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  1. Thanks Fractal, guess I wasn't looking at the larger picture. While I'm at it, there also seems to be something weird with the numbers for the 2.5 Nuclear Argon Plasma Thruster. In the chart, the reactor upgrade appears to decrease thrust, and in this case ISP should be staying the same (if I understand correctly). For B9 and KW, using the reduced texture packs can free up a lot of ram. That said, running out of ram always seems to result in a hard crash, while Srilania appears to be encountering the Hell Kraken.
  2. I'm not sure there's really such a thing as "unrealistically large" when talking about FTL travel As far as gameplay, even if it takes a few hours of game time to charge up the battery, time warp makes it not that big of a deal.
  3. Looks great! I don't know if this is helpful, but I've used this inflatable hab in the past. Perhaps you can glean something from the way that one was done if you're still having trouble. It's a couple versions out of date though, and yours looks prettier, so keep up the good work! I agree with jfull that a range of inflatable base/station parts would be a more unique contribution to the modding community. Of course there's nothing wrong with having more options for engines and capsules if that's what you'd prefer.
  4. That sounds pretty fair. I don't mind some resource gathering, but having to hunt down multiple resources before I can even get off the launchpad would be a chore. Oh, and this isn't super important, but I think there might be some errors in the power/thrust tables in the OP. For example, according to it 3.75m reactors connected to thermal rockets provide less thrust when upgraded.
  5. Flimsy? It's folded up for launch, and once it's in space I'm not sure why that would matter much.
  6. I haven't run into any problems yet, though it's possible the parts don't see quite as much use now that they have ugly red text all over them The only comment I have is that the names of the "Logistics" and "Utilities" modules have always seemed backwards to me. Specifically, a logistics pod sounds like a command module and a utilities pod doesn't. To me at least. Since this update is save-breaking anyway, I figured it couldn't hurt to bring it up. I'm looking forward to the new IVAs!
  7. So I'm trying to alter some config files. One of the things I'd like to be able to do is resize a part. It's simple enough if the part uses "mesh=..." to define the model, but rescaleFactor doesn't seem to work correctly when the new model definition format is used MODEL{ model=... scale=1,1,1 } rescaleFactor=2 scale=1 Specifically, the model scales correctly, but the nodes don't scale with it. I have tried different combinations of changing those "scale" variables, but the nodes continue to be an issue. I've searching for solutions and come across other people having this problem, but most of the discussions are a few versions out of date and don't seem to do the trick. I'm not sure if it's still a bug, or I'm just missing something. Has anyone figured out how to make this work? EDIT: Ugh... I could swear I had already tried this, but one of the previous solutions does indeed work. I guess I'll leave this post here in case anyone else is wondering about how it works in 0.22. Credit goes to Greys MODEL{ model=... scale=X,X,X } rescaleFactor=Y scale=Z Set Y equal to the scale you want. Leave Z as 1. Set X equal to 1/Y. On my first test part, it also seemed to work by setting X and Z to the scale you want, and leaving Y as 1... but on closer examination that may have been a fluke. This doesn't make very much sense... but at least it works.
  8. I've been reading through the documentation while doing some tinkering. It instructs me to use ":Final" if I'm just tweaking other mods (which I am), but I couldn't find any explanation of what this actually does. Is it simply executing ":Final" commands after all the non-final ones? Thanks!
  9. Just a thought: you could use part welding to add stock RTGs or some other fin-shaped object to the outside surface if you so desired.
  10. I think I've come across a bug with the Mk1-2 propulsion system. In the VAB, if it is attached to my ship and I try to grab it and move it off to the side (where it would be transparent), I can't seem to let go of it. My only options are to reattach it to the ship or toss it back into the parts selection panel. I've never had this issue with any other part. In any case, I really like it. I've been testing a bunch of different landing capsules recently, and this simple addition to the stock part really works nicely.
  11. Frizzank, that's probably the coolest looking ksp part I've ever seen! As far as power sources go, the Near Future Propulsion Pack has some really nice large battery banks, capacitors (which are lighter but recharge slowly), and reactors. I can understand the desire to not have this mod rely on others, but that one probably could do the trick.
  12. Those docking fins are entirely cosmetic, right? I seem to remember playing around with it and they don't force alignment.
  13. Awesome! I've been quietly wishing for a mod like this since I started playing. Some thoughts on how I would balance it: Mass relays are heavy, and probably need to be launched in parts Mass relays require massive power to warp a ship, but only briefly. So massive battery banks (or capacitor banks from Near Future Propulsion) and a few large solar panels might work well. Basically, you'd need to build a small space station just to operate the relay. Maybe the power requirements would scale based on the mass of the object you're sending through? The targeting computer mounted on board the ship would take significant power just before a warp, but nowhere near the relay itself. You can't send relay parts through a mass relay, so getting the relays to other planetary orbits remains a challenge. Mass relays work both ways. I don't really see the need for separate start and end versions. Attempting to use a relay within atmosphere or while landed goes very badly... Essentially it gives you a nice shortcut for returning to places you've already been, but doesn't make exploring the solar system trivial. Anyway, yay, thanks for tackling this!
  14. Weeeeeee... this is fun! Possible bug: the glider seems to react very slowly to control inputs.
  15. Yep, the parts seem to work fine in 0.22 sandbox mode. However the next update to this mod will likely break existing ships.