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  1. I'm fine with gamey science, but I desperately want it to be something other than just "science points". What I really want is for there to be a reason to go certain places, aside from "it was there" or "it had a higher research multiplier". I want to have to get exotic particles from a dead kraken on one of Jool's moons to unlock future tech.
  2. As silly as it was, I kinda liked running my "Kerbodyne University" field trips: More seriously, I like the classes for how they differentiate individual kerbals, but some kind of skill system could do the same.
  3. It would be the first anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
  4. I mean yeah, but SAS will usually have regular adjustments, not a single specific course adjustment in the middle of a long burn, then nothing else.
  5. That's definitely what I thought. That gimbal twitch didn't look like any kind of SAS response to me.
  6. I want my docking-port-based reactionless thruster.
  7. Tweet from the main intercept account: Am I just not understanding game development, or is that a lot of core positions that are open, there? Lead Designer and Lead Artist seem to be kind of important to a game that's been in development for multiple years.
  8. I was so confused when I got a ping. "I created what now?" Forgot that I reskinned a couple tanks for Snark way back when.
  9. Don't see how. It's gotta be built to be launched.
  10. Yes, but these are Kerbals. Patch that booster and punch the throttle!
  11. So really would like to know... what part of this is "new feature" as opposed to "adding a new requirement to something we could already do"?
  12. Take the time, do it right. Just... maybe keep us more in the loop about how it's going? Gonna maroon you on Eeloo.
  13. Do we know where Intercept is based?
  14. Normal for US companies to avoid paying overtime and benefits to their workers any way they think they can get away with? Yes. Is that the case here? Who knows, we aren't privy to the contracts the developers have with T2. We didn't even know what happened until the Bloomberg article.
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