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  1. Don't see how. It's gotta be built to be launched.
  2. Yes, but these are Kerbals. Patch that booster and punch the throttle!
  3. So really would like to know... what part of this is "new feature" as opposed to "adding a new requirement to something we could already do"?
  4. Take the time, do it right. Just... maybe keep us more in the loop about how it's going? Gonna maroon you on Eeloo.
  5. Do we know where Intercept is based?
  6. Normal for US companies to avoid paying overtime and benefits to their workers any way they think they can get away with? Yes. Is that the case here? Who knows, we aren't privy to the contracts the developers have with T2. We didn't even know what happened until the Bloomberg article.
  7. Gutted by defining would-be "employees" as "contractors" instead, or "salaried, non-hourly". There's holes in the FLSA you could fly a fleet of Saturn Vs through.
  8. I will say that I've gone from "pre-order" to "no longer a first-week purchaser" at the very least. I will wait for the dust to settle after release, for the hype to die down, and see what the game is actually like.
  9. Alright, I shall wait patiently then and hope things pan out. Thanks!
  10. Simple question/request to feel out possibility (if it's reasonable, I'm happy to fill out a full git request). Does ckan track a mod's "last updated" date, and if so, is it possible to add that as a sortable column in the main mod list?
  11. " Kerbals can now change their future suit emissive colors via their PAW and persists to save game roster. " Best patch. Seriously, thank you. I'd been desperately hoping this change would follow the DLC release. I'm off to color-code all my kerbals now.
  12. That works for me. I have no problem with a bit of spatial distortion to keep KIS easily working alongside stock. Seriously, I cannot operate without KIS. I kerbal everything together with little testing, and constantly rely on the ability to launch forgotten parts/antennas/etc up on supply runs and have my engineers staple them onto outposts and stations.
  13. So... what would happen if attempting to MM patch stock inventory slots onto KIS container parts? Would you end up with, effectively, two separately-functioning inventories on the same part, or would that be likely to break something?
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