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  1. Where can we find a link to an RSS config? I've tried RSSVE but it doesnt work. The config editor shows no config no matter what I tried.
  2. For use with RO. There used to be a bigger list of compatible mods.
  3. Is there another list of mods compatible with RSS?
  4. Is anyone having issues with RSSVE not being compatible with unity?
  5. I don't think they will need any refueling for this one... They could use the center leg to refuel though.
  6. Yes indeed. This way they won't need a crane to lower cargo hopefully?
  7. This looks very nice! But I'm getting an error message: AvionicsSystems initialization error. check message log I've installed all the required mods also.
  8. I'm new too, I didn't want to create a new topic. So I want to use the new unity UI system with prefabs instead of OnGUI. Does anybody know how do I do it with the Asset Bundles? A tutorial would be even better. Thanks
  9. You are right about launching vertically. Honestly I launched horizontally just for the cool aspect. Also I figure it would require less logistics to load the actual cargo in the SSTO.
  10. Thanks! Thanks! Yes I can launch a whole space station in a single launch! lol!
  11. I finally managed to get 100 ton to orbit using an SSTO. As you can see I only used rocket engines making it so much easier to "fly". Download
  12. Thanks, I'll try it out. I'll probably have to disable some mods to save memory. But from the screens I see, it's gonna be worth it.
  13. I see many have installed this mod, is there a download link?
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