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  1. yes i agree that the list of biomes needs improving. on thing that would definitely help is in the science list under each planet it list's each of the biomes for that world. also what would help is a biome veaw in the map mode. it turns off the surface veaw on the objects and high lights the edges if each area on the planet/moon. with a further option to colour code the areas by science done there. i don't think Forcing someone to scan the planet is a good idea or not after all the moon and other planets in our soler sytem have already been devided into areas of intrest already and we ant e
  2. I like the idea you have sir-jested but having an incomplete design would be for frustrating than helpful. Maybe a better idea would be for there to be a one part sub-orbital ready to go in the ship list. and then as you do contract work then extra pre-built could become available as contract rewards or incentives. so as you do more in game the game afectivly shows you the sort of things that you can do with some of the bit's, as a sort of enfolding help guide. my idea would be that you start with the Kerbal 1 . sub orbital 1 peace that if used exactly right should get you far enough to land
  3. While i agree that the undo is usfule I to would like the option to change or 'icrease' the hylight of serlected parts, hopfully this will be included in the new 'twekables' update that should be along soon.
  4. Sounds interesting but ultimately I feel will be implemented as a realism mod when this game is finished. Like a lot of other players i run 1 mission at a time trying to run multiple missions at once in the un-moded game is currently imposable due to the way the game handles inactive flights and timings. All fight path data and flight nodes are unsaved when you change craft and this mean that at each switch you need to rework the flight and can easily miss burn points.
  5. all of the above. and a whay to turn all that science data into curacy so as to fund my space race.
  6. well if they do allow other star systems theirs no reason they cant actually be close repetitively speaking after all in nebula regions it is not uncommon for star systems to be under a light year apart and the closer you go to the core in our own system the tighter the systems get anyway. personally with it's high mass but low diameter system i have always seen kerbal as a close core system so having nearby systems and no Oret cloud would make sense.
  7. Personally while i like the Idea of Remote Tec, I also do not like the delay in responses and agree that if they put something like this into the main game it would have to be instantaneous when active. Ground controllers, get weeks even months to plan, code, test and retest command programs for probes and rovers look at curiosity all the programs it will be using for the next year are all ready written and have had over a year of simulation testing to make sure they work. how long do you get to program a decent path in game while the rovers in range? 10 maybe 20 min and you can't test it jus
  8. i have to agree with wiviking on this. Doing everything by hand is long slow and eventually boring. if i have a space station relay set up for a mining operation on mun then for each launch of a mining vessel i have to launch at least 2 supply ships. one to resupply the mun mining operation and one to resupply the orbital facility. OK so i can merge the mum resupply with cargo collection but that still gives me 2 'drone' flights per actual launch. and that's just resource gathering. on top of that there is any servay and exploration missions. and that is just local traffic. If i add a station
  9. OK, I admit that i think this is gonna be hard to implement. but i would like to see a split throttle for engines. or at least a programmable differential thrust. For example i have build a quad engine space plane and due to balancing need the top engines to push 10% Less than the bottom set so the plain don't nose die so i click and set it at fallow 10% and the throttle of that engin is always 10% less than the main or left right and inner outer pairing. so i can set say ramjet and rocket engines on diferent trusts
  10. or as an option if your safety record runs to low, ops killed and stranded to many kerbals, right send in the pets!.
  11. hes saying that some engine bases could be smaller allowing more stuff to be connected to the bottom of the ship. and theres no need for a dual engine if they where smaller as it would be easier to surface clip or surface mount 1 or more.
  12. lol..... now that more than anything I have a problem with. but idf the nave ball was bigger it would get even more in the way
  13. what i would do is make 'transition gates' around the system is a ship hits them within say 15 degrees of the alinement then it is saved and deleted. a calculation is performed on its acceleration and mass as to how long it will take it to get to the destination system. anything that don't match the alinement is treated as an orbital even if it has system escape velocity. resin being that it would get so far off coarse that it would never be able to correct to reach its target. then when the player's game hits the right time mark. a new button appears in the radar room - system telemetry - whi
  14. I sort of get what you is aiming at. but the nav ball we have will do as is for a long time. the thing is the nave ball is a external reference point indecator where as the Apollo nave ball is an Internal ref point indicater. TBH theirs no difference between them except for the fact the way they are marked. the Apollo one gives all references relative to take off position the normal one gives all references relative to a fixed point theoretically between the landing gear. changing the nave ball would be a pain because they would have to implement at least 2 replacements. 1 for space planes and
  15. Since the up date i have been loving that i can change flag per mission. now can we have the next step pls, and can you make it so we can Slap it on the side on the side of the Kan and all over the launch vehicle.
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