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  1. I went back to it, promptly fell victim to a game-breaking bug twice, and ragequit. For the record, I tried to copy an object by removing it from the main vessel and undoing that. Upon trying to attach the unattached copy to the ship, it lost all ability to be attached and any attempt to click on it either did nothing or moved the whole ship. Lovely.
  2. I agree. It sounds kind of silly without "the," even if you pronounce it as "Muhn" like I do, instead of "Moon."
  3. I seem to always get an error at the top of the screen, saying that there's a problem with Prop Monitor. The actual IVA monitors are broken as well. Is this a problem with this mod, or Raster itself?
  4. Perhaps you should have used the big scanner instead of the Communitron dish because they replaced it in the trailer and oh no I've gone full pedantic nerd.
  5. If it's nighttime, try to count all the stars in Kerbin's night sky. Otherwise just look at the cockpit interior and time warp.
  6. So I haven't been on this forum in a very, very long time. Haven't really played KSP much either. But I have to say, Squad has really did a good job bringing me back. This update is more than I ever expected. I can feel my mad rocket skillz coming back to me already. Kind of.
  7. We all know these things will happen eventually, but it doesn't make it any easier.
  8. This, apparently. It's from the old BluPlanet thread, believe it or not.
  9. Looks very promising! I look forward to seeing the early versions.
  10. Banned for having the same picture as your avatar and signature.
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