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  1. Space doesn't have a temperature. You can only measure temperature if you have mass, something to be hot or cold. In point of fact, with space vehicles, keeping cool is the main concern. The reason is that you have all these sources of heat (sunlight, equipment, computers, etc) that can only be shed by radiating back into space.
  2. QFT. Especially 'fine tune' You can fine tune until you're blue in the face and you can specify that your final periapsis is as far from the target as possible and invariably, Mechjeb will have plotted a course that plows right through the heart of the planet and then KSP will still have the audacity to tell you that the end of your trajectory ends in an escape node....
  3. Let's not forget George W. Kerman: Born with a silver helmet in his mouth!
  4. How many times did you test? Given that there's a random chance of death when O2 is depleted, it's technically possible even if statistically unlikely that he could survive a week. Also, did you have his ship actually active the whole week? (inactive ships aren't checked currently)
  5. I installed Hooligan Labs Airship parts and made an airship probe to send to Eve. I custom built a lifter for it but had a horrible time controlling it as it kept wanting to yaw and pitch in odd directions. I tweaked things in the VAB and spent a lot of time rebalancing everything but it still would not launch properly. Either I couldn't react fast enough or it would respond to my control attempts by pitching over the wrong direction. Ok no problem I'll let mechjeb handle things. Mechjeb doesn't always impress me in space but it's really good at getting my crappy lifters to orbit. Or so I thought. The rocket cleared the gantry AND THEN SPUN ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY DEGREES INTO THE GROUND! I was horrified. I tried manual control again but that went even worse, especially with ASAS. It just wouldn't respond properly to input. I literally spent two days tearing my rocket apart and rebuilding it. Eventually I went to one of the stock KW designs, one of the heavy lifters. You might not think an airship would be heavy, but it was the extra fuel and nuclear propulsion. So I get it on the launchpad and turn on the autopilot and sure enough, 180 into the ground. For a while I was sure it was the airship part, I mean surely it was exerting some weird torque during launch, RIGHT? I was really close to going to the airship thread and reporting it as a bug when I noticed something odd. All the fins were hard over during launch... in the direction that it was turning. I looked at the pitch and yaw indicators and I realized that mechjeb was deliberately plowing my rocket into the ground. But WHY??? Turns out that the probe core at the heart of my airship was upside down.... Looks like it was a PEBCAK error....
  6. They don't post guards or anything to keep people out?
  7. Maybe B9's Sabre engines? Or for that matter the entire B9 pack. Geared entirely to large space planes. I don't know if there are any B9 specific kethane tank conversions but you could probably solve that with the custom (procedural? modular?) fuel tank mod. I have yet to try that; it's on my 'very soon' list. Failing that, the cargo hold could have kethane tanks added to it. (connected via the small docking ports?) Also, nuclear planes? That sounds messed up, the ISP is way too low in atmo. There WERE serious designs for nuclear air breathing engines decades ago that never came to fruition (I'm sure you can think of some obvious environmental / safety reasons...) but those worked entirely different from the LVN which is based on something else entirely. I dunno, sounds wacky to me.
  8. O2 loss and CO2 generation are happening at twice the rate they're supposed to. The reason for this is that each craft (craft files and quicksave files) has TWO instances of IonModuleCrewSupport modules. I tried to compensate locally by halving ratePerKerbal in IoncrossCrewSupport.cfg (for both O2 and CO2). This did not work! I tried reducing the value to something absurdly low and verified that the new values were present in the craft files and in the save files. However, each Kerbal still uses up a full two units per day... Ignore the above, I see lots of duplicate modules but none of them seem to hurt anything... and the new numbers I was plugging in were just wrong. It does seem odd that the compartments are processing oxygen/CO2 at twice the expected rate but maybe it was supposed to be that high and it was just documentation elsewhere that was wrong? (ie text indicating that 24 per day were deducted) Edit: You know what? I don't think rate values in KSP are for 1 second. I think they're for 0.5 seconds... yes? no? maybe? Also: The way scrubbers work in this mod isn't realistic, real life scrubbers can completely clear CO2 to safe levels in the environment without resorting to something as advanced as recyclers. Scrubbers should be changed so that it requires an additional resource: filter cartridges. As long as the cartridges are present, the scrubbers can remove all the CO2 from the compartment. If not, CO2 builds up as normal. This would allow for the delivery of replacement filters. (limiting factor on quantities would be volume not mass) Once the filters are replaced, CO2 can be removed and the compartment made safe again. That would be in line with the way spacecraft worked from the Apollo era, with more advanced techniques such as algae CO2 -> O2 recycling or even regenerative filters such as have been developed more recently.
  9. I think that only happens when the mod tries (and is unable) to add or subtract the given resource. In the case of CO2, if it tries to add CO2 and the module is already fully saturated AND boolCauseDeath = true then it starts trying to kill Kerbals.
  10. Really? That's strange, maybe I need to update or something. I only just downloaded it a few days ago though. Do you mean that a new button appears on the GUI somewhere? If so, I don't even have that; I have to either right click the part and click something OR bind it to an action group. (obviously the better choice)
  11. hmmm whatever he's running KSP on, I want one...
  12. get the TAC fuel balancing mod. http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/tac-fuel-balancer-v1-0/ It gives you good control over where your resources go. It uses a small radial part, very inobtrusive. You can bind it to an action group so you can bring up the menu. In spite of the name it works for ALL resources including O2 / CO2 from the ioncross life support mod. IMO it's one of those 'how did I get along without it' mods that I resisted getting for a long time. It can either balance a given resource so it spreads it evenly or you can choose a tank to suck in all of the resource. So in your case you would bring up the menu, select the tank(s) on the final stage and click 'In' and any time it is not at capacity it will have more monoprop pumped to it. You would either have that happening continuously during launch / transit or just before staging.
  13. what do you do about CO2 levels?? they're at max levels on the Eve mission even with scrubbers on inside of 16 days... that's going to be lethal?
  14. ok so even though this is reported solved I've been still trying to finish this on my side and had sone bugs force me to restart twice... but still plugging at it and I'm noting some peculiarities with Ioncross I'm not liking. Rescue 1 is enroute and I almost lost them because they nearly DIED to CO2 poisoning... in fact I had to F9 them out of it. Ironic really that the rescue ship equipped to handle not only the support needs of its crew AND the crew of the Plum is having support issues. The issue is that it is generating CO2 faster than the ship it's rescuing. Does it have twice the crew? no. but it does have twice as many livable areas. one is empty so I can transfer the crew of the stranded ship. but even empty it generates CO2. I'll submit it to ioncross dev as a bug if it's not known... sucks though because I've been wanting to try that mod and this was perfect chance
  15. 5 km limitation on KSC? what, is Jeb standing on the roof whistling control tones into his walkie-talkie??
  16. reread that.... two point five MILLION KILOMETERS??? sounds like you're buying into the hype. some people around here would have you believe that if you use mechjeb you're cheating. that it's a magic one button solution to everything. want to go to the Mun today? just click here and it will launch, plan your orbit and transfer and do an orbital insertion not to mention planning your Kerbal's itinerary when they land. The truth is that you will be the one doing the hand holding. you will watch over it's shoulder every step of the way. you will ask for an orbital solution and then cancel it and ask again. or after a few times of that you will plot it yourself because Eve is coming up awful fast and you only want to visit, not die here. you will tell it to give you a munar flyby with a periapsis of 20 miles only to have it try to plow right through the Mun. You will assume manual control because the rudder on your rocket is waving frantically to and fro like mechjeb is trying to wave down a taxi and you need that rudder hard to starboard because you REALLY want to go to space today. dont get me wrong, I love mechjeb and I DO let it fly my ship alot but it needs watching and a human to take over frequently because it doesnt always do the right thing. It's a tool and I've learned a lot watching how orbital mechanics work because of mechjeb. I'm probably a better pilot now than I was before.
  17. raise your apoapsis to GSO when you as close to opposite of KSC as you can. then wait until you are at Ap to finalize your orbit. it's easier if you use mechjeb because it will detect low TWR and mostly start your burn early if it has to. Mostly. If you do it by hand then take TWR into consideration when starting your burn. node placement stays the same. and yes, for godssake put solar panels and batts or rtg...
  18. @moon goddess. I see only two flights, one flag on minmus (didnt realize those counted as flights. I've been putting them up everywhere in my favorite save) and the Eve mission. No jool ships and the Crew Manifest plugin reports something like 5 dead Kerbals good job! you beat me to it. I was putting together a fast rescue mission but I had to go to bed. I actually had two going, one in possible support of the other. One a fast rescue ship with three nuclear propulsion pods, a variation on an old design I've used and the other a robot tanker. Both filled to busting with life saving oxygen and CO2 scrubbers. the manned mission didn't have the DV (according to MJ's planning screen) for the maneuver I was planning and I couldnt figure out why until it hit me over coffee this morning that the drop tanks I was mounting had no line feeds. I was just loading up KSP now to fix it and go save them when I saw your message. Well, what counts is the Kerbals are saved!
  19. is jebediah supposed to be dead???? or was i supposed to be paying attention to other kerbals? Cuz ahm seeing a bunch of dead kerbals ob the roster
  20. Ok having some trouble loading this up, there's a part that I'm missing: RLA.rcs.5way Guessing from the name it's an RCS part but it's not present in any mods I have loaded up and I installed all the ones I was missing from your list. Unless I grabbed an older version ...
  21. Wow, still no serious responses, some spam and some people talking about the spam. I guess it's up to Starwaster to try to help. (not necessarily a good thing. If you've seen Firefly you might think back to a certain exchange... about recalling some of the captain's previous plans...)
  22. btw, love your sig. I find myself muttering that a lot when having bad launch days. I *think* I've almost got it worked out which end points at the ground...
  23. those are settings that control how the plugins various functions manage attitude. evrytime the autopilot engages (maneuver planner, ascent, etc) check out the Smart A.S.S. module if you just want to lock in attitude. leave those other settings alone until you know more about PID controllers
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