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  1. Hello RedAV8R, I just installed the OrionSLSupper pack/thingy. I noticed the SDHI heatshield is a little too small. I fixed this for myself by changing the Rescalefactor back to 1.25 which is also the value used in Sumghai's original config file. Hope this helps.
  2. So I've been launching monstrously huge rockets for a while now (Usually 15-20m in diameter with a lot of F1 engines underneath) and wanted to try my hand at a large SLS like lifter. I've always tried not to use stretchy SRBs (or stock ones for that matter) due to the cheaty way they work. Not only is the enourmous increase in TWR (losing mass, with constant or increasing thrust) not realistic, it also causes over-G issues. So is there any work being done on thrust curves for these SRBs? I really liked the way advanced SRB and Hakari's 1:1 Shuttle booster replica did it, and I feel realistic b
  3. So, how can I actually download this mod? And linking pictures from your desktop folders doesn't mean they will show up here
  4. I say we dispose of the current developers and install a triumvirate of Ferram, Nathankell and B9 (I know he is a developer)...
  5. So what's going on with the resizing of the KW 1m engines to 0.5m engines? I can't seem to find any good 1m engines as OMS engines for my shuttle now. They're either 0.5m or only burn LH2 and LOX. Is this intentional? Also the 2m Griffon 8D still has a ridiculously high thrust for its size.
  6. Hey no problem! I'm just glad this mod is receiving some well deserved attention. Looking forward to the fixed version.
  7. Guessing this a bug and not a feature: (In realfuels' engines.cfg) Referring to the fact that it has 10400 thrust of course .
  8. Nice way to begin a new week! Thanks for keeping this awesome mod up-to-date!
  9. Thanks for the response! It's always awesome seeing mod developers giving so much active support. After trying a lot of things I kinda came to this conclusion for myself. Even though it feels strange considering the differences with the vanilla drag model, it does add up. My testing craft, the module/SRB one, has about 3000 m/s dV according to Mechjeb, but only reaches around 2.2km/s. And gravity losses don't fill that 800m/s hole. I always knew FAR changed the drag model in a pretty radical fashion, but the difference is pretty stark. In vanilla I could only reach a maximum altitude of about
  10. So I just installed the most recent version of FAR from spaceport, and I've run into a problem. I'm experiencing a complete absence of atmospheric drag... I began with a clean installation of KSP along with a few mods: B9, KW, MechJeb, Tav's Aerospace, Quantumstruts and also the procedural wings mod. All versions of these mods being 0.20 compatible and installed in the gamedata folder. So after launching my first rocket, and getting to ridiculous speeds I figured something was wrong. According to MechJeb I had 0.0 m/s^2 drag. 0.000 Drag coefficent, and no Dv lost to drag. So I figure one of th
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