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  1. Tunnels and Caves?

    The problem is less "not possible" and more "not going to be made by the devs, and is blocked from modding by engine hardcoding". Much like how we can't add axial tilt to custom planets because planetary rotations are hardcoded to the solar north/south axis (or... something like that? It's been a while since I dug into it).
  2. Release quality trendline

    I mean, they could meet that goal by just... not fixing any bugs at all, I guess.
  3. I'm joining the vote for "upload the save to dropbox and make a challenge". Judge by distance/time with categories for single vehicle, no-parts-destroyed, and anything-goes.
  4. Kerbal Space Program 1.3.1 is live!

  5. SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    I've built a couple variants on the outrigger design, but that's a pretty slick example of it. The Mk2 cockpit adds some style, too. What's your orbital Delta-V look like with the pictured cargo?
  6. SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    Yeah, that's the info I'd been working from. I haven't flown much in the way of precision-engineered craft since 1.3 though, and Aerogav has been flying spaceplanes long enough for me to suspect that something must be up.
  7. SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    Gosh dangit, I have to relearn drag mechanics again? Thanks for the info there at least. I'd probably be wondering why half my fleet had stopped working when I went back to my SSTO game.
  8. Can't asparagus anymore -- what gives?

    Huh... is that new with 1.3? I don't remember the priority system doing that when it was introduced...
  9. I was rooting for the nerdy girl to get the other nerdy girl. (All aboard the good ship Chibiko!)
  10. Can't asparagus anymore -- what gives?

    Actually that's just not possible at all. If you try it, only one of the four nodes on the bottom actually attaches. (I recall a mod that could make this work, but it may have been a fever dream). The reason is, the craft file is a tree. Like a tree, once branches split, they can't merge back together (well, like most trees anyway). There has to be a single path from every single part through its parents to a root part. Couldn't see any couplers in the image or I'd have brought that up earlier (as would a bunch of other people, I suspect). So... probably looking at a number of issues then.
  11. Can't asparagus anymore -- what gives?

    That actually sounds to me like symmetry shenanigans borked your craft file. It happens sometimes when you try to symmetrically clone parts that themselves have symmetry on them (which sounds like what you've done with the quad-coupler). I've had that happen a few times before. See if there's other parts you can remove without taking the things that are supposedly "attached" to them. Sadly, if that's what's going on, your only option is "rebuilding from scratch in a new craft".
  12. Dres canyon speed record

    Well, the obvious primary method is a reverse orbit, but I bet with enough engine you could accelerate to Kerbol escape velocity on that reverse orbit before hitting the canyon.
  13. Now that I know what to look for, I can tell it's "added in post" if I zoom in on the image, but only because you stated it was.
  14. Dres canyon speed record

    So, screenshot mid-canyon, showing the speed of surface travel. Categories for powered and ballistic (i.e. all engine modules have to be ditched a certain distance out; maybe as far as SOI edge)
  15. Can't asparagus anymore -- what gives?

    Turn on advanced editor options, then turn off crossfeed on your radial decouplers. That should allow you to build old-style asparagus without monkeying about with fuel flow priority. (The new method does work better, but hey, you do you)