available to upload [ERR 12:26:18.212] No Textu
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