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  1. Can the dockings port in this mod be used to dock whit another size? like the 5m docking port can dock whit 3,5m docking port?
  2. Regarding what I wrote about PobeControlRoom. I don’t think that the problem is in that pluging. I have the some “display†error in IVA. I guess the problem is in RasterPropMonitor. I will look at it later.
  3. Regarding the “Shader 'AtmosphereFromGround': fallback shader 'None' not found†I don’t know what plugin that is doing this right now. But I will find out. The new version that you put out. 0.1.7 The is 2 errors in the modsexceptions.txt file. //CommunityResourcePack CommunityResourcePack -nn -nm -nr Its need to be //CommunityResourcePack CommunityResourcePack I don’t know why. But if is not like that you can’t use kerbonite, ore, ,, ,,, ,,,, (or see it in map) The next problem whit the file is a plugin called. Haystack Continued http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/89920 It´s still works, but all the icons and bottom from it is gone. I have added the folder to the file but it still not works. Have you tested the plugin? I also think that the plugin ProbeControRoom is not working like it shod. I get some strange reading on the monitors when using the control room. But I will look at it and see how to fix it.
  4. I have a large problem. I started to get this in my crash log after started to use DDS texture. Shader 'AtmosphereFromGround': fallback shader 'None' not found (0x01C8D738) (KSP): (filename not available): AgPmEventLoggingEnabled + 0x16a0b8 The problem is when I am landing on mun. I have trade landing manual or whit hyperedit. When I get close to the planet “mun†ksp crashes and I get the error message in the crash log.
  5. Hello all Kerbals friends. i started to play ksp for about 8 months i think now. I have stop playing it. i was really really angry on Squad.. And then i started agen. i think this is my 4 times starting to play again. Me old account didn't work when i try logon to the forum. I read something about a db purge. Nice work Squad.... I hope that Squad have fixes all the problem with the graphic performance. ... Lennie
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