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  1. Seshins

    Eve Mission Launched

    I would very much like to see the outcome of this. Those vehicles are impressive to say the least.
  2. Seshins

    [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    Fixed! Thank you again Haully - i really appreciate you using your time to sort that out for me.
  3. Seshins

    [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    understood - waiting.
  4. Seshins

    [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    Many thanks Haully - i'll d/l it in 5 mins and let you know how it went.
  5. Seshins

    [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    I assume it was the project - from here: I saw the mention of the Category / Filter By Function (case sensitive issue). If you can point me to which cfg file this line is contained in i'm happy to just go edit it myself.
  6. Seshins

    [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    Negative. I have all the functionality of Kerbalisim (resources in pods, van allen belts etc) but not parts category in the VAB. I used the Kerbalisim-Continued link on Github
  7. Seshins

    [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    It's not a button per se - just all the parts (i.e. Geiger counter) are only under the special category's, not the utility parts list in the VAB. Same issue with the current release of Kerbalisim 1.2.9
  8. Seshins

    [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    Sorry i'm kind of new to modding KSP - a print?
  9. Seshins

    [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    Hey @HaullyGames Apologies i know this was mentioned a few pages back but using Kerbalisim-Continued i still don't have the parts in the usual category's - is there a fix? Thanks!
  10. great stuff! Glad your back
  11. Seshins

    [WIP] Free IVA Alpha v0.0.5 [1.6.x] (2019-02-06)

    ive been waiting for this feature since i purchased KSP - thank you for this!
  12. yessssss!!!!! so glad you've started. Ive been checking this thread pretty much every day. love your work.
  13. I totally feel like this when playing KSP lately. To be honest it has been the basis of my long term hiatus from actually playing the game. Sometimes there are moments of inspiration, but most of my KSP time these days is starting game, getting to KSC screen, maybe VAB, exit because BLANK
  14. really enjoying this story man. Keep up the excellent work!