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  1. I was going to say "welcome to the forums" but you've been here long enough to know that deafening silence is the norm.
  2. You're probably wasting your time, unfortunately. They don't speak with us lowly mortals much these days.
  3. They actually have doors on the end. They're completely closed if in a stack, yes, but if you're using them in a vaccuum, it's easy to leave a front or rear node open for access.
  4. Quad-attached Mk1 cabins is how I do my orbital tourist shuttles (Tourists are brought to orbit in bulk by SSTO in Mk3 crew cabin). Slap a probe core in a service bay with solar/etc; push with a poodle, or nukes, as you like.
  5. It means that we're returning to the status quo, and Open IV can resume development once things are hashed out a bit.
  6. Missing the point that filing a lawsuit is too expensive for most of the victims in these cases, so they (like the GTA modders) basically have to give in, even if their legal rights are probably being violated.
  7. You need to get two copies if you want both a lab entry and return science. That's not new, but I don't know what version it was implemented in.
  8. Pretty sure that actual reverse engineering and "clean room" reverse engineering are two completely different things.
  9. Since this is in The Lounge now, here's some commentary on the Take Two situation.
  10. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. Expect "content packs" for sale after the already-announced expansion gets released.
  11. I... think I have lost the ability to read your posts as anything but sarcastic. Is this actual 'ing?
  12. Squad has been spinning their wheels a bit since 1.0, and - while I'm among the first to harp on "AAA" devs when they do excrementsty things - Take Two is far from the worst big studio that could have come along. I'm honestly cautiously optimistic. KSP has been in desperate need of some professional dev help for a while now.
  13. It's almost like the community isn't a monolithic hivemind all wanting the same thing. Shock! I think I've moved from "waiting for new useful KSP features" on to "waiting for someone else to release a competent KSP clone".
  14. Good for them! I can't wait to see what amazing new games will never get released.
  15. Elon uses landing legs. Rather hefty ones, at that.