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  1. I've been trying to host a server with some friends, even after we all completely re-installed the game vanilla, and each downloaded the mod from the same source, one of my friends starts his game in the middle of the night, and the others all report everyone else exploding under the ground constantly, or cruising around at insane speeds. According to the debug / display connection statics screen, we all have different time offsets. Mine is -91406 ms, another friends is -450322ms, and the guy who is in the middle of the night says his is -115729ms. Any ideas on whats causing this? Update: Even on other servers this same thing keeps happening. I also confirmed that we all installed the newest version of the mod from the website.
  2. here is the dropbox for the log file
  3. Okay, so i just got around to doing some testing and here were my results FULL SVE 18 FPS in atmo 40FPS in space looking at kerbin 60 FPS in space looking away from kerbin SVE - Scatterer;20 FPS in atmo 44 FPS in space looking at kerbin 62 FPS in space looking away from kerbin SVE - EVE 90 FPS in atmo 120 FPS in space looking at kerbin 140 FPS in space looking away from kerbin SVE - EVE + Scatterer 110 FPS in atmo ∞ FPS in space looking at kerbin ∞ FPS in space looking away from kerbin. So im assuming EVE might have something to do with the lag, i am going to try it again with an install of EVE from their forum post. This is what the GameData folder should look like with the full install correct?
  4. (On my old account, got the password back) Yes I am running the latest version, I noticed my ram was almost full (6gb out of 8) while i was playing, maybe it has something to do with that? Or maybe its just that there isn't any multicore support (4.0ghz spread across 8 cores is painful if a game doesn't atleast have 2 core support.)
  5. godark, did you see the post of the imgur album i put up, do you see anything wrong or anything odd that I can do to fix DMP?
  6. Thanks for all the help guys, i have tried everything you guys told me to do, but it still comes up with the same error, I made an album of everything and I hope you can see if this will can help you.
  7. Okay, what ip does send you to, because I cant figure it out, I know its loopback but I dont know where the loopback is sent to, is it my public ip, private ip, or something else? Edit: Also, while im at it, what IP does DMP use? DNS?
  8. Okay godark thanks for clearing up the problem a bit more, I understand what the problem is now. I think I have the port setup but it might be for the wrong computer so I will check that, and do you know a way to bypass my firewall for that? The only thing I have installed on this computer for anti-virus is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, and I think that just scans for viruses, and doesn't do anything to prevent them. I'f that is not it do you think I could go to the screen and turn off the firewall (Or bypass it) From there?
  9. My friend has this error when he tries to join my server: connection error no connection could be made because the target machine activley refused it, I saw the previous post about the topic, which helped me in no way because I dont know what a TCP Connection Refused packet is or how to fix it, we are using mods and we really want to play KSP together
  10. Does anyone have a link to the remote tech RSS Compatibility Plugin? I need because its spawning the radio source from where the KSC would normally be
  11. Granted. but the box they came in was an IED, and your neighborhood is blown to smitherines. I wish for a pet kerbal that doesn't experiment with paperclips and pencils.
  12. Granted. However someone shoots you in the kidney after you get it, and your insurance doesn't cover it. I wish for a pet kerbal.