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  1. Nevermind, i forgot to install the depencies aswell. Thanks linux
  2. Haha, yeah my bad. Sorry I was just hoping I was just doing something wrong with the mod and hoping for a quick answer.
  3. QuickContracts isnt working for me. Is it possible that it is colliding with kerbal alarm clock as that stops all timewarping when cutting of power by the stroke of X? All other keys bound to QC (V,A,...) arent working either
  4. Implementing a Story-Mode is actually quite easy. KSP already registeres when you discover a Monolith or any other Easter Egg just by getting close enough to it. A story-mode could just as simple as Missions are right now. "We found a Monolith at KSP, engraved in it is the Position of another one on the Mun" "The Monolith on the Moon has a Picture of a Face inside a Canyon on a red Planet on it" "The Face on Duna is pointing towards a pyramid-like structure on the southpole of that planet" (it actually doesnt but that can be altered) "The pyramid is radiating a strange signal"
  5. Thank you for posting this screenshot, i would have never found the filter setting otherwise.
  6. KSP rushed towards 1.0 because "they" were after a contract with Sony. Squad isnt a Game-Dev-Studio but a Marketing Company. Sony is the EA of Indie-Titles, that suck up every good idea that is out there, put it on their system/franchise and then it dies when all the money is drained out of it. It also is very hard to believe that many high-ranked and very important members of the Dev-Team left Squad out of individual reason in the term of a year. KSP is going down the drain. [citiation needed] - but i feel it in my bones that i am not far from the truth here. There is still much
  7. Here is the Lore: "There once was a higher Being called "Harvester". He created the Heaven and Kerbin... in his mind. For years, it was growing, developing until one day. - When he invented a tool, to have us share his Idea of this universe. .... and they lived happily ever after."
  8. I had a pod disappear around Ike with a periapsis of about 10-15km i think. The crew was filed under "Lost". That was a very disappointing moment, thank goodness i had a backup-savefile.
  9. There are only three options for the future stock game to give the Player max. flexibility: 1. All Tank types will be duplicated for either LF, LFOX, Xenon and Monoprop. Which would also mean that they will clutter up the Parts-Menu 2. Free options on a tank-type which ingredients will be inside. Some tanks will fall away (because they already are duplicates with different colorcoding) but that can be added to each tank when you choose what goes inside. 3. Procedually generated Fueltanks, you choose the length, width, shape and colorcoding of each Fueltank.
  10. @nightingale I have a little something to ask, or suggest if you like. As far as I know, the Rightclick does nothing currently in Mission control. Maybe you could bind that key input to "delete the proposed contract" it is applied to? That would make it a lot faster to find the right contract for your Space Program, instead of selecting the contract and push the "delete button" on the top right of the screen. Hope you find this as useful as I do. Cheers.
  11. No, we are not pushing. We are just saying that KER is a necessity
  12. Is there any info when the opt-in pre-release phase is gonna start?
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