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  1. I think it might have been kerbal error. I might have forgotten to throttle up before releasing the first stage... Second try I got her into orbit, just about to try circularizing now.
  2. Computer didn't, but my game did. Gimbaled, SAS... then everything just exploded and KSP crashed hard.
  3. I just can't make the spin around couple with the lander thing. Docking is so impossible for me. heh Well, got closer to the Mun with this than any other attempt, so back to it I guess!
  4. How would you do this with multiple parts? Like there is a nice lander craft how would I import that to be able to put another rocket under it from a different craft file or do I have to build one or the other piece by piece again?
  5. This rocket is amazing, but completely murdered my poor Dual Core GeForce 260 machine. Time for an upgrade!