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  1. Not really VTOL but life like air breaks. I have a decent solution for landing and takeoff on very small spots on Dina. My airplane is primarily powered by 2 Nervs in the traditional spot at the back of the airplane. however I have 2 small rockets (I forget their name right now) with their thrusters mounted beside the cockpit but aimed forward and down (about 30 degrees below the plane of the plane (that’s a pretty plain plane pun). So when I am descending I do an unpowered glide and I lock my wheel break. If I’m coming in too hot I nose up and do quick bursts with my reverse thrusters to slow down. If I’m coming in too fast I nose down and hit the thrusters to give me more lift. After a few practices you can touch down with around 15m/s of speed which with your breaks locked means you don’t go far. On takeoff I Lee the nose down and use both sets. My main engines give me thrust while my lower one pushes the work plane off the ground. Makes for short runway takeoffs.
  2. All time favourite Kerbal thing was last Halloween when I opened the door and was greeted by a 4 foot Kerbal in full costume. When I asked if he was Jeb Kerbal the kid was so excited that somebody had finally recognized him.
  3. I don’t think there is a hard limit. I stacked about 10 on top of each other (column style) and as I turned on more and more units Jeb (sitting on top for science purposes) defiantly turned faster and faster. Eventually the stubby wings I had on started to look like they turned one direction while jeb appeared to spin the other direction (always loved that optical allusion). Anyways eventually (after 5 or 6 rotors are turned on) the whole unit starts blurring and then the column explodes. Before it explodes you get some very weird optical items (mid way down the column it appears to spin off access like it is flying apart but things stay together). Lastly In one iteration I had jeb jump out of his chair and he flew several hundred meters turning like a top but survived.
  4. Found a fun bug. Take a rocket in the VAB, attach the small pistons. Extend them to full length. Connect parts on the other end of them. Retract. The parts stay in their original location when they were hooked on but are still connected. I had a rocket take off with floating attachments.
  5. Problem one possible (truly Kerbal) solution to slow rotation of the rotors/servos. Combine multiple rotors together on top of each other. If one spins at 600rpm then if you attached another in front of it together they would achieve 1,200rpm. Keep adding to desired speed?
  6. I’ve never used it but Mechjeb is fine because it makes the game more accessible to more people. Some kids need training wheels. It’s great they make biking more accessible. Some never outgrow them. Again it’s great they are biking. Some people even prefer training wheels because “pick your reason here.” It’s still great they are biking. So my advice is to not worry about other people on training wheels because it’s what makes them happy.
  7. Sorry, you missed the other option. Load up on SRBs and don’t fire the center stack until the SRBs are done. Ill try some modeling on this tonight but last time I looked more SRBs instead of drop tanks had better starting thrust (high early thrust is more efficient to get up to speed early) plus cheaper in credits.
  8. Ok I come down on both side of this. I haven’t ever put tanks on top of my SRBs. Personally I like to do the first stage on only SRBs (I fire the main stack engines only for a couple of seconds to clear the launch pad). SRBs are much cheaper thrust so instead of drop tanks why not just use more SRBs? I do disagree with Vanamode though. Drop tanks can be very useful even within the rocket equation in a myriad of situations. 1. Using 1 Nerva. I can’t exactly cut it in half so a drop tank on it is ideal and increases DV (youvarent carry dead tanks). 2. Small rockets in the 10-20 time range. Often there are no equivalent smaller rockets to divide the work. 3. Etc
  9. Agreed. it should be either explore or contract that gets you to those locations. at which point Jeb should note the place looks good for a launch site. Then you should be able to buy facilities at hay location (ie start from scratch). Really there should be 8-12 sites around Kerbal like this that can be developed. Some should be ridiculous (middle of an ocean, top of a mountain etc). You know Kerbal.
  10. So today I was reading up on Elon Musk’s latest heavy rocket. Basically he is duct-taping 3 rockets together and using them to launch his car (yes his car) into an orbit beyond Mars...... They also say it and I quote “might” work....... Anybody else ever heard of anything more kerbal like ever?
  11. Ok Im an arm chair rocket guy. So I do call the burn to circularize my perapsis burn because I'm raising my perapsis but you are correct it should be called my aposis burn because it occurs at my aposis. As well you are correct that I do raise my perapsis regardless during the Mun burn. Also hats off to OhioBib. I had not considered that the viewing angle from the surface was different than from orbit. On the other hand the Mun is a very wide target so that likely wouldn't matter. However there are a couple of asterisks to everybodies comments. Size effieiency: This goes back to the air hog days (1.0-1.1) but at one point it was possible to intercept the Mun with a stock no clipping air hogged engine SSTO and a very small delta v outside the atmosphere. You could almost hit the pre-requisite velocity (2200 orbit + 865 Mun transfer) near the top of the atmosphere using air breathing engines. This made for a very efficient transfer fuel wise. I haven't played with SSTOs much since then so I'm uncertain how much extra velocity you can now build but anything you manage is extra efficiency. Price efficiency: I use a more ballistic than SSTO but still one continuous burn for launching an SRB rocket early on tocthe Mun. No unlike the famous video I have never landed onche Mun only using SRBs.
  12. @JasOn Actually that's about perfect for an efficient mun intercept. Doing a direct ascent and mun transfer in one shot saves you the delta v of doing your perapsis burn. Probably saves about 50m/s of delta v over the traditional method of getting to orbit and then doing a separate burn for your mun intercept. As well he also has the correct mun location to pull it off. I like restarting career every new update. Typically I like doing a Mun flyby very early (2-3 launch) typically with stacks of SRBs). I don't ever have the guidance system up at that point so I dead reckon the Mun. Fire about 865m/s pointed prograde just after the Mun clears the horizon will get you a nice intercept (old tip from before we had a guidance systems). Lastly the guy is using a SSTO. So how exactly will you do it more efficiently? I'm sure a true pro (which he might already be) might shave another 5% off with a different vehicle configuration and maybe another 5% with an optimum ascent profile but he is very close to optimum in my books as he has his flight profile perfect.
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