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  1. It was cancelled, not shelved, and it has been replaced by the SLS which NASA plans on using for a mars mission.
  2. I am personally not the biggest fan of the SLS, but i have to say that even though right now the costs far exceed what they should, in the long run it might end up being much cheaper. THis is because with the current plan of evolution for the rocket each new design isn't that dissimilar from the last, meaning that it will cost far less to design each variant than it will to create the base design they are developing right now.
  3. I am having some problems with decoupling the abort towers for both Soyuz and Orion during flight, can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong. By the way, these are the greatest packs I've ever seen thank you so much bobcat.
  4. That worked, many thanks good sir. Now if you'll excuse me, to the Mun!
  5. I'm having a bit of trouble just getting into orbit, anyone have flight instructions or something?
  6. The name it saves under ends with .craft but it says it is a text document and i'm not sure how to make it a craft file.
  7. Same here, and I tried save-as and it doesn't work, it won't show up in-game.
  8. Quick question, will you have a ladder going from the CSM to the Lander like on the Dunebug II, I don't trust myself with EVAs.