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  1. Okay, filing that under "to-do once I think I can actually create original textures" I guess.
  2. Okay, seeing those side by side, next to the orange... I am totally seeing now why @OhioBob called that green. Darn contrasting colors.
  3. MY gif maker fails at compression, so here's a 5.6mb rotating tank animation.
  4. For proof of concept I have recolored... Half a tank. Yeah, I might have misjudged which part of the texture file covered what part of the model. But hey, it works! There we go, much better.
  5. To clarify, I do appreciate the offer of assistance. But this being my first actual foray into KSP modding, I want to start simple.
  6. I think I'm going to stick to editing existing textures rather than try to create entirely new ones, for now. For the rest, I defer to @Snark
  7. It sounds like we're not going to need actual new models, just the image textures. The config should allow the new texture file to be applied to the existing models. If you have experience with turning blender models into parts though, I may have some questions for you soon.
  8. I'll be starting with the black/orange, but assuming that I can make those look not-horrible (far from a given at this point), I'll certainly look at doing the same for all color schemes. Long-term I'd love to be able to have multiple matching color schemes for most tank and structural parts.
  9. Best possible news to see first thing in the morning. Thanks!
  10. I'm fairly confident in my ability to at least do the image editing part; especially since I can (if I understand you correctly) just blatantly steal the base color and texturing from the existing orange/black .dds texture files on the new parts. The one thing I'm worried about is a mention I saw of the 1.41 part tools not being released yet. Might have to wait on that?
  11. The orbital requirement is ap/pe related. You need to be as close to 100x100 as possible. Inclination shouldn't matter.
  12. Okay, that's something to start with anyway. I'll do some research and poking around myself tonight, then see if I can cobble together some marginally-useful questions for the modding-questions subforum. My intent here is to copy as much as humanly (kerbally?) possible from the existing models, trying to just get my hands on the current texture image files, edit the color/texture, and put it straight back, hopefully dodging any alignment and mapping issues by not actually changing anything that would affect it. More than that may be beyond me. Edit: Looks like there may be some useful tutorials in that forum already. Once I can sink some time into the project this friday/weekend, I'll have a better idea how feasible this will be. - really hoping that the fact that all I'm trying to make is some cylinders with a few bits and bobs on them will make things easier. Not messing with engines or doors or anything fancy...
  13. Okay, I have exactly ZERO modding experience... but I DO have some background in graphics and texturing (admittedly a good decade out of practice). I'd be willing to at least take a blind stab at trying to adapt the new texture design to the 1.25 models... but no promises about anything. I'd need someone to point me in the right direction to start, too. Is this something that could be shoehorned into photoshop and blender, or do I need specialized software? (as for licensing, I think my process would just be chucking it in your general direction and saying "here, it's yours now!")
  14. Sorry for being unclear. (and yes, I flubbed the size; 1.25m tanks are what I meant. The basic starters) What I meant was if I wanted to use the new black/orange textures for a rocket, I'd like to switch the 1.25m parts to match. Being able to choose between that and white/black is what I'm going for rather than any particular attachment to the stock appearance.
  15. Any chance of copying the skin-swapping mechanic of the new tanks onto the old 1.5m tanks so we can have a consistent look?