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  1. Alright, I shall wait patiently then and hope things pan out. Thanks!
  2. Simple question/request to feel out possibility (if it's reasonable, I'm happy to fill out a full git request). Does ckan track a mod's "last updated" date, and if so, is it possible to add that as a sortable column in the main mod list?
  3. " Kerbals can now change their future suit emissive colors via their PAW and persists to save game roster. " Best patch. Seriously, thank you. I'd been desperately hoping this change would follow the DLC release. I'm off to color-code all my kerbals now.
  4. That works for me. I have no problem with a bit of spatial distortion to keep KIS easily working alongside stock. Seriously, I cannot operate without KIS. I kerbal everything together with little testing, and constantly rely on the ability to launch forgotten parts/antennas/etc up on supply runs and have my engineers staple them onto outposts and stations.
  5. So... what would happen if attempting to MM patch stock inventory slots onto KIS container parts? Would you end up with, effectively, two separately-functioning inventories on the same part, or would that be likely to break something?
  6. KSP Twitter highlighted a suit color customization vid... which really just highlights the limitations of the system (locked to male/female colors). Individual suit colors for my kerbals when?
  7. I got it too, clean install with new expansion.
  8. You claim those aren't missiles, then proceed to friggin' Macross missile massacre the entire KSC.
  9. That sounds like an amazing recipe for hilarity. I want video.
  10. It sounds like you're trying to launch missiles. Might look at the mod the BDA crew use to deal with this sort of problem:
  11. Feature confirmed stock for 1.5! Thanks to @linuxgurugamer (and @seanmcdougall) for keeping our crazy and/or ultralight designs going all this time.
  12. Okay, I had those. The weird part was that I was getting the toolbar controller info pop-up when launching a new game, but didn't have the icon. A clean download and reinstall of the both of them fixed the issue.
  13. KEI doesn't seem to load for me. Or at the very least, I can't figure out how to activate it. I thought it might just not load in an existing save, so here's a new one:
  14. If the helmet texture were more than just unpatterned noise, it would probably look better. Body and pack look great though.
  15. Yeah, I just wanted to see what I could manage with "stock" first. Just stuck 8 mainsails on a rough framework.
  16. The real trick is staying within the atmosphere while at solar escape velocities.
  17. From the stock speed challenge experimental science I participated in... cheating heat and infinite fuel means absurd speeds, because infinite fuel cheat means infinite intake air. I think I'll break my needleflyer back out and see how it does under the challenge conditions. Edit: wait... no need for airbreathing engines, per rules... All that matters is TWR... oh dear.
  18. My general opinion is a vague preference for an official reskin, but that's only because I know just how half-assed my recolor was. (seriously, it was a green and orange box overlayed on the base texture and set to "multiply" in photoshop; that's basically it).
  19. Addon to mini-rant: it doesn't even bloody surface attach properly, and the lack of radial symmetry means shoving stuff into the shelving with the offset tool just leads to unbalanced rockets. /rant Yeah, the new service bays... I am not a fan.
  20. And here I was coming to apologize for not having anything to show yet on original skins for these over the weekend, and then you just go and just knock them out with a config. Looks better than I would have expected with the resize, too. Very nice.