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  1. Didnt see this one here, but I had a hell of a time getting the 1.0 update. Uninstalled and reinstalled from steam several times, and the launcher was greyed out for "check for updates" The solution, come to find out, is to opt OUT of the beta in steam. It seems if you are still in beta, you wont get the release version. The second I opted out, it started to update! Hope this helps someone else out there....
  2. A HUUUGE solution for people who want to recover spaceplanes that land at KSC is to build a refueling truck and use docking ports or KAS, then park your ship off the side of the landing strip, refuel, build cranes to move satellites or cargo in to the bay, etc. If you use Deadly Re-entry or Realchutes, then after you burn through all of your heatsheilding or repack your chutes enough times, THEN recover the vessel, it could probably use some time to get serviced and repaired anyway. Not like the space shuttle could just take back off right after landing after all....
  3. I think that really depends on your missions. LLL adds more than just some fuel tanks, it adds a whole host of parts to all the groups, including things like windmills for planetary bases with atmosphere for power generation. If you just want fuel tanks, this may be more than you bargained for, but if you want to make sprawling bases or motherships, then this mod is a golden ticket!
  4. This may very well just be an issue with the sheer number of mods I'm running, but has anyone encountered an issue with LLL parts having the tweakable sizes of 1 (standard) .5 (half) and x16!?!?! As much as I love big parts, having a 1x1 hull take up my entire VAB is a bit much lol. I tried using the slider itself and same result, just the three sizes available. I assume its probably a problem with tweakscale? How would I go about investigating that? View @ full resolution for the hilarity
  5. ok thanks. So the total mission time is 1000 EARTH days! WOW, that's going to make this interesting....
  6. Quick question. Most of my experience in running this challenge so far has been on the engineering side. Today, after some lucky parts-placing I was doing my first runs on testing mechjeb, engineer, and protractor to ensure a good first transfer on day 55, but got the below. Has the map ALWAYS had a terrible transfer window? The main page says the first window should be open on day 55, but I dont see that in the below. The first open window I have is on day 230. Is this normal and everyone is just burning at a really sub-optimal window, did the orbits change in the newer versions, or am
  7. This challenge has been the #1 thing that keeps me coming back to KSP. I've taken quite a long break, since about .23, and would have to do quite a bit to get myself back to the engineering status I was once at, but seeing this on the forums, still going strong, with my name under pending....that's just unacceptable! I've designed at least 4 separate attempts at this one, none of them flew to completion. That's going to have to change....
  8. Is the "follow me" action part of the burn together mod?
  9. I found out recently that I have shadowplay available to do video recording with, and as such I dont have to deal with the massive file sizes of FRAPS. I started testing out the recording sizes and capabilities with a fresh, modded career save, and decided to post the results here instead of just deleting gigs worth of decent kerbal video. Instead of editing the videos, I present to you the RAW playthrough! Every build, every mistake, every killed kerbal and failed test. Since I recorded several days worth of video, I'll be accellerating the video to 4x speed, and only editing out things li
  10. Honestly, my reccomendation is to start a sandbox game, throw some stuff together, and watch it explode. There's actually a lot of fun to be had in the early time in kerbal, when you aren't sure what to do, and I sometimes wish I could go back to those early times and review some of the wild designs I had. It also gives you a good feel for what you can do in the editor without worry for science and unlocking things. I don't think I made orbit before reading a tutorial, but I still had a lot of fun the week prior to that!
  11. I wonder what an exploding ball of lights attached to rad generators attached to sepratrons would look like?
  12. And a beautiful design at that! Looks and works beautifully. I'll put you down for 750 in FAR! Congrats on your first challenge and thanks for picking mine! XD
  13. All this time I thought BTSM was just a rework of the tech tree and I never really opened it. I'm such a mod lover that even tech tree mod's i've at least LOOKED at, and now, I'm really sad at my current campaign's progress isnt including this!
  14. I'm more of a builder than a flyer/launcher, and the ideas kinda start driving themselves....maybe IM the one that's possessed! And no, I have a feeling that the incredible number of mods installed might have something to do with it, but I've had quite a few more problems on this install of KSP than any other, at least with this combination of this save + random bad landing site on Duna. However, without all of the random issues, I wouldnt have nearly as many ideas!
  15. I love the candles, but now my plans for a similar event have to be bigger!!!!!
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