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  1. An addendum to the bug, I've had it completely reset the mission steps when attempting to restart a flight. I was launching Jebnik, and realized I'd screwed up with a vaccum engine in atmosphere, and when I went back to the VAB to load my saved ship, it was giving me the mission instructions for lobbing a rocket at the island runway again.
  2. Still working the bugs out. (for the record, blown OFF the ladder after EVAing from a pod with no parachute)
  3. First impression is "Holy heck buggy" but that shouldn't be any real surprise. Waiting for 1.42, I guess...
  4. I'm mostly in it for the new parts. I get decision overload trying to use mod part packs for anything other than a very specific purpose, so having more options stock is big. The mission builder is kinda cool, but it seems like releasing mod tools as paid DLC... no content, but making the community buy the tools to create content for you. (Not as salty as I sound there, just no interest in building missions myself)
  5. Waiting with baited breath for the discussion of the expansion to be about the expansion, once everyone can actually play it. (I bought it from work, so I'll see when I get home if it installed properly)
  6. Gonna hazard a guess that picking up speed in dives and then climbing can play !!Fun!! with aerodynamics and you're getting limited infiniglide effects.
  7. Movie-themed challenge missions. "Attach this drill/bomb unit to the asteroid hurtling at Kerbin".
  8. I'd be happier about the new effect if it didn't randomly glitch the mesh with every minor camera adjustment. You can find decent angles for good screenshots, but in motion it's just a hot mess. (get it?)
  9. So, uh... this is a thing. Not sure it's an improvement...
  10. Anyone check that EULA change, or did we all just madly click through? <.<
  11. Ah, right, if I recall, that's the difference between Atmosphere Autopilot and TCA.
  12. Time for a bug report, I think.
  13. Yeah, that's almost certainly an autopiloting or pilot aid mod of some sort.
  14. I just alt-f12 and mark the mission complete. I mean, you DID it, so it's not cheating in the slightest.
  15. I feel the need to re-emphasize KerikBalm's comment here. I can think of few things more frustrating than putting the whole mission together, successfully rendezvousing, only to have your lost kerbal poof from heat the instant they bail out to transfer vessels. Claw retrieval and inflatable heat shields make for a much larger craft, but may be required.
  16. Wish I could provide more details on this. All I can say is that if it's the same bug, it's been around since before last patch (thus why no save details). I had used KAS to strut some things directly to the asteroid for stability, so I sorta assumed I'd had a mod glitch and just moved on. The asteroid was more a vanity project than anything critical to my career plans, so I never tried again.
  17. I've had that happen before, but never managed to fix it, so I'm very curious if you can 'un-curse' the craft. It was also an asteroid in my case; one I'd managed to shove into an equatorial orbit in preparation for making it the centerpiece of a major LKO depot. But then with no real cause I could see, I couldn't switch to it anymore. Though you seem to be having more luck than I did - the next time I docked with it, physics went nuts, and the rock headed for Kerbin's surface like it'd been fired from a linear accelerator. Like, straight down at orbital velocity; 90 degree change in velocity vector.
  18. Tripped over his own damn feet on a munwalk and poofed.
  19. Holy five year necro, Batman! I couldn't find a mod for this, searching for "Mobile Launcher Platform", and the abbreviation "MLP" gets... other things, these days. Best I've seen is someone building their own platform, using the welding mod to turn it into a single unit, and then just putting their rockets on it manually. Raises initial launch cost, but since it recovers for 100% from the platform, it's not a big issue. No mods to actually "crawl" the rocket from VAB to launch pad. Not really feasible with the engine, I think.
  20. This is my thought. 4 minutes early notably lowered your PE at Kerbin, which increased the Oberth effect on your maneuver. Remember, a maneuver node is only 100% accurate if you have infinite TWR, and can deliver the dV instantaneously. I think mods can help here. I'm not sure if better burn time has calculations like this, but I bet someone does.
  21. Good to know, thanks. I'll definitely make sure some mod-based "Welding" docking ports are a feature of my next big station and see if that helps performance.
  22. It means you're going the same speed and direction when you come out of warp that you were when you went into it. But since planets are moving different directions at different speeds, going from (example) LKO out to Duna could have you end up going very fast relative to your destination, because of the difference in absolute velocity. This is minimized if the planets you're traveling between are in conjunction, but the speed difference is always there.
  23. I've always had issues delivering rovers, so the units I do have tend to be built on-site with EPL.
  24. That's what I was thinking of! The trailer was making me hopeful that they might have done something like that fix in stock.