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  1. Give me a link to all the people who complained about the issue. Not just you. At least 20 people.
  2. It's just the fact you're trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist.
  3. Yo. I know I haven't said anything in a while, so I'm here to clear some things up. As for updates and stuff like that...We've kinda hit a brick wall. Mainly due to the fact the new EVE still needs to come out. Also due to the fact Erona hasn't said anything recently, I'm going to message him tomorrow and see if he responds. There's also the fact the doing anything with this felt more like work than a fun hobby. Again, I still would like suggestions as to what I should add. Unlike most authors I do this for you guys mainly. What you guys want is what I will do. They should always show stars in the helmet. If you don't want it go to the texture replacer folder and remove everything in the envmap folder. I'll give updates more recently than I have been. Thank you all for just being awesome! OH BTW! Steve the ant is doing fine, just fed him and put him to sleep God, who is going to get THAT?
  4. Nobody is against you here. We're against your idea that we need a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.
  5. God, been a bit since I posted on the Forums, but came here to make a suggestion. One thing I noticed after playing X-plane 10 recently, is the wonderful sight you get to see at night. Something that actually has made KSP feel empty. Even with Lacks KSC++ it doesn't feel the way it should. I mean, it is an improvement, but still... KSP + Lacks KSC++ X-Plane 10 Would it be possible to inculde lights like these in a future update? If possible, sooner would be nice . I don't see any difficulties in creating small little colored lights, so I would assume these could get whipped up pretty soon. With the ambient light mod, these would indeed be very helpful... and cool Also, erm, where exactly do I download stuff? I'm not seeing any download links anywhere, and clicking on the images does nothing..
  6. I like this (courtesy of Pulsar) You can tell it's female, but it's still very kerbalish. Now that I think about it, that looks like a kerbal version of Sasha Braus.
  7. Ehh, not really. They just look like guys with long hair.
  8. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/71536-0-24-0-Ambient-Light-Adjustment-1-1-1-Who-needs-lights-in-space-!
  9. You need to remove all the layers on the sun. The asset file only replaces the sun flare. It works fine for me, and I don't see why it shouldn't. Though, it could be a situation where it works for some and not others based on computer spec or something else. Are you trying to get rid of the flare or make the sun white? If it's A: Get the original asset file that you backed up or if you still have the KSP zip. If you're using steam, back up your saves and any mods you're using and re install. As long as you don't install the asset file, you're flare will be yellow. If it's B: Then you have probably have an outdated EVE. This is intended for EVE 7-3, but EVE 7-2 should still work. EVE 7-1 and lower do NOT work. IF you are updated, check to see if you have the Sun.png file. As with the Atmo.png. They are under the clouds folder in the BoulderCo folder. If you do, check the config and make sure that there are layers for the sun. If none of these worked for you, I have no clue why it's doing that.
  10. Yes, 1 track appears to be functional. So that somehow means that they all work and this has absolutely no bugs in it? I fail to see what logic you're trying to use here.
  11. But Minecraft and KSP are developed under completely different engines. ._. You need to make a fair comparison.
  12. You need to remove all the cloud layers from every planet, and only use the EVE mod. Install the asset file and you're good to go.
  13. You might wanna take it up to Rbray first(The creator of EVE). I've also fixed the Mediafire link for the medium res.
  14. It's suppose to be like that You can try Endraxiel's planet textures.: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/60961-0-24-TextureReplacer-1-6-1-(18-7-2014)-Fixed-for-0-24/page36?p=926577#post926577
  15. I live in central texas, and boy, it's all over the place. Religious people that is
  16. EVE Clouds are still there because you still have the EVE config in there.
  17. Haha, true. Hopefully in the kerbal universe they aren't that bad about it
  18. You forgot to add something on Kexas. The whole population is filled with religious people who will not stop going on about it and bug you till the end of time. They will also find you as a horrid kerbin being for not being part of their religion.
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