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  1. Ah, tricky! Well I wouldn't even know where to start, you're a braver man than I lol Keep up the good work.
  2. Any ideas on where this mod is at with the current build? Essentially I mean does it work? lol
  3. I was just going to back up all the parts before I start and if something goes wrong then I'll replace them. Or I take it it's not quite that simple? lol It's more to do with contract generation. If I move the parts around in the tech tree, will I break the contract system and end up with no way of earning money/science to advance through the tree?
  4. Hi Folks, I've been thinking about changing the tech tree so that probes feature more at the start, as apposed to crewed flight first. I've looked at a few mods, but I'm thinking it might just be more simple to just adjust somethings myself by editing the parts. My only concern is that this might break the contract system in career mode and I'll be stuck, credit-less! Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks
  5. Hi guys! I've made a stock version of the Skylon! It's not a "bazillion tonne to orbit" type thing, but its quite a good late game money maker in career mode for satellite launches and rescuing kerbals. I made over 85% profit on my first test mission! The craft will carry just over 2 tonnes to a 100km orbit and return. Download: http://kerbal.curseforge.com/shareables/227384-stock-skylon
  6. FYI, this appears to work in 0.25, although the new space plane parts to do not have any crew support installed. Keep up the good work! Also I'd like to see a simple food / snacks system implemented! You could add it as just a simple element that gets drained by kerbals, say 3 units per day, per kerbal, and then have some kind of hydroponics bay to regenerate it. I'd love to do this myself but I haven't the foggiest idea where to start...
  7. I'm religious user of this mod so I'm really please your taking the effort keep it up to date. I wanted to myself but I haven't had to the time to even learn where to start!
  8. Ah right, cool thanks! That saved me several hours of flying around lol
  9. Hi Folks, So I've witnessed, or rather tracked, my first impactor. I know roughly where it landed but is it likely to be there, or do asteroids that aren't caught disappear when they hit Kerbin?? There doesn't seem to be a tracking station entry any more... Thanks!