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  1. What build version are you using that does it wrong. And did you have a version that did it right (or better)?
  2. Is there a way to make anything other than "Standard Warp" be the default when a ship is loaded? (like Orbital Warping)
  3. I think you left in the first 'if' block section that should also have been removed. (in dev #444)
  4. Studying the code, it appears to me the halfBurnTime calculation needs the love. I'd propose the following: In MechJebModuleNodeExecutor.cs method BurnTime(... Remove these two sections: if (halfDvLeft > stageBurnDv) { halfDvLeft -= stageBurnDv; } if (halfDvLeft < stageBurnDv) { halfBurnTime = burnTime + halfDvLeft / stageAvgAccel; halfDvLeft = 0; } And replace the second section with this: halfBurnTime += Math.Min(halfDvLeft, stageBurnDv) / stageAvgAccel; halfDvLeft = Math.Max(0, halfDvLeft - stageBurnDv); I'm not set up to build and test this inside KSP, but with some quick code experiments it seems to produce more desirable halfBurnTimes across staging.
  5. Two usage questions (dev#442): 1> During atmospheric landings (like Kerbin), is there a way to use the mechjeb landing prediction to calculate a location based on the state of the ship after the next staging? For example, when the deorbit stage (engine and fuel) is decoupled from the landing stage, this will often dramatically (accurately) alter my landing prediction probably due to the differences in atmo behavior (drag?) of the lesser ship (but now it is too late to correct since the engine is gone). 2> Does the mechjeb maneuver planner adjust the burn start time accounting for the occurrence of an inevitable staging event during the burn? For example, if a staging event occurs in the middle of a circularization burn, it seems that the resulting orbit often differs from the intended orbit, particularly if the acceleration of the before and after stages is very different. How do you all handle these scenarios? I love this mod, thanks for putting in the time to keep it up and running and improving.
  6. No, the runway was not the intended landing site. No, that tow truck did not even budge the 4300 ton class E asteroid. Sorry, all flights are now delayed due to unexpected debris on the runway.
  7. The resulting adjustments seem to be: Oscar-B Fuel Tank (miniFuelTank) LF 5.735 -> 5.4 OX 7 -> 6.6 ROUND-8 Toroidal Fuel Tank (toroidalFuelTank) LF 10 -> 10.8 OX 12.2 -> 13.2 Can you explain the math for these adjustments? It seems to me the appropriate values to match the mass ratio of the other (non-NASA) tanks would be the following: Oscar-B Fuel Tank LF 10.8 OX 13.2 ROUND-8 Toroidal Fuel Tank LF 18 OX 22 What am I missing?
  8. Is there any way to turn off individual functions of the maneuver planner? For example, I never tend to use these: -change both Pe and Ap -change semi-major axis -resonant orbit -change longitude of ascending node and I get tired of clicking through them with the left and right arrows. note:I do use the blacklist to turn off individual modules that I don't use such as the Rendezvous modules. But, I don't want to turn off the whole maneuver planner module... just a few functions of it. Alternatively, what are the chances of adding a drop down select list so the desired function can be immediately selected? Also, thanks for the wonderful add-on... its hard to imagine playing KSP without it.
  9. Four class C asteroids. This 'vessel' has a dry mass of 446t. No idea how much time this took as it was intermingled with my other missions. Stock parts (pre SLS campaign science) with a few quality of life addons like kerbal alarm clock, mechjeb, etc.
  10. Can you provide more detail about this design? Can you successfully convert kethane through a KAS connection into liquid fuel or oxidizer? I can do it through docking ports, but have not had any success converting through KAS connections. Converting into a local tank and transferring manually across the KAS connection works or using something like tac fuel balancer also works. Maybe a zoomed in image of your KAS "mouse" or even a craft file might help?
  11. Can you further explain step 8? When you "Drag and rotate the maneuvering node around your orbit until the escape vector is parallel to the prograde or retrograde direction", doesn't this modify the 101 degrees to prograde ejection angle set up in step 7 to some other ejection angle? What am I missing?