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  1. You know what would be even better than specific tracks? Folders! I just now thought of this when I saw the thread title again XD

    Like an Elder Scrolls game(not sure if they did this in Skyrim, but definitely in Oblivion and I think Morrowind). There's a combat folder with a few tracks for when you enter combat and a regular folder for when you're just wandering around. I think there were a couple other folders for different situations, but I can't remember what they were.

    That would be amazing 'cause then you could easily dump whatever music YOU wanted to hear into the game for those situations...and being as multiple tracks could be loaded into each folder and probably selected randomly, you'd still have a dynamic feel without that feeling of "ugh, the jool theme" or whatever...and to change the music, you wouldn't really have to edit any code at all, just dump some MP3s into the corresponding folder. Listen to heavy metal when you're landing and orchestra when you're in deep space. Damn, that would be awesome :o

    This is a fantastic idea. Almost completely removes the problem of repetitive music. +1 supporter

  2. I love the addition of music in KSP, however, I feel that the whole thing needs a bit of polish.

    My Suggestions:

    * Each planet has its own musical score - We already have music for the VAB/SPH and outer space, so why not have a song for each celestial body? It needn't be out-of-this-world and prominent, just a subtle ambient tune would be lovely...

    *Transitions - Its extremely irritating when upon entering the atmosphere of Kerbin, the calming music just cuts-out and stops. A simple fade in/fade out is what I ask

    *Music changes as things happen - Yes, I know that most of the music used in KSP is stock, but Squad has already shown that they can compose music (IE - Main theme), thus, I think it'd be cool to have extra layers added to a track when certain things happen, for example, a drum-loop for when engines are firing (the throttle alters the volume of this, perhaps?) and a suspenseful chime when a part of a rocket explodes (& a small gameover sample for when your capsule is destroyed[?]).

    Anyway, I hope these suggestions are taken into account, and I also hope a strong future for this great game! :)