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  1. Wouldn't this increase the weight? Making it damn near impossible to lift off the ground?
  2. I've been looking into renewable fuels in order to make deep space journeys both possible and easy. Without the needs for Fueling Depots and hours spent getting them in orbit. So I've been playing around with the ION Engines - Found here: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/0-18-ion-engine-pack/ And after realizing that Xenon Fuel is used up faster than a single booster rocket, i wanted to see if I could modify it's propellents to only use electricity. Unfortunately removing Xenon Gas for the part.cfg file did not work. On testing the engines lit up for a second then shut off. So is there a way I can modify the part.cfg to only use electricity? Or is there a engine out there capable of space flight that I can use instead?
  3. So it's been some time since playing Kerbal, last time I seriously played was in 0.17. I made a post about a week back and since then I've successfully adapted to the "New" KSP and have even made part of my Space Station that is orbiting Kerblin. Now one of the things I used to do in the old KSP was modify Fuel Tanks to suit a design or a need, or just to made the tiniest craft make it to the moon. So seeing that I have a SS in orbit, i wanted to add on a fueling depot to it. While I'd had some success getting it into orbit, my lazy side is thinking of the long-term. I'd like to get a fuel depot into orbit with a gratuitous amount of fuel in the tanks. Like over 30,000 for re-fueling missions. However modifying the fuel isn't as simple as it used to be. Now when increasing the liquid fuel and oxidizer, the weight will increase. Is there a way to increase these measures while keeping the weight down? Or a way to set the weight? Thanks guys.
  4. Thanks for all the tips. Of course it is always a bit nerve-racking getting a craft into space and then failing to obtain your goal because you are unfamiliar with new features. I'd be very interested in those tutorials if anyone has them. Also what are these new Action Groups?
  5. I honestly think the last time I really messed with KSP was around update 0.17. So obviously there are features that I am unfamiliar with. First off, it looks like some new environmental factors have been added into successfully getting into space and creating a orbit. And some new "Target" feature that I have no idea what does. Bottom line this new Kerbal both entices and scares me. Can anyone fill me in on the new features? Possibly how new tools and parts can be used to my advantage? It would be nice if the flight and orbiting basics covered the new features, but it seems to be things I already know like AP and PER. I've made it to the moon before in 0.17, so i am at least initiated.
  6. If you right click My Computer (assuming XP?) and go to Manage you will see the Device Manager. Expand the Mice and other point devices category and see if the Joystick shows up there with a yellow triangle by it. If not it may be under unknown devices. Then you can see if the drivers are not being installed by windows. You\'ll have to go to the manufacturers page and download the product drivers manually.
  7. Thanks for the advice, i\'ll try it out. Curious though, what is new in .15 that has you interested in space planes?
  8. So like most of you i\'ve turned Kerbal Space Program into Kerbal Flight Program. Well actually it went from KSP to KRCP for 'Rocket Car' thanks to the Cart addon, so much fun. Anyway, I\'ve now taken a much wider look at C7 and crafting planes. Now im not sure if its my designs, me, or a lack of proper controls, but when banking or changing pitch on my planes it always seems to bounce around. Its never just a gradual pitch change, its like a rubber-band. For example when trying to go up it goes, but then falls, up, down, up, down, wobble wobble. Now i\'ve seen videos of people who expertly maneuver their planes with such grace, HOW DO I DO THIS?!
  9. I know most commonly parachutes are mounted to the nose of your command modules. But I am looking to mount one to my 'Rocket Car'. Let me explain. Using the cart mod ive created a rocket car and now im setting my sights on taking this thing around the moon. However one of the limitations of the cart is a weight limit, so adding heavy wings is out of the question. My goal is to fly to the moon, and re-enter eaths atmo and land safetly on the ground. But given that I suck at flying and this thing lacking apropriate wings, I was wondering if there was a addon/mod that would allow me to mount a Parachute laterally or on the side of a fuel tank. Any help would be greatly appreiated.
  10. Tiber, this may be off-topic for the thread, but i am having a lot of trouble with the balancing of the spaceplanes. They seem to want to drastically dip down on the nose and im finding myself repeatedly tapping S to counter. Any advice?
  11. I got it fixed after tinkering with it like you explained. I was just being lazy, its friday, and i want to go home and not think about setting a emloyees computer on fire (i work at a help desk).
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